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A customer’s opinion is a business’ judgement. The way they see and interpret your company’s performance will be the key to your business’ success. Customer’s do not only exist to buy a product/service offered to them by a single company, but also to enable them to grow as a firm. These are only a few of the main reasons why review websites exist.

What review websites do

Review websites are similar to a mentor. They exist with the primary mission of helping us improve. Just like what a mentor/coach does, review websites can point out what are the things that we need to improve as an individual. In the case of businesses, review websites help them improve and know the areas they are lacking through the opinions given by various customers. Review websites commonly have performance ranking of different companies/businesses in different fields. These rankings are based on their collected responses from the business’ customer itself. Such responses may also come from gathered data regarding the business’s total income sales within a specific period.

Why review websites matter

As a company/business, the primary aim will always be about growing. Growing means that you, as a firm, does not only gain profit, but more importantly, gather more opportunities for a long period of time. You seek to provide your customer long term and high-quality performance which will not be known by them but also the whole world. And for you to do that, review websites can help you a lot.

Review websites can benefit you a lot in these two simple ways:

  • It shows your “in” and “out” areas. Online reviews meant for businesses play a big role in acing the field of ecommerce. Through the presence of customer reviews websites, firms can have the chance to take a deep understanding of their own performance. They are able to see how customers respond to the strategies they make when it comes to capturing customer’s hearts. Through the comments and rankings posted on review websites, companies are being told on how they should improve and be inspired to continue growing
  • It becomes your personal “weapon”. Product review sites are field with customer reviews meaning, customers are also present in there. A customer tends to seek and consult another customer review before doing their purchase. This is because people want assurance that their money would not be put into nothing. When a review website posts positive feedback about your company/business on their website, it will be shown to anyone who visits their product review site and with your business being included on their list, it’s definitely an advantage. Through these review websites, you will have another “weapon” which can help you a lot in showing-off what you do best and gather more customers.

Review websites have a long list of benefits waiting for you. If you seek to create one, you must learn a lot in how to handle and manage a review website. With that, Strikingly can help you on how to start and create your own. Curious? Visit here to know-how.

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Best 10 review websites to inspire you create your own

Review websites have been one of the most popular types of website nowadays. If you are someone who seeks to create one and is currently finding the best inspirations, you just came at the right place.

Below are the top ten review websites which Strikingly listed down for you. Feel free to read them and be inspired to go and create yours!

  1. Amazon

Amazon might be the most familiar to you. Yes, this site does not only sell but also possesses a review website. Amazon’s review website specializes in the field of transactions related to ecommerce. They have been using their review website to encourage their customers to leave comments, suggestions and feedback on the products that they sell. Amazon is also one of the first platforms to offer online reviews making them one of the most-visited and trusted by many businesses as well as customers.

  1. Google

Google is among the most powerful platforms of this day. Unknown to some, Google also supports customer review platforms through their Google My Business app. This free application helps businesses/companies to manage their businesses online, and adds the business’s data on Search, Maps and Google+, thus enabling customers to have easier access towards the business’s information.

  1. Trip Advisor

If you are seeking a review website about travelling, TripAdvisor is one must-visit. This review website page specializes in giving online reviews about recent travels done by various individuals. They also include customer review from people who have visited specific restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruises and many other travel-related industries. If you seek to have that perfect vacation, seeking advice from TripAdvisor is one smart idea.

  1. Facebook

Who doesn’t have Facebook? Facebook is the powerhouse in the field of social media. Many people are fond of this making it one of the best platforms to seek for online reviews. By creating a Facebook page, companies can easily have their own review websites. Facebook possesses this “most popular” section where business reviews are also included. It involves comments and feedback posted by consumers that online which businesses could gather and use a lot.

  1. Angie’s List

Angie’s List is one of those “higher-end” review websites which offers paid membership to website visitors. Signing-up for their membership isn’t really a bad idea for the money you will be spending is going to be worth it. The online reviews conducted on this website are on point for the names of the people posting are shown. Companies can also rely on the suggestions and feedback given to them making things more connected and reliable.

  1. Trust Pilot

This Denmark-based review website specializes in helping companies from various places gather online reviews from their customers. They offer a free version which comes with their basic offers like enabling you to create your profile page and gather reviews. However, if you sign up for their paid membership, you can create and customize your own review invitations, share it to social media, and even link each customer review to your business system.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is also a free review website where any business can build a review website for free. Consumers can give their ratings based on a five-star scale which companies can also respond to.

  1. BBB

Better Business Bureau or simply BBB is a non-profit review website which specializes in giving evaluations on the performances of businesses/companies. This website does not provide their website visitors with direct reviews of products/services. How do they work? They simply post information about business standards and practices which a reliable and outstanding business should have. Contents like the business’s general information, accreditation status, previous complaints and records are among the common posts which you can see in this review website.

  1. HomeAdvisors

Home Advisors is among review websites who targets transactions between homeowners and service providers. Posts within this page can be anonymous that’s why there is a team intended to review each post and ensure its authenticity. Businesses can also respond to such feedback and settle complaints given to them.

  1. RepairPal

This review website plays the role of a helper in finding the best auto repair shops on your location. RepairPal is one niche platform with referral service who isn’t available for everyone. What they do is they keep a thorough application and only accept those who meet their standards.

Was the list above helped you build an idea on starting your own review website? If yes, then it is now the time for you to find the best host in starting your own review website. And if it is about the “best” in the world of website building, then Strikingly surely aces.

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Create your review website with us!

Strikingly is a one-stop shop in the field of website building. Why? Simple. We have tons to offer you. If you are trying to start your review website, creating it with Strikingly is one best decision. Through our one-of-a-kind platform achieving that influential review website is never impossible.

Start creating yours with these features!

Custom Form Section

One feature Strikingly can offer you is its Custom Form Section where you can customize your own website and use it to gather customer suggestions. Use this feature to create a section (depending on your choice) with various form fields to choose from. You can also filter the responses and edit it in your Audience List.

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Currently, Strikingly supports adding these following type of fields:

  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Dropdown Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Upload File
  • Address
  • Date
  • Time

Blog Section

Strikingly Pro users can now make their review websites more exciting with “Adding Multiple Blog Sections”. This can be used as the main review sections of your website and publish articles on a regular schedule.

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Introducing Schedule Blog Posts!

This feature is Strikingly newest! Website designing has never been exciting with Scheduled Blog Post. To know more, click here and start creating yours!

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Still got questions? Chat with us and we’ll make things work together.