More often than not, you can attract a loyal following for your bakery through an exceptional product. But if you’re looking to expand your bakery’s customer base, you have to do more than rely on traditional advertising. Online marketing campaigns and a well-built bakery website have the potential to trump mainstream marketing with their ability to generate hype and interest around your store. It may take a bit more effort but when done right, the results are well worth it.


Start by building bakery websites

Creating a website is a must for any business, including those who subscribe to the traditional business model of providing products for sale from a physical store. Get started with one of the bakery web templates on Strikingly. Choose from one of the many bakery website designs that we have in our portfolio and create a site that is uniquely yours.

Bakery websites should be a treat to the eyes. Give your visitors something to entice them to sample your baked goods through quality website content. On your website, you want to include a brief description of your business and, if there’s one, an interesting story behind its inception. You also want to add your contact as well as a map of the location of your physical store so people will know where to find you.


Bon2 Bakeshop

Just like any other food-related website, bakery web designs should have high quality shots of your sweet confections, images of your physical premises if you have a good view and probably a menu if you also serve dine-in customers. If you’re accepting online orders, add a custom form to your bakery website to make it easier for customers to put in their requests.

Connect to social networks

Create a following for your baked goods by connecting your website to your social media pages. Advertise your content on these accounts and encourage visitors to subscribe to your pages. Facebook is one of the most effective ways to generate buzz for local businesses. Strikingly’s bakery web designs feature a social stream section where you can add your Facebook and Instagram feed to your website as well. You can consider offering discounts or freebies to customers who subscribe to your social media pages as a way to increase your following on these platforms.

Search engine marketing

Building a beautiful bakery website is useless if people are not aware of its existence. Implementing the right search engine marketing strategy is key to the success of your website.

You start with a well optimized and searchable bakery site whose content is optimized for relevant keywords. Use the integrated SEO tool on Strikingly’s website editor to update your site’s metadata (Title and Site Description). Create content that contains your targeted keywords but be careful of keyword stuffing. Make sure that the words appear naturally in your content.

Create quality links to your website by getting listed in local directories and building relationships with relevant businesses. Share your content through your social media pages to direct traffic to your website. If you have a knack for writing, adding a blog section to your bakery website is a good way to update your site content.

Finally, if you have the budget for it, start online ad campaigns through Google Adwords and through Facebook and Instagram Ads. Your bakery is a geo-specific business so you want to make sure your ads are only visible to users located in your general area. You can also streamline your audience by demographic and psychographic to get a better return on your ad spend.