If you’re looking to start a blog, you will probably want to come up with an awesome name for it. After all, one of the elements of successful blog sites is a website name that is easy to remember and resonates well with a target audience. Because it is one of the first things that people will see when they search for your blog, you naturally want to take some time picking out the right domain name for your site.


Forging an identity with a blog site name

If you want to build a successful web presence, you start with a blog name that stands out. Building free blog sites on Strikingly entitles you to a custom and free website domain with the mystrikingly.com co-brand to give you that leg up until you can establish a brand of your own. Once your blog starts taking off, you can consider getting a custom domain of your own based on your chosen Strikingly subdomain to further push your branding and your site’s identity.

This guide will help you choose the right name for the best blog sites you are looking to build.

1. Look towards your niche and target audience

The first step on how to decide on a free website domain is to identify what your blog is going to be about and who your target audience is. The best free blog sites incorporate the topic of their site into their names, or make reference to it for SEO purposes as well as to make the site more relatable to their audience. Knowing who your readers are and what interests them is also key to finding a good name for your blog. By understanding your audience, you also get to adjust the tone of your site and your website domain to suit them.

2. Determine your brand strategy

People create blogger sites for different reasons. Some set them up as a personal online journal where they can share their own ideas and passions. Others put up a blog to support content creation campaigns for their business or brand. If you are from the latter group, you will probably want to choose a name that is associated with your brand name or something that connects to your business name. Meanwhile, starting a blog site from scratch with a view of building a brand later on gives you a lot more freedom to choose your domain name. You want to go for a domain name that is easy to pronounce and remember. It’s good to have a witty free website domain name but don’t make it too complicated to spell or to understand. Make sure it reads okay when you put the name in URL format - i.e. yournam.com.

3. Consider any potential changes your blog might make in the future

When it comes to blog sites, we all strive to start strong and focus on a niche that we are passionate about. However, over the years, things might change and it’s possible to deviate from your original idea due to a change of heart. Rebranding might cause you to lose momentum so some blog site owners opt for an open-ended or generic blog name just in case.

At this point, you’re probably still dead set on pursuing your chosen niche for your blog and it’s difficult to know for sure if you’re going to change the direction of your brand in the future. But if you have any doubts at all or you are toying with the idea of changing later on, it would be good to consider a more generic name - or use your own name on your site.

4. The thesaurus is a treasure trove of ideas

A quick scan of the thesaurus for inspiration can help you find the right name for your blog. It’s a great way to find a new and interesting way of saying something in a different way. Just explore popular synonyms of your chosen buzz words for your site and see if any one of them tickles your fancy.