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Strikingly's site builder is used by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives around the world. Our Site Membership function lets you create a website with a members-only area. This is perfect for clubs, events, and customers where you need to restrict access to special content for a certain group.

Paid Memberships + E-commerce

Add Paid Memberships to your site! Just set a monthly price and let the revenue start rolling in. Or, you can automatically grant memberships to customers who buy a certain product. Then create Members-Only pages that only your paid members can view! This is perfect for selling content on your website.

Customizable Templates

Make your brand stand out with our collection of customizable templates. Our world-class developers and designers have poured their all to create the best membership website builder that will best showcase your content to the world.

Customer Reviews

“Great performance. Security is standard. No maintenance. Easy updates. Exceptional support. Yes, you can relax. Our websites are built on Strikingly.” — Impulse Hub
“My mum asked me to build a quick and easy to use website for her candle company -- of course I used Strikingly. Love how it looks, and so do her customers!” — Kayleigh Finnigan
“It’s been a bit much to manage everything but Strikingly has been very accommodating during the process of small business growth.” — Jennifer Thomas
“Thank you for always supporting me and offering such exceptional advice. I couldn’t do it without the creation of such an exquisite yet easy to maintain site. I am indebted to you all!”— Bishop C. E. Melville

Expand your reach & earnings with Memberships

Everything you need to get started with your membership site!

  • Each member gets a unique login and account on your site.
  • Memberships can be free or paid.
  • Publish & monetize exclusive content.
  • Send newsletters to your members.

Strikingly empowers you and your brand to grow to your full potential with features and services that make running a membership website business a breeze.

Use CaseSell Monthly Subscriptions

Use Paid Subscription Membership to earn recurring revenue. Read here for a detailed guide.

Use CaseSell One-Time Exclusive Content

Use Simple Store to sell content & courses directly to your audience. Read here for a detailed guide.

Use CaseShare Coupons for Repeat Customers

Make store coupons that only past customers can access! Incentivize repeat purchases. Read here for a detailed guide.

Use CaseSend Newsletters to Your Members List

At any time, you can view your current member list and send newsletters targeting those members. Update your audience on new content or new releases!

Seamlessly Tied to E-commerce

Set up your online store to take payments, and attach memberships to those products. Our secure and seamless checkout process keeps your transactions safe.


Activate Site Memberships

In your site settings, active site memberships and select how you'd like your members to sign up. You can set this to allow free memberships, only paid subscription memberships, or only allow store customers to register.


Create your members-only content

Just add a Page in our insanely easy website editor, and set the access control on that page to Members-Only. Add any kind of exclusive content you want!


Watch your members list grow!

Publish your site, and you're live! Your visitors can now sign up as members. If you've tied your membership to a store, they'll have to buy your store product to receive a membership. View your members list anytime in the Audience page.

Strikingly Membership Sites empower you to build an audience & earn recurring revenue!

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