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Website builders are the holy grail for every business. They exist to primarily provide an interface for businesses who seek to create an online website for their business even if they do not have enough knowledge about website building. Most website builders are equipped with website building tools that enable their users to edit the elements in their desired website. They allow you to create your own website name, headers, page templates, texts, add photos/videos, post blogs, drawings, create sign-up forms, and many others.

Website builders play essential roles in securing a top-notch performance for any online business. For you to give your customers the satisfaction of transacting with you, choosing an appropriate website builder must be highly considered.

Is choosing a cheap site builder a must-try?

Everyone knows that a website is a must-have in today’s digital world. Your business is at risk of losing potential customers without an online presence. In this case, is it wise to go with the cheapest website builder and be done with this task once and for all?

We hardly think so.

We are all for shopping around for cost-efficient solutions and making sure you maximize your web development spend. But we don’t advise settling for the cheapest website builder and hosting service you can find. Cost may be an influential factor in your choice of platform, but it should not be the only deciding factor.


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Value for money is important

They say you get what you’re paying for when you settle for the cheapest website builder service you can find. So instead of the cheapest, it makes more sense to study your options for the best inexpensive website builder in terms of the services and features that you can get for the budget.

Every one of us has some money. It doesn’t have to be a lot but we have to be wise as to where we’re spending it.

The best way to decide on the best inexpensive website builder for your project is to identify your priorities and what you require from the platform.

Identify the resources you need

Let’s assume that your budget is limited to building a website on your own so your option is to use the cheapest ecommerce website builder for the project. At this point, you have to identify what resources you need. Do you have the technical knowledge to build a website? If so, you could probably get a cheap website maker that will let you write your own code to customize your site.

On the other hand, if you have virtually no previous knowledge of programming or web design, you should look at options for cheapest online store builder and site makers that do not require you to write a single line of code. Strikingly, for instance, lets you build a modern and professional-looking website even when you don’t have the technical knowledge required. This platform serves a specific need and is more suited for beginners and those who have no prior experience in undertaking website building projects. It is one of the cheapest website builder that has a great starting point for new entrants into the digital world while providing ample room for websites to grow.

Additional resources that you need from the cheapest website builder include reliable customer support, a variety of web templates from which you can build your website, an easy to use editor for adding your content, SEO integration, and an easy way to set up an ecommerce section, if you are looking to expand your site and turn it into an online store.

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Note that websites have different requirements and some website builders may specialize in specific types of sites and are lacking in features for others. For instance, there are some cheap portfolio websites that are better suited for bloggers while others offer powerful ecommerce capabilities. Identify what you want your cheapest website builder to do before you go shopping around.

Compare services

Now that you have your list of cheapest website builder resource requirements, you want to shop around for the best, cheapest website builder suited to your needs. Make sure that you can get all this within the budget that you can afford to spend.

Many kinds of the cheapest website builder provides some allowance for scaling up. This allows you to expand your cheap website maker when your business grows without the need to migrate to a different provider. Before you sign up for a specific hosting service, it would be good to think about services and resources that you want to access in the long run. Think of it as a way to future-proof your website as your business grows in scale.

Things you should watch out for before choosing the most inexpensive website builder

Choosing the cheapest website builder that is still effective might become complicated if you have any idea what should you go for. To help you with that, Strikingly gives you these tips on what you should take note of before signing up for a website builder.


First impression lasts. This quotation is one reality in the world of eCommerce. How your website looks will play an important role in driving online website viewers to go and check out yours. If you want them to go and continue visiting your online website, you must have an amazing website theme and layout. And you can only do this if you have a website builder who can offer you a lot in terms of website layout customization. Before you decided to subscribe to a website builder platform, check first if they can give you reliable features like a free collection of website templates. They must have the ability to cater your website designing needs specifically in creating the overall look of your website.

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Strikingly is among the most affordable website builder that offers wide website templates. You can choose any layout design you want and use it on your website design. You can make your own business name, include your own designed favicon, post a quick snap about you, create your own website gallery and select what theme you'd want your customers to see on your dream website. What's more exciting is that you can enjoy all such features in your own chosen affordable subscription plan!

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If there is one thing the best inexpensive website builder could ensure you, it's the functionality. Your website performance will depend on your chosen website builder. If you want to perform well, you must entrust yourself to a worthy one. Before you proceed to subscribe to a website builder platform, you must first ensure that they have a very reliable functionality. It must have a fast loading time, easy to use, has a responsive team, and can perform well with you for a long period. Knowing these ideas will save you from the depths of hell once unexpected things happen due to malfunctions occuring on your website. It will also keep you from subscribing to a cheap website maker who does not give justice to your time and effort. You wouldn't want to spend your saved money on the wrong choice right?

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Search Engine Optimization is an online business's lifeline. It plays the role of being a messenger, spreading the good word about the existence of a business. It helps you gather website viewers, and even build your own name in the world of eCommerce. Before choosing the website builder that will fit your online business, checking if they are SEO-equipped first, is one smart hack. Though most website builders are already SEO-ready, there are still some of them who just, don't do the job properly. If you want to be noticed immediately in your chosen eCommerce field, you and your website builder must be SEO-friendly. It must let you add heading tags, photo alt tags, design your domains, create online website URLs and set up your whole online website to be SEO-ready - just like how Strikingly does it.


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Choosing the cheapest website builder does give you slight ease. But, if you truly seek the most reliable and high-class website performance, investing in the better ones isn't a bad choice. You do not have to compromise your own brand name in exchange for an expensive cut. There are actually a lot of affordable website builders out there who can offer you a whole lot more in the field of website building. All you have to do is be patient, pick the right one, and start rolling!

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