Now that we’re almost at the tail end of the year, let’s start going through the web design trends that became popular in 2020. From typography to graphics and animations, what design elements ruled the web this year?

2020 is the year we see a lot of designers playing with extremes, breaking boundaries and reinventing old styles. Here at Strikingly, our own team of web designers are constantly putting design rules to the test, coming out with new web design templates that keep up with the rapidly changing trends. We are all about empowering individuals, startups and businesses through unique websites that enable them to compete with bigger brands in their niche.

If you’re looking for web design ideas, here are some of the most popular and innovative design trends dominating the web this year.

1. Vintage color schemes and typography

Old trends have made a comeback in the web design world. We are seeing a lot of retro-inspired color schemes and typography. Designs this year combine modern with retro elements creating a feeling of nostalgia. Glitch art, pixelated graphics and other elements that are reminiscent of the 1920s to the 1990s have become quite popular in 2020.


Aunt Nelly

Retro-inspired web design is particularly popular with creative websites such as a web design portfolio or an ad agency website. We tend to see it on travel websites as well as photography portfolios.

2. Graphic illustrations

Illustrations have been around for years but they have started dominating the web design realm these past few months. Well-executed, detailed and customized illustrations have become a popular design trend this year and we expect it to stay in the coming months. Combining awesome illustrations with animation will make this style more engaging but we do recommend that you still be mindful of recommended file sizes for graphics and media on your website to ensure that it still loads quick enough for users who want their information almost automatically.



3. Text only heroes

Over the years web designers have experimented with heroes or the above the fold area in web design templates. This is an area that is very crucial to attracting conversions or fulfilling site objectives because it is the first thing that a user sees upon landing on a website. Hero areas usually contained different elements including an image, a video background or graphics. Nowadays, however, we are seeing a lot of websites whose heroes are devoid of any other visual elements apart from text content on solid color background. It is effective in its simplicity especially if you craft your message properly.


OOO Graphic Design

4. Dark mode

The use of black backgrounds make a web design look modern and interestingly easy on the eyes. It puts the focus on the site’s visuals and makes other design elements pop. darker themes also tend to extend screen lifespans so they are great for OLED screens that are popularly used in devices today. Use dark colors or black to make an accent color such as neon shades punchier and more visible.



5. Ultra-simple navigation

Today’s web design is created with smaller screens such as wearable devices in mind. We are seeing navigation getting simpler to accommodate shorter attention spans and to ensure that a site’s message is relayed through a small screen. Minimalist navigation improves the user experience, allowing web visitors to move around with ease. Imagery is also important and the use of large videos, photos and graphics with minimal text are designed to engage and impress.


inBloom Handmade Bar

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