A Guide to The Best Travel Agency Websites

When you visit a travel website, are you always eager to go on a vacation?

An effective and well-designed travel website with vibrant travel images and detailed destinations will always activate the travel mode for users who visit the website. These websites will give would-be travelers all the needed information they need for a successful vacation.

If you are aspiring to have your travel website, you should know that a great web design plays a vital role in a visitor's first impression of a business. With a good web design, a business can achieve its purpose.

So, it means that a good design will determine if the visitor will trust the information or recommendation. This is because traveling requires a lot of investment, so the users need to trust your information before they can patronize you.

If the visitor is convinced about the information on your site, they will find it easy to start their travel plan with you. However, not every travel website's names provide good services, but some strive to stand out from the rest.

So whether you are just getting started with your travel agency website or you want to revamp an existing one, you need to consider all things necessary.

In this guide, we will include all the things that you need to include on your travel agency website. Additionally, we will talk about some examples of travel sites that you can use to inspire your design.

What you should include on your travel agency website?

Before you start to design your travel agency website, there are some things you need to consider.

There are tons of websites that you will find in the travel category. And the kind of design you need depends on the type of travel website you’re planning to build.

For example, an official tourism website for a city will have a different objective from a travel guide or a tour website. This is one of the best tourism websites.

To make your search easy, we will provide some of the things that you need to include on your website.

In General, your travel agents website design should include a mix of the following:

  1. Packing Tips
  2. Airport Information
  3. Maps and Guides
  4. Top-notch Images
  5. Public Transport Information
  6. Tips on your destination language and dialect.
  7. Information about outdoor and recreational activities
  8. Brief information about the destination, and important places to visit.

Content Ideas for your travel agency website

If you are not certain of the type of content to include on your travel agency website, this section of the article will discuss everything you need to know. Here are some of the ideas you should consider!

Start with a homepage

One of the most important things that you should include on your travel agency website is the homepage. This is the first page that people will see, so you should make it appealing. This will attract them and might make them stay to check the content of your site.

For example, you might include a slide show or images or an attractive vacation destination on your homepage. Let this be the first thing they will set their eyes on when they land on your website. Alternatively, you can include the actual people’s vacation picture. The reason is that people will only believe what they see.

About and Contact

Every website should have two key pages - About and Contact. These pages should also be included on your travel agency website. These are the most essential pages on your website because they contain information about who you are and how your visitors can reach out to you.

The about page should be listed after home, and the contact page should be the last item on the menu bar.

You might wonder why it has to be like that. But this is considered a good user design because people are used to this structure.

What should you put in between?

When designing your travel agency website, you need to include some page in between the about page and contact page. It is good practice to limit yourself to only three travel pages. And ensure that you include all that you have to offer your customers.

The pages you want to include should contain:

  1. Vacation Package: This page should tell your potential customers all the various traveling packages that you have for them. This could range from family vacations to travel tours, and more.
  2. Your Niche: Another great thing that you should include is the kind of travel services that you are specialized in.
  3. Why use a travel agent: Most of your customers might not know the benefits of using a travel agency. So you should convince them with information about all the aspects of travel services that you plan on providing.
  4. Destination: This page should display all the destinations that you have sent your customers to before and other beautiful places that you can send them to.
  5. Give Itinerary Examples: You should also provide a list of what customers can do on their next vacation and where they can visit.
  6. Include a Blog: If you will have enough time to dish out quality travel content, this will go a long way to promote your travel website. You can post links to this blog on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Strategy to Improve your Travel Agent Website Online Presence

Strategy to Improve Your TravelAgent Website Online Presence

Image from Canva

Building a website for your travel agency is a great way to reach a wider audience. And there are several strategies that you can use to create your website to improve our online presence and attract more bookings for your travel agency.

Here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Search Engine Optimization:

Most business decisions start with a google search. When you optimize your travel agency website, it will increase your company’s ranking on search engine results. You will be visible to active users who are searching for the most common keywords and key phrases that are related to your service.

Strikingly has an inbuilt SEO tool that you can use to edit your meta description and title to include these target keywords to increase your site’s relevance. Additionally, you can include image alt text on all your visuals, and you should be mindful of other factors like site speed and user experience. You should ensure that your loads faster by reducing the image size limit before uploading to your website.

  1. Choose the Right Template

When designing your travel agency website, you should choose the template that best describes your travel business goals. This will help to improve your site’s user experience and your overall brand online presence. Strikingly has a growing list of travel agent web templates that will be a suitable framework for your site.

The template usually comes with pre-defined sections where you can include basic web content for your website. Additionally, you can expand your site’s functionality by adding new features and apps via the Strikingly app store.

Before you select a template to use, you should be sure about the type of design that you want for your website. Strikingly features several templates with various content layouts to suit your design preference. Depending on your brand image and your targeted audience, you can decide to choose the boxed width or full-width content layouts. For instance, the full-width template will be great if your travel portfolio will feature popular tourist destinations and you cater to a younger crowd. However, boxed width templates are the best for travel agencies that provide corporate trips and booking services.

  1. Add Testimonials and Reviews

Your previous customers can provide the best advertisement that you can get on the internet. What your previous customers say about you will go a long way to improve your online presence.

Adding a section for testimonials and reviews to your travel agency websites will not only make you seem reliable and legitimate but will also build your brand trust. Like other businesses, people will only engage businesses if they know that people who have tried it before are satisfied with it.

If your review is displayed on your social media. You can also add a social media streaming feature to your travel website to display the content.

  1. Create a Monthly Newsletter

One of the best ways to advertise your travel agency is to create a monthly newsletter campaign. When developing a newsletter, you can focus on recommended vacation ideas, seasonal offers, and current travel destinations that your company features.

You should encourage your customers to sign in for the newsletter using a good call of action button on your website. You can use the contact and form builder feature on Strikingly site editor to gather customer’s email addresses or contact information. You can also connect your Mailchimp to your account for easier newsletter campaign management.

  1. Add a Social Media Posts

Social media streams do not necessarily have to be focused on testimonials. You can also use them to add social media feeds to your site so that web visitors are updated with content from your social media network. You can also add a social share button to enable customers to share your posts with their connection.

Travel Agency Websites Examples

If you are planning to design your travel agency website, here are some travel websites names that you can draw inspiration from.

  1. Nekacheya Travel & Tours

Nekacheya Travel & Tours site

Image from Nekacheya

One of the incredible travel agency websites built using Strikingly is Nekacheya Travel & Tours. The travel agency website allows you to explore the Zambia Big 5 Safari. They offer the best traveling experience in Victoria Falls Livingstone and across Zambia.

When you land at the homepage, the first thing you will notice is an appealing landscape. After that, the site listed some attractive traveling destinations that people can explore.

  1. GrassRoutes

GrassRoutes Site

Image from GrassRoutes

Grassroutes is an national award winning community based rural tourism enterprise. The travel website aims to unveil Indian for visitors who would like to explore the Indian culture.

  1. Winston World Tours

Winston World Tours

Image from Winston World Tours

Another incredible travel agency website that is powered by Strikingly is Winston World Tours. This is a small group tour that lets you explore unique destinations. On the site, the travel agency displays information about what they will do and see in a certain travel destination.

  1. Five14Nepal

Five14Nepal Travel Site

Image from Five14 Nepal

Five4Nepal is also another incredible tourism website that is powered by Strikingly. The travel agency provides some of the best trekking, rafting, climbing, and adventure in the world.

The travel agency also strives to prevent exploitation through ethical and responsible tourism.

How to Create a Travel Agency Website with Strikingly?

As mentioned, creating a travel agency website is a great way to improve your online presence and attract more customers. While it might be difficult to design your travel website from scratch, Strikingly is one of the best travel agency website builders that can help you get started in no time.

Strikingly has tons of stunning travel agent website templates that you can choose from.

Strikingly Template

Images from Strikingly

If you have an account already, you can log in to get started. However, if you have not created an account yet, you can easily create an account for yourself.

Strikingly Sign Up Page

Image from Strikingly

After creating your account, you will be automatically logged into your Strikingly page. Choose your desired template and edit it to fit your travel agent goals.

Strikingly Edit Page

Image from Strikingly

Using Strikingly editor feature, you can design your About page and contact page. Additionally, you can add a new section or new page to your travel website. Also, you can add a store to your page.

Strikingly has a custom form feature that you can use to collect user’s information. This is a great way to turn your visitors into potential customers.

Strikingly Custom Form

Image from Strikingly

Note that the Custom Form feature is only available on the Pro account. With Strikingly editor, you can also add a Newsletter section, a Popup, or an SEO Checklist.

Strikingly Newsletter Section

Image from Strikingly

Aside from the features mentioned above, there are other amazing features that you can adopt to improve your website. So whether you are just creating your travel agency website or you want to improve on an existing one, Strikingly has got you covered. Create an account today to get started!