Exploring Buying Guides
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Buyers seek efficiency. Their main reason for online buying is to make their purchases hassle-free. Who wouldn't? Being able to have a smooth online transaction enables you to get the product you have been wanting. Purchasing online frees you from all troubles of being stuck in a pile of buyers and definitely saves your precious time.

Purchasing online is more exciting once you master its flow. Mastering how transactions work virtually is one knowledge every buyer should have—one main reason why a buying guide website should exist.

What is a buyer’s guide?

Buyer’s guide is among the basic elements of a website which specializes in the field of ecommerce and finance. A buying guide website exists to serve as an SEO tactic because they are one best resource for information gathering. Potential customers visit a buying guide website to gather information first before convincing themselves to make the actual purchase.

If you are planning to create a website page intended for your business, building a buying guide website is highly recommended.

Benefits of a buyer’s guide website

A business which possesses a buying guide website has a lot of benefits and some of them are listed down by Strikingly for you:

  • Opens more purchasing opportunity

A buying guide website gives the business an opportunity to get more sales than usual. Once a specific business owns a buying guide website, they are given a chance to showcase what their products/services have that consumers would not find from other companies. Through the presence of a buying guide website, they can “show-off” themselves and provide potential customers with the sufficient amount of knowledge that they will be needing before finally purchasing. With a buyer’s guide website, companies have higher chances of increasing their sales and generate more purchasing opportunities from their website visitors.

  • Convert users to buyers. Buyers tend to have changing minds (100% most of the time!). This is the main reason why they go on the internet and search for retail buying guides. They want to gather enough information first about the type of product they seek to ensure that their purchase would be worth it. Who wants to spend their money on nonsense and defective products anyway? Once a website visitor goes on your buying guide website, you now have all the chance to cage them. In there, you have all the chance to change their minds and choose your product/service rather than their other options.

Advantage against competitors. Businesses involve competition (yes there is!). If you want your business to succeed, you have to grab every opportunity. Having your own buying guide website will make you stand out among your competitors. This is because customers are more likely to develop “special feelings” for companies who are not afraid to share their product’s information and “know-hows”. By creating your own buying guide website, you are not just giving basic information about your product/service but most importantly ensure potential customers that you are uniquely different from all their other choices.

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Ways on how to make a product guide that effectively works

If you plan to engage in creating your own buying guide website, you have to make it an effective one. And how will you do that? No worries because Strikingly listed all down for you. Below are the factors you should give attention to in building your buying guide website.

  1. Know your target audience.

Capturing the hearts of any potential buyer is one main key point to remember in creating your buying guide website. You need to be attentive on the latest information about your target market. What products do they specifically like? How often do they shop? What type of product guide would they love browsing on? Ask yourself with these questions and use it as your own guide in collecting the information you will be needing.

Know Target Market
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  1. Set your tone

A buying guide website is created to promote your own company but not to degrade others. Remind yourself that you build your buying guide website to provide reliable information like product reviews. Avoid mentioning too many drawbacks of other company’s products because this may lead to some unexpected dispute. Yes, there is a competition but you can stand out even without pointing at others mistakes and imperfections. Keep it friendly.

Set A Friendly Tone
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  1. Collect reliable information

Only reliable information should be posted on your buyer’s guide website. Keep in mind that consumers will visit your online buyer’s guides to collect summaries regarding product details. Do not put something which is not true nor purely opinionated. Posting irrelevant information might put you in big trouble and even cause your website’s downfall. You wouldn’t want to be getting lawsuits complaints right?

  1. Formulate your buyer’s guide website structure

Once you collected all the information you will be needing, it is now the time for you to create the structure of your retail buying guide. Use the information you gathered and decide on what will be the constant flow of your product guide. Include sections for the product’s specifications, suggested retail prices, product categories, and even ways on how to proceed with purchasing them. Arrange this information in an organized manner where your customers can read and understand them easily.

  1. Include keywords and hyperlinks

Keywords and links play an important role in the world of website designing. These serve as “shortcuts” which directs the website visitors to the page where they can see additional and more detailed information about the elements they were looking at. Include this in your buying guide website and link it to other websites you have. With these, the accessibility of the customers on your page is being widened and promotes your buying guide website more.

  1. Keep it updated

Consistency is also among the key points to remember when managing a buying guide website page. Keep your online buyer’s guides updated as much as you can to keep things organized and more reliable. Through this, your customers will also more likely entrust you with their purchasing activities and visit your product guide more often for they know you always keep things in track.

When it comes to keeping information on your website in order, Strikingly has its own smart way of making it all “in track”. Curious? Here’s how.

Keep Website Updated

Best retail buying guide examples to inspire you

Here are some of the best retail buying guides which can help you get a clearer picture of what a buyer’s guide and how it should look like.

John Lewis Fridge buying guide website

This buying guide website specializes in giving product guides for buyers who seek to purchase fridges/refrigerators. The common elements one can find on their website are targeting keywords, links for sub-categories and use of specific Java accordions for their contents.

Euroffice Buyers Guide page

This retail buying guide website features a collection of different buyer’s guide websites accompanied with links connecting them together.

Currys camera and camcorder buying guide website

This buying guide website offers a collection of product guides on different models of digital cameras. It also includes sub-categories which are linked through different tabs and table headings for giving internal links along with relevant anchor texts.

Build your buying guide website with Strikingly

When it comes to finding the right host for your buying guide website, Strikingly is one strong contender. Besides having a collection of well-designed buyer’s guide template, it also offers smart features which can make your buying guide website the “best-est among the rest”.

With Strikingly, you can add more sites and connect them to one another. You can even create unlimited ones all for free! If you want your sites to have premium purchase, check them out here.

How do I purchase additional sites in Strikingly?

Step 1. Go to your Strikingly account. Click Dashboard.

Step 2. Select/click "Buy extra Pro sites". If your account still currently on trial, check these Strikingly Guidelines to know how.

Strikingly Buy More Sites
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Step 3. Enter the number of sites you wish to purchase with Strikingly.

Step 4. MUST: It is suggested for you to carefully read the text in the green box about how much you will be charged before you confirm your purchase. Once you’ve finalize your purchase details, you will be immediately charged from your billing card on file. If you want to change or check your personal billing card, here’s how you can check your billing information.

Your additional sites will follow the same billing process like the one on your current plan. On the other hand, if your account has been already on Pro Plan for six months, the charge for the added sites will be considered prorated for the rest of the remaining months. In this case, when you decide to renew your account’s plan, your websites will be renewed as well.

Step 5. Select/click "Confirm" to confirm the transaction and pay.

How can I purchase additional sites if I am still on free trial?

If your Strikingly account is still on a trial period, you will not find the link where you can buy extra sites. However, you still have the option to purchase additional sites. In that case, here’s what will happen:

  • Strikingly will put charge on your account for the current plan you're on.
  • Strikingly will add the remaining time (for trial or free period) and label as prorated credits so that you will not be getting charges for the full amount.

To know more about adding and purchasing sites with Strikingly, click here.

In case you seek for more assistance, may it be about buying guide website or building another website, don’t hesitate to inbox us at support@strikingly.com or chat with us and we’ll figure things out together!