The beauty of using a website builder to create your website is you are already armed with the basic framework that a site needs to run smoothly. In theory, free website templates can be considered websites once published and assume the features and functionality of a basic website. The only thing left for you to do is focus on the design and content so that your website stands out and overcomes a popular challenge of using a free website template - ending up with a generic looking site.

Get the Most Out of Your Free Website Design Templates

With the technical aspect of building a website out of the way, you can now get to work with designing a website that will attract your target audience. Strikingly’s intuitive website editor makes it easy for users to create unique websites, providing them with numerous opportunities to customize their free responsive website templates. Even if you’re using this service for free, you still get significant freedom to build a standout site.

Choosing the Right Template

Choosing the right website template from a number of different options can be overwhelming. To streamline your search, Strikingly has grouped its collection into categories according to the most common website types - business, blog, ecommerce, creative, and personal. If you are creating a portfolio website, for instance, you want to look into your options for recommended portfolio website templates because they come with the sections and features that are most suited for presenting media files and image galleries. The same holds true for our recommended photography website templates and other industry-specific themes. These templates, while they may work for other industries, are best suited for the design needs of creatives who require a framework that will support engaging presentations.


Aside from the type of website that you are building, here are other things you need to consider when selecting a website template for your project.

1. Content width

Templates these days feature two content width types: boxed-width and full-width. The former has a visible frame on the left and right side of the page so that content is contained within a specific area. Full-width adapts to your computer screen and there are no visible margins so it looks like your content moves fluidly across the page with no obvious boundaries. Full-width templates have become so popular in recent years and can be seen in most modern websites. If you are designing a business website with a professional feel, however, you might want to consider boxed-width templates as well because they ensure consistent display of your page across different screen sizes and resolutions.

2. Homepage header

The header is usually one of the first things that users will see as soon as they land on your website. The choice of header for most businesses is more strategic than design-oriented because your header design will set the tone and create a first impression for the entire page. Think of it as your elevator pitch. It has to reel the user in, engaging him and inviting him to stick around for more. It has to look good but more importantly, it should be able to communicate your website’s message clearly.

For your website header, you can choose a template that allows you to add a text overlay. If your website relies heavily on visuals - as in the case of photography websites or travel sites - a static header with no text content will also work but you have to be careful in choosing images. For one, they should be captivating enough that no words are necessary to reinforce their message. If you’re running a business that offers a number of products or services you want to highlight or you are targeting different audience groups, a slideshow header will be a good choice.

3. Menu bar design

Menu placement is important in navigation. The menu bar tends to be an undervalued design element but we recommend paying as much attention as possible to this detail because it contains the roadmap that will guide your visitors around your website. Go for a simple design that is easy to read and limit your main menu items to the most important pages on your site so as not to overwhelm your audience. Use colors that are easy on the eye and refrain from using distracting backgrounds and fancy images that can make the menu tabs difficult to read.

Best New Website Templates by Strikingly

To help you with your search, here are some of the best new website templates powered by Strikingly.

Remote Joy -






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