White labeling is a business model where one takes a product and rebrands it as his own. In the digital world, it is essentially providing a service to an agency or company that will take all the creative rights and privileges of the service to its clients as their own. It’s a good business model for wantrepreneurs looking to start their own venture but they may not have the resources to develop a product or service of their own. This is very common in marketing and web development agencies that help their clients build websites. They take a white label website builder and use it to create websites according to client specifications.

Create beautiful websites for your clients with a powerful white label website builder.

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Who it is for

The use of a white label site builder is applicable for marketing agencies that are looking to offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions but may not have the resources or staff to offer website design and development but they see a demand for it from their clients. More often than not, the website is offered in a bundle along with content management and development services.

Strikingly offers one of the best white label website builder solutions in the industry, featuring reseller packages at discounted prices. It is ideal for startups, digital agencies freelance web designers and media providers who need a faster and easier way to designing and developing content for their clients without the exorbitant startup costs.

Easy website design and development resource

For small digital agencies and freelance website designers, capital is always a concern. If you’re a one-man shop and do not have the bandwidth to take on website design work from scratch but you see a demand for it, a white label responsive website builder is a great choice. You don’t have to invest on infrastructure and creating your own content management platform because all the tools will be available for you under your selected site builder.

In white labeling as a digital agency, you become the middleman between a free white label website builder and your client. You basically rebrand the site builder and put up your own brand in it, customizing the website according to your client’s specifications and sell off this service as your own.

2019 12 02 white label site builder

Strikingly in itself is a user friendly site builder and most beginners find it easy to manage their websites using it. This is one of the reasons why the platform has a strong reseller and affiliate program. For a service provider, you want to make sure that you don’t leave your clients clueless about how to manage their website after you do the hand over. Strikingly’s intuitive interface allows you to easily create client logins and provide website management training in case your client wants to handle his or her own content management work.

Choosing the right platform

When choosing a white label website builder, cost will be a crucial deciding factor. Find a reseller program that matches your cost expectations but do not settle for anything less in terms of quality. As a designer, you will probably have adopted a particular style for creating websites. Check out the site templates offered under Strikingly to see if our designs match your own. In this way it would be easier for you to use our templates and customize them to reflect your unique brand.

Customer support is also very important. You must be provided with a good number of support options in case you or your client runs into an issue during website development and management. Strikingly offers 24/7 support for all accounts along with a very informative knowledge base so you’ll always have answers when you need them.

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