Professional websites design

Professional websites might prove to be a wonderfully useful tool in your career, whether you're currently job hunting or simply looking for fascinating options. You may construct your internet image exactly how you want it to be regarded by creating a website dedicated completely to your professionalism.

We can all benefit from taking control of how we present ourselves online to colleagues, clients, collaborators, and fans, regardless of our industry. As a result, professional websites may help you establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority in your subject, while also strengthening your personal brand and expanding your reach.

What is a Professional Website?

Professional websites are a combination of a "multi-dimensional résumé," a "personal website," and an "online identity." Because it is designed with the basic constructs of a resume and includes interactive elements only available through a website interface, it can be termed a multi-dimensional resume.

The Essential Elements of Professional Websites

In order to keep up with the constant changes that customers anticipate, professional web design has become virtually an art form. While some qualities have remained constant over time and others have vanished, what should you do this year to distinguish your website as truly professional? What is the definition of a professional website? The majority of these changes are in preparation for the future, as web browsing becomes more of a read-on-the-go experience

Strikingly has a number of tools that will make site building feel like a breeze. Strikingly is a service that may help you create the best personal website in a short amount of time. Are you interested in learning more about what Strikingly has to offer as a website builder? Here are a few standout aspects that are also essential components of a strong personal website:

• Introduction

Professional websites design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Professional websites might simply be a location for you to keep track of your career and education while also providing a way for others to contact you. This is a fundamental building component for those whose work and skill set do not always transfer visually in the same way as photographers and artists do, but who want to gain an advantage in both the traditional and gig economies.

Your About Page must include your introduction. Create an elevator pitch (3-5 sentences) version of yourself for your homepage, and describe yourself professionally in 1-2 paragraphs for a dedicated page on who you are as a career person. You may learn more about developing a fantastic opening part by looking at other professional websites recommendations.

Your professional site reflects who you are professionally, and an about page serves as a way for you to prepare for fundamental interview questions. This leads to more direct requests and discussions about your work, as potential clients will have examined your website and will be more willing to deal with you once they understand what to expect from you.

• An Easy-to-navigate Layout

Providing an exceptional layout with easy navigation is a part of the appearance aspect. This entails a logical menu that is put in an unobtrusive location on the main page. It also refers to a website that isn't crammed with too many bells and whistles, as this slows downloading speeds.

Your company's image should be reflected on your website. Maintain a neat, sleek, and straightforward appearance. The website templates from Strikingly enable you to create a modern online environment that precisely represents your business.

• Impressive Gallery

Professional websites gallery

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

The majority of professional websites depend heavily on aesthetics. If you operate in visual media, a personal website is essential for establishing yourself as a valuable asset. A website can be a step into a new canvas, allowing you to personalize your space by exhibiting your personal, professional, and collaborative achievements.

With the necessary tools and inspiration from other templated professional website designs available anywhere, you may develop your own attractive online portfolio using any medium you like. You may include a gallery on your professional website with Strikingly.

• Compelling Content

"Content is king," as the saying goes. The material you publish on your site will also influence whether or not someone remains. Users today are rapid studies of material and can identify if it's outdated or too difficult to understand right away. The greatest approach to convey information without bogging it down in long text with unappealing fonts is to provide it in short paragraphs or even videos.

Consider the demography and write in a tone that is appropriate for them, not one that is above or below their level.

• A Simple Contact Form

By including a Contact Us page on professional websites, you make yourself more available to potential customers. You can establish a separate contact page and sprinkle your communication channels across your website. Your email and phone numbers are essential, but social media platforms are also crucial for client engagement.

Some website hosting providers even include a personalized professional email address when you purchase your own domain, allowing you to go from to at Before checking out your basket, learn more about owning your domain and other important factors.

A contact form is included in every Strikingly template. You can always change it to fit your requirements. You can put a map and contact information in the contact section. More information about the contact area and sign-up form can be found in our help center.

• Having a Mobile-Friendly Design

Almost every blog or article that offers advice on professional websites design will emphasize mobile optimization as the most important factor. Web browsing is becoming more of a mobile activity rather than something done while seated at a desk.

When customers have finished surfing, the format must be accurate, or they will leave your site and go elsewhere. People prefer information that is delivered quickly and in an easily legible style rather than a PC site that is jumbled in a mobile format.

Your first priority today should be to program your website to be mobile-friendly. Then you should pay attention to the details so that it looks good in any format.

• PageSpeed

Pagespeed is an often overlooked feature of any website. You can have all the bells and whistles on your website, such as marketing pop ups, beautiful javascript effects, fantastic mobile menus, and so on, but if your page is slow to load, it will overshadow everything else. People dislike slow-loading websites, and if the page does not load quickly enough, they will most likely leave within a few seconds.

Best Professional Websites Built on Strikingly

Without an internet presence or a good website, it's difficult to run a business or create a professional practice nowadays. Any industry needs a website because it can be used as a marketing tool, a portfolio, and a communication platform. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to develop professional websites if money is a concern. There are many free website builders, such as Strikingly, that can help you get started.

To help you get started, we've collected a list of 5 professional-looking personal website examples, all made with Strikingly.

Natural Shilajit

Natural shilajot website

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Why did the Chicken

why did the chicken website

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Whitefield Six

White field six website

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

SOW Body Fitness

SOW body fitness website

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Sim Mau

Sim Mau website

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

The Advantages of Having a Professional Website

1. Cost-effective

A competent web developer might cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars to build a website. If you're new to eCommerce or just want a simple website to advertise your services, this may not be the best way to start your company.

For startups and professional services looking to leverage the Internet to build their brand, a good free website builder like Strikingly lowers the entry barrier. If you want to spend a little more on a personalized website address, it also comes with other services like web hosting and domain registration. If you want to experiment with website design without making a large commitment, the low beginning cost makes it an appealing option.

If you wish to grow your free website later, the cost of scaling up on a website builder is still considerably less than hiring a professional designer to perform the work for you. You may stretch your restricted marketing budget further without sacrificing quality.

2. User-friendliness

To create professional websites using a free website builder, you don't need advanced web design or programming abilities. Our professional programmers and web developers, for example, have done the heavy lifting for you by building modern, mobile-responsive templates that provide a smooth experience. All you have to do now is pick a template that fits your brand and start filling in the blanks.

You may have some control over the design and feel of your website using a free website builder without having to write a single line of code. Without having to pay more, you can experiment with numerous ways of displaying your information, as well as other designs and color schemes. If you hire a designer, you will have to pay every time you change your mind about the design of your website.

3. It's a Lot Easier to Manage

You won't have to go through a long process to update your site's content if you use a free website builder. You or your team can make site modifications on your own, and there's no need for extensive training to use the platform. The user-friendliness of a website builder extends to content revisions. This makes updating information like office hours during the holidays or a new business address easier for you or your staff.

You and your team can also update your site from anywhere using a website builder. If you have a content idea while on vacation, for example, all you have to do is go into the site builder's platform and make the changes from any computer. Some platforms even include mobile phone apps, allowing you to make changes to your site while on the road.

4. Search Engine Optimization

You should also be aware that a website is meaningless if it cannot be found in search engines and consumers find it difficult to browse. Strikingly's website templates were created with SEO in mind and the best web design principles in mind for professional websites. All of our templates are designed to give your target audience a great user experience. Apps are also available on the platform to help you get started optimizing your website content for search engines.

Free website builders like Strikingly can be the most cost-effective way to get started when it comes to creating a good professional website. With just a few minutes of your time, you may have a fully functional website to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.


You can look at some more professional website examples created by our users to get ideas and figure out what kind of website you want to create. At Strikingly, we strive to provide you with the best features and make each process as simple as possible so that you can create professional websites quickly. We even offer a reseller program and an affiliate program. The affiliate program allows you to generate passive money through your website, while the reseller program allows you to conveniently manage clients and offers substantial discounts on bulk website purchases. Begin your Strikingly journey today and take a step closer to a professional website