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The food industry is one of the most competitive business environments in the world. With so many talented food entrepreneurs coming up with something new every year, it's never a smooth ride to the top of the ranks. However, modern-day food businesses know that success isn't just about the artistry behind the food; it's also about keeping up with the times. In this day and age, it’s vital to learn how to create a food website.

No matter if you own a 5-star restaurant or a food catering start-up, your food business needs to have a food website. Think about it - there's a reason why food blogs and cooking websites are so popular nowadays. Fellow food lovers are online, and they're using it as a platform to create and share food-related information. And if your business is nowhere to be found online, you're missing out on a vast potential market for your business.

Now you might be thinking, "That's great and all, but I've got no coding skills!" Don't worry; we've got your back. You can still create a top food website without any experience in web design or development. So if you're interested in learning how to create a food website today, find out how by reading this article.

How To Create A Food Website

What if we tell you that some of the food websites or cooking sites you see online were actually made by ordinary folks? People with no prior knowledge of HTML and CSS? No, we're not joking. With a site builder like Strikingly, you too can create your food product website.

All you have to do is visit the Strikingly page, create an account, and choose one design from its library of food website templates.

Two Types of Food Websites

It is very important to know that food websites have two types, presentation and store shopping.

  1. Presentation type of food websites gives more emphasis on the food presentation itself such as the preparation, ingredients, table setting, etc.This is ideal for restaurants or Chef’s websites that use quality images or footages of the food prepping process and mouth-watering photographs of their food menu.
  2. The store shopping type has a very specific food website design layout that allows its viewers to have the option to place orders, add to cart, or buy now. Take a look at these food company websites that are created with Strikingly.

Flew The Coop

Flew the coop food

NiceCream Factory

Nicecream Factory website

Nicecream order now section

Strikingly allows you to customize your chosen template according to your business's branding. With its super intuitive andStrikingly allows you to customize your chosen template according to your business's branding. With its super intuitive and easy-to-use interface, editing content just as you like it is a breeze. For a store shopping type, it is best to add elements, sections, or buttons that will trigger your sales. This is how it looks like at our website editor.

Website editor screenshot

Watercress Bali

Watercress Bali Website

Watercress food presentation


Jianbing Street food Website

Jianbing food presentation

While most food sites spend top dollar to create their food site, Strikingly can help you produce a top food website for a pocket-friendly price. Check out the Strikingly website for more info.

Now, you might be tempted to go on ahead and start designing your dream food websites. But before you do, have a look at some examples of the best food websites we've seen. After all, they say that if you want to learn how to create a food website, the best way to do so is to see what works for other websites. Though some of them may not be related to your type of food business, there are nuggets of wisdom to be learned from each of them.

Not only will they serve as an inspiration for your business, but it should give you plenty of information on the best practices of today's best food sites. Ready to start learning how to create a food website? Read on below.

2021 Best Food Websites For Your Web Design Inspiration

1. Niedlov's

Niedlov's Bakery and cafe

Niedlov's is a US-based cafe and bakery that takes pride in its housemade bread and pastries. One look at their food website and you get a feel of their rustic style, thanks to their excellent choice of imagery and typography.

Although Niedlov's website did not use any fancy animations or graphics on their site, it has all the necessary components from a food website. They have a nice about us page, a dedicated page for their products, and another page for their wholesale and catering services. Overall, it's a simple yet beautiful website - but what's so what's special about it?

Lessons To Learn From Niedlov's

Pictures speak louder than words. When you land on Niedlov's website, the first thing you see is a delicious image of their handmade bread. The best food websites on the net know how to manipulate their food images to their advantage. For your food product website, consider investing in food photography. Not only will it attract your visitors, but you also put your food creations on the center of attention, just as it deserves.

2. Mamuka

Man on his journey

Mamuka is a Russian restaurant and bakery, and based on their website; they are all about story-telling and experience. Upon visiting their food website, you are first invited to begin your journey. From there, you start a storybook-like adventure, reading a fairy tale with you as the main character of the story. And as you move along through, you are prompted to answer a couple of questions wherein the end; you get a result related to the story - sort of like a Choose Your Adventure book.

The Mamuka food product website does not have the traditional pages the other food sites may have. They're all about interaction and play, which is a very intriguing factor to consider in your food website. After all, part of the game is to stand out, and if you follow Mamuka's footsteps, there's a high chance that potential customers won't just visit your site but also stay.

Lessons To Learn From Mamuka

Forget whatever you've learned about how to create a food website - Mamuka deviates all the golden rules. It's hard to believe that this website is as widely popular as it is. Perhaps it's all thanks to Mamuka's personality and branding, but one thing's for sure, the ability to interact with website visitors is a big check mark for a top food website.

So what can you learn from Mamuka about how to create a food websites? Maybe your food product website isn't as artistic as Mamuka's, but that doesn't mean that you can't apply the same principles. Transform your site into a platform where you can interact with your potential customers. Install a blog, read and reply to their comments, allow them to submit testimonials, and connect your social media accounts to your site.

3. Temper

Dining table with barbeque

Temper is a steakhouse and barbecue restaurant located in London, and it's not hard to tell that they are a place where you can hang out with family and friends. Visiting their website, you are greeted with an animated image as the main background of their page. It's an overhead shot of a table with people enjoying and sharing a meal from Temper's menu. The motion in the imagery makes the website appealing even at first sight. Again, pictures speak louder than words. But that's not all that's great about Temper's food product website.

Lessons To Learn From Temper

Temper's navigation is simple and easy to spot, but the simplicity isn't the best part of it all. Clicking on those pages, you are directed to several other pages, each with exciting layouts and movement. So how do these elements help in teaching you how to create a food website? For starters, learn from Temper's responsive web design. It keeps things more fluid, and the smoother transitions add more drama to a website.

4. Sea Harvest

Sea harvest website

Sea Harvest's website is another excellent example of a top food website that doesn't follow the rules. Its homepage does not use color or even photos of their food. Instead, you are greeted with black and white illustrations and a vintage-style newspaper layout. So why is this considered one of the best food websites? Simple. It's all about branding.

To stand out from the crowd, sometimes you have to break the rules. Sea Harvest does it beautifully while paying homage to its branding.

Lessons To Learn From Sea Harvest

Sea Harvest made the smart decision to design their website in a different way from food product websites. But here’s what you can learn from them on how to create a food website: impeccable design direction. No matter if their site is not as bright or fancy as the others, they stood by their branding - something all businesses should learn. Besides, if there's one golden rule that you should ultimately follow, it would have to be consistency in branding.

5. Jude's

Jude's Flavored ice cream

Jude's is in the business of making delicious and unique ice cream flavors - "tubs of joy," as they would call it. And true to their word, their website is a cheerful splash of color. While one would expect the site to be all over the place because of multiple colors on one page, Jude's still manages to keep things organized and easy on the eyes.

Because of the simplicity of its layout, it is possible to replace Jude's style even with a food website template. But mastery of design and content organization is something the designers of Jude's website should be proud of, and not everyone can easily pull it off.

Lessons To Learn From Jude's

Jude's organized and minimalist layout deserves a gold star. But upon further investigation, you might also find that Jude has an exciting email opt-in page. In exchange for a visitor's email address, Jude offers the opportunity to win their Ice Cream of the Month. Creating a top food website isn't just about design but also about maximizing its potential. Don't forget to add a landing page or an email newsletter sign-up that you can use for your marketing strategy.

Ready To Create Your Own Food Website?

With a few clicks of your mouse, you too can learn how to create a food website even if you don't know anything about web design and development. Let Strikingly guide you step by step so you can finally get your food product website up and running. So what are you waiting for? Again, Sign up for an account, choose a theme from our food website templates and discover all the design possibilities for your future website.