When it comes to website management, numbers matter. You want to stay on top of your website’s performance and make sure that it’s getting enough traffic to enable you to build your online presence. Understanding your site traffic gives you a good idea of which components of your digital marketing campaign are working and which ones need a little bit of tweaking. Stay on top of your site’s performance with the Strikingly website page counters and analytics dashboard.


What is a website visitor counter?

A websites counter is a plugin or app that counts the number of visits your site gets. Strikingly has its own built in website analytics tool but many websites opt to add this app to their pages not just as a data gathering tool but also as part of their marketing strategy.

Some websites add a website hit counter as a form of social proof. Customers like patronizing brands and websites that other people frequently visit. Seeing a web counter recording an increasing number of visitors on a website makes them feel like part of the “cool group.” They find validation in their choice of site to visit and brand to support. Meanwhile, brands that have established a significant amount of traffic to their site use a website hits counter as a way to let everyone know that they are a highly reliable and credible page.

People equate traffic numbers to trustworthiness and reliability. The higher the number they see on the website view counter, the more likely they will believe that your site is credible. This encourages repeat visits - newer hits on the counter - and better search engine rankings. Your pages stand out, online visibility is improved and you get a better chance at attracting sales conversions.

Web page counter for tracking website stats

One of the benefits of adding a site counter to your website is you get a good initial overview of your traffic numbers. Some website owners may not have a lot of time during the day to analyze granular traffic reports. A quick look at the website visitor counter online would give them an idea whether traffic is picking up or slowing down on the site. If they find significant differences in traffic, that’s usually the time they move over to the more detailed reports such as the one that Strikingly provides in its website analytics tool or Google Analytics to obtain a lot more data on website performance and metrics.

website-visitor-counter While we don’t recommend basing your digital marketing strategy around what you see on site counters, it’s still a good enough tool for quick performance monitoring tasks.

Adding a website visit counter to your site

Strikingly features a number of app integrations that let you extend the functionality of your website and make it even more engaging to your customers. You can add website counters through the Strikingly app store or, if you don’t find the third party app that you want on the list, you can add the counter through its HTML code. There are a number of tools that you can use to create a website visit counter for your page. Powr.io is a good example.

Best practices

While website counters can be great marketing tools, it may not be applicable for every kind of website. This tool is a good addition for community websites, forums and pages that provide reliable information on niche topics. It might not be a suitable addition to a company website that serves as an online brochure. Counters that depict the number of clients serviced could work for service-based online businesses.

Placement of the counter is also important. You don’t want it to be intrusive. Ideally, counters are placed at the bottom of the page so they don’t take away from the actual message of the site.

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