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Are you currently at a time in your life where you’re right at the edge of growth but are still working through a few chinks before a formal expansion? Imagine a small but growing business that’s trying to keep up with the new influx of needed product, but may be overloaded and are struggling to keep up with the workflow. If this sounds familiar to your business or your personal brand, then it may be time to consider offloading some of the work and pursue white labeling.

The two concepts of white label and private label are practically interchangeable, but in business practice, it simply means taking a product or service that exists, a retailer then rebrands it, and markets and distributes said product as their own as agreed by both the manufacturer of the original product or service and the “bigger name-brand”. This may also be referred to as Business Process Outsourcing where the practice of services being outsourced but they wear the “white label”.

In the digital world, this essentially means providing a service to an agency or company that will take all the creative rights and privileges of the service to its clients as their own. It’s a good business model for wantrepreneurs looking to start their own venture but they may not have the resources to develop a product or service of their own. To white label products is commonplace in marketing and web development agencies that help their clients build websites. Web developers can take a white label website builder and use it to create websites according to client specifications.

To put it simply, the white label website itself, is a website built by a third-party for another web designer or company, and then supplies the same white label websites to their client. The designer adds the middle company’s branding assets - the white label, to the website, thereby attaching all creation credit to the middle company.

Strikingly for example, offers one of the best website builder solutions in the industry, featuring reseller packages at discounted prices. It is ideal for startups, digital agencies, freelance web designers and media providers who need a faster and easier way to design and develop content for their clients without the exorbitant startup price tags. Learn more about the potential costs of website building here.

Who Opts to White Label and Why?

The short answer is as mentioned - startups or growing businesses that don’t have time and resources to update their site. But there can be more to it than that - there are nuances to why a white label solution is preferable, even a smarter decision, and we can walk through a few of these scenarios below:

  • Optimizing workflow

Picture a growing digital marketing company that started out with only a handful of services but are now looking to expand their offers during a surprise peaking quarter. They’re not in the position to hire new staff - or don’t necessarily need to take on new talent. To white label becomes a solution to offload some of what they need to complete - both for current and upcoming; to catch up with the growth while maintaining their expected quantity and quality.

Workflow Management

The use of a white label website builder is applicable for marketing agencies that are looking to offer a full suite of digital marketing solutions but may not have the resources or staff to offer website design and development but are starting to see a demand for it from their clients. More often than not, the website is offered in a bundle along with content management and development services.

Additionally, choosing to use a platform that has good white label web design templates from the get go also saves a lot of individuals who can’t afford the professional fees of a web designer. You can go through catalogs of responsive templates that fit the most out of your current needs, add your branding assets and product on there and it’ll be good to go. This would technically be a temporary but a quick and easy solution until such time you’re ready and able to expand.

  • Leaving it to the experts

But if you absolutely have no time nor resources to properly deal with creating or editing your website, then choosing to white label might be the smartest decision you have to make once while you continue to focus on keeping your brand and business moving as intended. This means not having to learn how to use the platform to build something that works for your interested, but instead, giving a trusted designer an idea on what they want to see and be able to do on their website and then only learning to manage the white label website when it’s up and running and ready for a new captain.

  • Becoming the experts

For small digital agencies and freelance website designers, capital is always a concern before they can get their foot through their industry. If you’re a one-man shop and do not have the bandwidth to take on website design work from scratch but you see a demand for it, choosing a robust and responsive white label website builder is a great choice.

You don’t have to invest in infrastructure and creating your own content management platform because all the tools will be available for you under your selected site builder to make as many while label sites as you need. As the white label expert, your job is to ensure that your work fully accomplishes your client’s specification, fully labeled for your client to make any edits, and optimized to include the correct plugins, apps and SEO features to meet and improve business website processes.

How Do You White Label a Website?

Strikingly in itself does not have a white label option, but is a user friendly site builder and most beginners find it easy to manage their own portfolios and ecommerce websites. We do have a reseller and affiliate program for those who would like to resell their websites.

If you want to white label as a digital agency, you become the middleman between a free white label website builder and your client. You basically rebrand the site builder and put up your own branding assets on it, customizing the website according to your client’s specifications and sell off this service as your own.

Website Redesign

When choosing a white label website builder, cost will be a crucial deciding factor. Find a reseller program that matches your cost expectations but do not settle for anything less in terms of quality. As a designer, you will probably have adopted a particular style for creating websites. Check out the site templates offered under Strikingly to see if our designs match your own. In this way it would be easier for you to use our templates and customize them to reflect your unique brand.

This is one of the reasons why the platform has a strong reseller and affiliate program. For a service provider, you want to make sure that you don’t leave your clients clueless about how to manage their website after you do the hand over. Strikingly’s intuitive interface allows you to easily create client logins and provide website management training in case your client wants to handle his or her own content management work moving forward.

Customer support is also very important. You must be provided with a good number of support options in case you or your client runs into an issue during website development and management. Strikingly offers 24/7 support for all accounts along with a very informative knowledge base so you’ll always have answers when you need them.

Whatever you pursue, resist the idea that resorting to white label - or opting for someone to do it for you, is not copping out. For a project to be successful in the shortest amount of time, it’s better to bet on working smarter than working harder. There are businesses who prefer to white label because they can push their brand like they own it, essentially owning up to the platform. Others may want to avoid white labeling because they want to establish trust, and be transparent when their website is “Powered by a Website Builder”.

This is mostly a matter of preference - whether or not your brand can benefit from a white label, or would do better as a platform created by you and for you; or perception - establishing credibility faster with your current and coming clients through a recognizable brand, or establishing credibility through transparency with how you’re managing your business’s public platforms.

The option to white-label isn’t for all, but it’s a potential solution for the right combination of circumstances and preferences. However you carry out and support your growing business, you have to offload what you can, but never scrimp on quality and consistency - you know your brand and business the best, and even the best designers won’t be able to see your plans the way you do.

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