**Just started your website?

Not sure if your website is making its presence known?

How about website analytic tools?

Not yet familiar with how they work?

Well, for newbies in the world of websites like you, it could be hard to see or know if your website is reaching people.

Websites don’t have “like” buttons like Facebook and Instagram which results you can effortlessly understand.

With the number of likes shown, you will easily know if people are like your content.

And just as much as you anticipate the results of your posts on Facebook and Instagram, you also await how well your website does.

Of course, you want your website to shine and reach as many people as possible, and that is why numbers matter when it comes to website management.

But without the easy “like” button, the anticipation can be daunting.

There are, however, website analytic tools that you can use to assess your website performance. Those can be a bit complicated though for a rookie.

What could be a simple way to check your website’s performance and its popularity?


What are website page counters?

To simply put it, website page counters are website visitor counter online.


A simple tool that serves 2 purposes

Strikingly has its own built-in website analytics tool which can help you assess the different aspects of your website so you can see its general performance.

However, many websites still opt to add web pages counters to their websites.

1. Serves as a “Like” Button

One main reason is that page counters can serve as your “like” button.

Well, It doesn’t exactly count the number of people who like your web page but it counts the number of people who came across your web page and found it interesting.

Although the number you see in your web page counter does not really equate to the number of people who like your content, it gives you the idea as to how far your web page has gone and how many people you have reached.

And that’s something inspiring.

It can be your own motivational tool!

As you see the number rise higher and higher, you become more and more driven to make content.

2. A clever marketing strategy

Ever notice advertisements with spiels like, “millions have already proven and tested the effectiveness of..”


“95% of consumers say that this product is..”?

This type of advertising is usually used because people equate numbers of testimonials to trustworthiness and reliability.

You can also use the same concept and marketing strategy for your website.

And you can carry out this kind of advertisement with the use of your page counter.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’re a food blogger. You eat different kinds of food from different restaurants and food stalls. Then, you write about your experience and opinion regarding the food you just ate in your blog.

One day, you decided to put a page counter on your web page so you can see at a glance the performance of your website.

Unknowingly, the number on your page counter acts as an attestation and proof of your website’s, and ultimately, YOUR credibility.


Because visitors think of the number in your website page counter online as testimonials of the trustworthiness of your blog posts.

In the visitor’s mind, since a lot of people have already gone through your website, your website is relevant and reliable.

So, as the number on your page counter goes higher, the more likely that visitors will believe and trust you and your website.

That will encourage repeat visits.

Not only that, you will reach newer hits on the counter, and better search engine rankings.

Which in turn, also means, becoming a more reliable source. But this time, as assessed by search engines, like Google.

This will make your page stand out. And as your online visibility is improved, you get a better chance at attracting sales conversions.

So, meanwhile, brands that have already established a significant amount of traffic to their site and use a website hits counter as a way to let everyone know that they are a highly reliable and credible page there is also another viewpoint that we can consider.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, prior to satisfying Esteem and Self-actualization, we must satisfy our need for belongingness.

And a page counter on your website can somehow fill that need because it acts as a form of social proof for your visitors.

Customers like patronizing brands and websites that other people frequently visit and use.

So if you have a page counter in your website showing a high number of visits, aside from your customers seeing your website as reliable, they will also see it as a way of belonging to a large community, if not the majority of the population.

So seeing your web pages counter recording an increasing number of visitors on your website is gonna make them feel like they are a part of the “cool group.”

And they can proudly say to their friends, “Hey, I read that website too!”

They will feel like they fit in because they use your brand or rely on your website as others.

They find validation in their choice of site to visit and brand to support because of your page counter.

So, take advantage of that.

Make your visitors feel like they are part of a big and cool community by showing them that page counter!


Web page counter for tracking website stats

Going back to the main purpose of a web page counter, one of the benefits of having one is that you get a good initial overview of your traffic numbers or the number of visits in your website.

Sometimes, you may not have a lot of time during the day to analyze granular traffic reports since you also have other daily tasks to do like making your website content.

So instead of using those seemingly complicated analytic reports, you can use the page counter to somehow determine how your website is fairing.

A quick look at the website visitor counter online would give you an idea whether traffic is picking up or slowing down on the site.

If they find significant differences in traffic, then you can move over to the more detailed reports.

Strikingly provides such detailed reports in its website analytics tool or you can use Google Analytics to obtain a lot more data on website performance and metrics.

Don’t get me wrong though.

Yes, a website visitor counter online is a useful and good tool to quickly assess your website’s performance, it shouldn’t be the sole basis of your digital marketing strategy.

Use another website analytic tool along with it so you can see the whole picture of your website’s performance and make more well-calculated decisions.

Adding a website visit counter to your site

Strikingly features several app integrations that let you extend the functionality of your website and make it even more engaging to your customers.

And one of them is website page counters!

You can get yours through the Strikingly App Store. Also if your preferred third-party app for website page counters is not on the list of supported apps, you can add the counter through its HTML code.

All you need to do are the following

1. Create your page counter.

By the way, there are some tools that you can use to create a website visit counter for your page. Powr.io is a good example.

2. Copy and paste

After creating your web page counter, the tool you’re using will create an HTML code.

All you have to do is copy the code and paste it on your Strikingly website.

3. Preview

Before publishing your website with your new page counter plugin, make sure to get a preview first.

That way, you can see whether or not you need to make some changes like the position or placement of your page counter.

And that’s it! Adding can be as simple as that.

Best practices

While website counters can be great marketing tools, it may not be applicable for every kind of website.

Some websites do not necessarily need this kind of a feature or plugin like company websites that serve as online brochures.

There are, however, other kinds of web pages counter that can be helpful for them.

Such as counters that depict the number of clients serviced. That could help service-based online businesses to promote their businesses.

Community websites, forums, and pages that provide reliable information on niche topics can greatly benefit from website visit counter online.

Also, the placement of the counter should be considered as well.

You don’t want it to be intrusive.

Ideally, counters are placed at the bottom of the page so they don’t take away the attention of the visitor from the actual message of the site.

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