It’s one thing to build a functional website, but to build one that is not just functional but also attractive is a different thing altogether. When you’re looking to build online awareness for your brand, a one-and-done website will not suffice. You need to spend time designing the site, planning the content and making sure that it suits your target market. Here at Strikingly, we try to make it easy for individuals and business owners to build attractive and professional websites without the need to write code. But if you want a bit more inspiration for your next project, check out these website examples and learn a thing or two about what makes a site effective.

Lafaurie Paris

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Minimalism is a very popular design concept that you will see in a lot of sites today. For example website like Lafaurie Paris uses a very neutral color scheme that goes well with the kind of business it runs - an online store that specializes in ready-to-wear clothing for men. The design is very simple, with big image backgrounds, clean layout and parallax scrolling effects. The choice of French fonts and serif headers adds to the elegance of the site. Overall, the website does a good job at appealing to its target market - the modern male who wants to look good in comfortable clothing.


There’s nothing sexy or attractive about selling plastic injection mouldings for shoes but a well-designed website has the ability to make it look like everyone needs this item in their lives. Cobo is a good example websites that sell non-mainstream items should look at. This site manages to engage visitors with futuristic microinteractions and vivid visuals over a black background. Take a leaf out of Cobo’s book and play around with the use of an all black background on your site to make your images stand out.


If you’re looking for website title examples, look to Cobo for guidance as well. The site’s page titles are well optimized, following SEO best practices. If you’re running your site on Strikingly, the platform features an integrated SEO tool to help you edit your title and meta description to improve your search ranking. Make sure to maximize the use of this tool.

Good on You

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Good on You is an online guide to environment-friendly fashion. It rates brands and clothing companies based on their impact on humans, animals and the planet in general. This is one of the best site examples of the smart use of white space to create more impactful visuals.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your personal site, Good on You is one of the best examples of blog sites in terms of the way it displays its most recent posts. It features tile layout for listing blog articles to make it easy for users to select the article most relevant to them.

Francesco Michelini

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Nothing says “I’m good at what I do.” than a well-designed creative online portfolio. From the engaging animated background to the choice of black color scheme with a pop of red on the most important areas of the website, this arguably one of the best personal websites examples we have seen this year.

Francesco’s site is also one of the best single page website examples you want to check out in terms of layout and content inspiration. The website owner made sure that the page wasn’t text heavy even when it was just a single page kind of site. When creating content for a personal site, it’s important to highlight your best work to entice your potential clients. You want to make the right first impression by showing your design skills through your website.