Every website needs an address - something that is catchy enough to attract the targeted traffic but simple enough that it is easy for users to remember. Getting a domain name is the first step towards building a proper website. A domain defines your brand and gives users an idea what your website is about. Choosing one is much like naming a child - it requires careful thought because your website could potentially be stuck with this domain for a long time.

Registering domain names

Fortunately, it’s easier to buy a domain name these days as domain registration has become a common service that web hosts and even website builders like Strikingly provide. If you have a Strikingly account, you have the option to go through the entire registration process with us or you can go through websites that specialize in this particular service like a GoDaddy domain service and connect your website domain to your Strikingly site after that.


1. Domain name search

Before you proceed to buy domain name, you need to look it up and make sure it is available. There are a lot of websites that can help you with this. All you need to do is type the domain name that you’re looking to buy to find out if somebody else owns it already.


If you’re getting a free website domain under your new Strikingly Pro account, you can actually go through the entire process of domain registration starting with this step without leaving the platform. On the website editor, you just need to go to Settings > Domains and click Register New Domain. This will take you to another page where you can do a domain name search to verify the availability of your potential domain name.

2. Select your domain name

You will find a list of possible domain names and formats for your chosen website name. For instance, if your domain name is taken in the extension you want, you may wish to consider other extensions such as .net, .org or country code top-level domains (ccTLD) depending on your physical location (i.e. .ca for Canada, .sg for Singapore, etc.). Another option you may consider is to try reaching out to the current owner of the domain name you want but this could cost you a lot more money than if you went back to the drawing board and came up with a different name instead. Brands only do this usually when they have already established a reputation and it’s difficult to rebrand on the basis of their website name being taken by someone else.

3. Buy the domain name

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, you can now proceed to purchase the domain name. Enter your personal details and payment information to complete the transaction. Domain registrars may ask for an email address to verify your purchase.


4. Connect your domain name to your website

Once you have completed your purchase you should get a confirmation that your domain name has been registered. If you got your free domain through Strikingly when you signed up for a Pro account, you can proceed to editing and designing your website. You don’t have to manage your domain settings or do anything else to connect your domain to the website. We will take care of the technical heavy lifting so you can focus your energy on creating an awesome space.

If you do wish to manage your own domain settings, you can access the DNS manager to view host records and even transfer your domain in the future. You can add subdomains for multiple pages on your site, manage redirects and view privacy and security settings.

Register a domain name with Strikingly and start building your own website today.