Now and then, you see online quiz results in your Facebook news feed.

They could range from “In 2022, you will own a Maserati” to “your favorite coffee reveals that you are a born Leader. You are always direct to the point...”

And sometimes, answers to questions like “which Spice Girl member are you?” And “ what is your spirit animal?”

You see these quiz sites are almost everywhere nowadays.

A lot of people love answering online quizzes, so much so, that at one time, BuzzFeed became so popular for these binge-worthy quiz pages.

Just by spending a few minutes of your day answering a quiz or two on the internet, you could laugh and even be triggered to examine yourself because you realized the results reflect who you are to a certain level.

However, these quizzes say a lot more than what you should be doing with your life based on your dessert choice.

Online quiz sites are a good way to grow your business.

So, what are online quiz websites or quiz sites?


These are websites that gather the response you enter, compare it to the answer sheet they have developed, and give you the results.

Just like ordinary quizzes you take in school.

These are, however, much simpler, (well, sometimes they are challenging too), and more random than those school quizzes or tests.

The results are somehow meant to provide chucklesome guesses of what your future will be and which celebrity you look like when you wake up.

Or what you are like as a person based on your favorite food.

Others are more serious and they give you a percentile of the answers you got correctly.

These quiz sites can appear nonsensical but they serve a greater purpose.

Why consider having an online quiz site on your website?

These web quiz sites, no matter how random they may be, is a useful tool for you to grow your business and your network.

Here are some reasons.

  1. Generate leads

These quiz sites can help you generate leads or create a buzz or interest among the general audience.

These quizzes can be entertaining.

There are those quizzes that tell you which celebrity you are like based on a personality test.

Which could boost your ego, you know?

Or which follower secretly likes you.

Another ego booster!

And because people are naturally curious cats, they take these super random tests.

And that, you can take advantage of.

Having these quiz sites on your website can help you generate leads.

Putting up an interesting quiz site on your website can drive people from wherever to visit your website.

You won’t even have to worry about marketing your online quiz because people post their results which will then encourage their followers to take the quiz as well because they also want to know their results.

Voila, web traffic, and lead generation!

And out of those random people taking the quiz, are your converts.

There will be those who will be curious as to what you are about aside from your online quiz.

And that’s what you call a marketing strategy.

There are also quizzes whose purpose is to educate.

That there is another marketing strategy that can help generate leads.

If you are a website engaged in education, focused on certain academia, educational quizzes can help you generate the buzz you need to boost your website and business.

People who are into trivias and want to regularly assess their knowledge will likely visit your page if you have those kinds of quiz sites.

They will also see the authority you have in that certain field and will want to engage with you.

2. Understand your market


Since these quiz sites gather responses from web users, these responses can be used to analyze and understand your market better.

They can serve as your undercover surveys!

There are two types of tests that you can use for this purpose.

3.Personality test

Personality test, as the name shows, can help you understand the different personalities in your market.

By putting up personality tests on your website, you will be able to analyze the behavior and the way your market thinks.

Therefore, giving you a basis for making changes in how you engage with them through your website.

You can also use it to see what your market prefers if you are planning to launch a new product or service.

4. Knowledge test

Like the personality test, this can also help you learn more about your web users and visitors.

This is focused more on knowing how much your audience knows about a particular subject or product.

Which responses can help you assess whether or not your audience is ready for a certain product or service that you want to promote and launch?

The results can also shape your information campaigns.

They can help your marketers identify warm leads or customers who are close to converting.

You can then focus on giving them a nudge in the right direction through marketing campaigns.

So make use of these quiz sites. They are very useful for gathering data about your market entertainingly and discreetly.

Allowing your audience to participate as honestly as possible without feeling any pressure!

How do you facilitate an online quiz site?

There are two ways to have quiz sites on your website.

  1. By sharing or hosting existing online quizzes.

You won’t have to think or create a new one from scratch.

All you have to do is look for an existing one. Such that could spark interest in your audience and one that you can license to be shared through your website.

2. Create your own and embed it in your website

This can be quite tedious since you have to start from the very start.

You have to think about what kind of test you are gonna roll out.

The questions to be placed in the test and the corresponding answers to them.

Not to mention, the exciting results that will flash at the end of the test.

You don’t have to worry though. There is such a thing as a quiz builder or an online quiz maker that will help you out with this.

Between the two, however, the latter is better in establishing recall and help with branding.

Since people will be associating the unique quiz site with you, they can easily remember your brand as they recommend your quiz site to others.

Not only that but it also makes your website look more reliable because of the originality of the online quiz.

How to make an effective online quiz?

There are two steps to create an effective online quiz.

  1. Look for a good online quiz maker

Why do you need to look for a good online quiz maker?

Having a good online quiz maker can help you create a simple and hassle-free quiz site.

They can provide you with a quiz maker software that you can easily understand and is customizable.

Also, a good online quiz maker can make a quiz maker software for you that will not entail your users to install the software.

They can just take the quizzes right away.

And best of all, a good online quiz maker can provide you with good security settings.

So never settle for less.

Look for a good online quiz maker to help you entertain your audience and gather data at the same time without sacrificing the security of such precious data.

2. Elements to consider in making an online quiz

Aside from getting a good online quiz maker, you need to have these important elements in the online quiz you’re trying to create.

Here are the four elements or factors that can help you create interesting and effective quiz sites.

  1. Come up with an attractive title

You want to start with a title that has a strong gravitational pull.

Something catchy, as they say.

People are drawn to a quiz site mostly due to their grabbing titles.

For instance, adding the word “actually” in your quiz title can add a bit of oomph to your headline.

Take for example this title, “How much do you know about bank loans” turned to “How much do you know about bank loans”.

The additional word made a difference, didn't it?

The title became more enticing for the reader because it gives him the idea that the quiz can validate his knowledge of the subject.

2. The right type of quiz

Choosing the right type of quiz comes next after deciding on a title.

There is no universal type that works for every situation.

You can pick between a personality test and a knowledge test.

The purpose as to why you want to have a quiz site will determine which of the two you should choose and will be more useful for you.

3. Use engaging content

Establish a connection with your audience through strong visuals and carefully crafted questions.

Keep your tone casual and friendly.Your quiz site shouldn’t have to feel like a graded test you do in school.

After all, there shouldn’t be right or wrong answers in a marketing quiz.Consider using images to keep your readers engaged.

Text-based quizzes are okay but you can opt to use visuals to mix things up. Use images in questions or as part of the answer choices to make it a bit more fun!

Again, start by looking for a good online quiz maker.

They can provide a quiz maker software that you can customize any way you want.

4. Make it short and uncomplicated

Understand that people do not generally have long attention spans when they are online.

Don’t keep them stuck on the same page by asking too many questions.

At the minimum, keep it to about 6 to 8 questions per quiz.

The entire material should only take about 3 minutes of their time.

Seeing the quiz site in a new light

Quiz sites are not only entertaining and engaging, they are also useful!

You can use them as a marketing tool to help you understand your market.

Doing so will not only gain your visitors but also loyal ones and converts.

If you’re interested in building a quiz site for market research purposes, Strikingly lets you add in Google Forms or the online quiz maker, Typeform, to your website.

What are you waiting for? Start looking for that good online quiz maker that will help you create your quiz site.

Strikingly will be there to help you embed that on your website!