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Here’s the thing about promoting your brand-new business or service - We all need the validation that people not only want our services, but are willing to pay for them. So getting those first few clients can be critical to building up confidence that you’re on the right path. But let’s be honest about why we’re actually promoting ourselves. It’s all about money and control, right? The more clien…

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You now enable top, center, or bottom alignment in the Hero, Feature List, and Drag & Drop sections. This makes more layouts possible for these sections.

If your visitors come from different countries, you can now collect the country code along with the phone number to make sure you can reach them.

You can now require name, phone, and/or email address for your site visitors who reach out on Live Chat. Use this to generate leads more effectively.

For VIP users, you can now show different prices in your portfolio for visitors from different regions. We use geolocation to determine where each visitor is visiting from, and show different prices in your portfolio depending on location.

For VIP users, if you want to automatically direct visitors to different URLs based on their IP location or browser language, you can now find this setting in Settings > Multi-Language. This lets you create different visitor experiences for different countries/regions or languages.

You can now adjust column or section heights for mobile-only layouts. Find this option in the editor by switching to mobile editing mode. (This function currently applies to sections like Contact Us, Feature List, Infographic, Pricing Table, and Blog.)

You can now show/hide a section for mobile or desktop independently! This lets you create different sections in your site to be shown for mobile only or desktop only. Find this setting in the section options menu, "Hide/show section."

If you're showcasing more advanced products for your product portfolio, you can now add product variants with customizable options like size, color, etc, and show different prices.

If you're showcasing more advanced or complex products for your product portfolio, you can now include add-ons to let potential clients customize your products.

You can now prevent visitors from submitting disposable/temporary email addresses. This helps ensure that visitors submit real emails and can receive email replies.

You can now add the "Request Quote" button to your portfolio section to collect contact info from visitors who are interested in a specific item. (Pro users can add more fields to collect info.)

For VIP users, you can now collect email, phone, or other info from potential customers, within the product portfolio section. Only visitors who fill out the form will be able to view the item details or price.

You can now enable a reCAPTCHA checkbox on any form on your site, which provides strong protection against bots submitting spam.

A small update to our forms: You can now separate first and last names when collecting name in forms. This is useful if you need to export this data in a format that requires separate first and last names. You can find this in your form settings.

For multipage sites, you can now use a slash to add subdirectories when customizing your page URL. (

We've added a background color setting to text boxes. You can now use the background color to emphasize specific pieces of text and make text stand out!