Along with the rise of the food bloggers are contemporary food websites that feature the best gastronomic feasts in every corner of the world. These sites bring together great website design, easy to use interface, beautiful photography and appealing typeface to whet your appetite.

If you’re looking to build your own food website, be inspired by some of the most visually appetizing food sites today.

Granny’s Secret

Granny's Secret food websites inspiration

Put excellent, appetite-inducing photography and a typeface that makes you want to think of Grandma’s old recipe cards and you get Granny’s Secret, a company specializing in artisanal jams and juices. The website itself is a visual feast with its great photography. Food products are set against a dark background to bring the focus on their yummy goodness. The choice of serif-type font on this food website is reminiscent of old-school cookbooks - an ode to the age-old tradition of canning that the company espouses.


Oola food website inspiration

Web design should not take away focus from the subject so your choice of food web template is important when creating an appetizing user experience. Oola is a food blog that features recipes, guides and home improvement inspiration for users who are clueless about what to prepare for their next meal. The site features a very clean and minimal website template and uses a lot of white space to highlight its tastefully produced images.


Nicecream food website inspiration

Nicecream is proof that you can build a beautiful website without having any design or programming background. This site is powered by Strikingly and was built from one of the foods website templates in its collection. The use of a full-width image header entices the user to scroll down and learn more about this dessert shop in Washington D.C. The website engages the user even more with a video of the store’s premises - an invitation to visit the shop if you’re in the area.

If you’re looking to build a food site with Strikingly, check this website out for inspiration.

Jude’s Ice Cream

2019 10 11 Judes food websites

The choice of color scheme is important in designing a food website. For one, the colors should go well with the type of food you feature. Take Jude’s Ice Cream for example. The website uses bright pastel colors to highlight the sweetness of its desserts. The choice of colors also tie back to the company’s branding. The visuals are lip-smackingly good and the grid-style layout is easy on the eyes. The homepage gives an overview of the entire website’s content in the form of image tiles. At the bottom of the page is a call to action asking the user to subscribe to a newsletter for regular updates and news. Social buttons wrap up the page design.

NYT Cooking

NYT Cooking food website inspiration

If you’re the kind of person who often wonders what to eat for his next meal, a quick visit to NYT Cooking is highly recommended. The site’s design entices the user to interact with the site, starting with a call to action on its website search section asking the visitor “What do you want to cook?” If you need a bit of help in planning your next few meals, scroll down and the site will give you a few more ideas to get started. Wondering what color scheme to choose for your food website? Take a leaf out of NYT Cooking’s book and go for shades of red. The shade is known to make a viewer feel hunger.

The images on this website are more than enough to inspire the user to head for the kitchen to cook. The design is mobile responsive so you can easily view the recipes from a tablet or your phone propped up on the kitchen counter while you follow the steps provided on the page.

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