Running a travel business can be an exciting and fulfilling prospect but you need continuous client patronage to sustain your venture. Building a travel agency web site enables you to reach a wider audience so you can grow your business exponentially. With the right kind of strategy, you can create a website that improves your company’s online presence and attract more bookings for your agency. Here are a few actionable tips to get you started.


1. Search engine optimization

Most online experiences start with a search engine. Capture users actively looking for your services by optimizing your travel agent website for the most common keyphrases and keywords they are using. With Strikingly’s built in SEO tool, edit your website’s title and meta description to include these target keywords to increase your site’s relevance. Add image alt tags on all your visuals and be mindful of other ranking factors such as site speeds and user experience. Make sure your website loads quickly by keeping to image file size limits for visuals uploaded on your site.

2. Select the right template

The right site template can improve the user experience and improve your brand’s online presence. Strikingly’s growing collection of travel agent web templates equips you with a suitable framework for your site. They usually come with default sections where basic content will go but you can extend your site’s functionality by adding more apps and features through the Strikingly app store.

When selecting a travel agents websites template, it’s important to be clear on the kind of look and feel you expect from your site. Strikingly features different templates in various content layouts to suit your design preferences. You can go for full-width content layouts or boxed width ones depending on your brand’s image and your target market. For instance, if your portfolio features popular tourist destinations and you cater to a younger crowd, a more modern full-width template might be suitable. Meanwhile, travel agent websites templates with boxed-width layouts are best for agency’s that provide corporate trips and booking services.

3. Add reviews and testimonials

Your previous clients can offer the best kind of advertising that you can get on the internet. Adding a section for reviews and testimonials to your travel agency website template enables you to cement your reputation as a reliable travel partner. People are usually more inclined to engage agencies that other people have used before and were satisfied with the services. If your reviews are located on your social media page, add a social media streaming feature to your site to display this content on your travel agency website.


4. Create a montly newsletter

Developing a newsletter campaign is a good way to market your travel business and your travel agency website. Your regular newsletters can focus on current travel destinations, recommended vacation ideas and seasonal offers that your company might have. Encourage your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter through a strategically placed call to action on your website. Use the integrated form builder on Strikingly’s site editor to collect email addresses and contact information or connect your Mailchimp account to your site for easier newsletter campaign management.

5. Add your social media posts

Social media streams do not have to be focused on testimonials. You can use them to add your social feed so web visitors are also updated with content from your social networks when they visit the site. Add social share buttons on your web content to encourage visitors to share your posts to their own networks. Repurpose content into various types of media including videos to cater to different social media platforms.