When starting your website, the About Us page becomes the foundation your website will be built upon. It usually becomes the first page you set up, regarding which industry or section of the business you are in. It’s also the page that you have the most knowledge of when starting since, as the name suggests, it’s about you and your business!

The About Us page may go with different labels such as “Our Story, About, Mission,” and many more. But, regardless of their name or label, they all serve the same purpose. To say: “This is our story, and who we are.”

It’s a universal tradition to put an about us page on one’s website since it is an extension of your business personality, and also a way of telling people that there are actual human beings behind this business and not just a bunch of robots selling them stuff. When a visitor or customer wants to know more about your traditions and your roots, this is the page they will look for first.

There is more to an About Us page, though. It isn’t just an “origin story” for your business. It has a potential that not many business owners and website builders don’t see yet, and in this article, we will dive deeper into this secret. Let’s get started!

What an About Us page does and is really for

There is an occurring problem with About Us pages — they’re often buried deep into the forgotten depths and websites’ footers. And while they may sound unimportant in the grand scheme of things, it does serve a purpose that is much more than just letting people know where you came from.

The best About Us pages aren’t just anecdotes or inspiring stories. They’re also a place to brag about your brand’s detachment from being an idea to becoming a full-blown service that people can go to and check out. It’s the section of your website where visitors and customers alike will witness the biggest highlights and selling points of your brand’s story. From all the hardships and endeavors you went through to the friends and maybe even enemies you made along the way, these will all have an impact and a strong impression on customers who do not know a lot about you and your business yet.

If someone wants to know the most about your brand and your business, you don’t send them your products page right away. That does not build an organic connection with customers; a better strategy would be sending them your website’s About Us Page and letting them know about your roots and challenges.

An About Us page is also the perfect contrast to a landing page. A landing page is where you entice customers with all your flashy new products and make them forget that a human being with an inspiring story is behind all of these. Meanwhile, the best about us pages will contain a story that is filled with the human touch and will highlight the company’s achievements and struggles. It’s no place where you should still be bragging about your products. The About Us page itself should do it for you. Here are more of the purposes and objectives a good About Us page should be able to fulfill:

  • Connect the dots of how your business started from nothing to a sprawling empire.
  • Make an inspiring and motivating story out of it.
  • Describe to your customers the cause of your business and its end goals.
  • Explain in detail your business model and why you settled for that particular model.
  • Manifest the human touch of your business. Show customers that at the end of the day, you as a business owner are human too.
  • Integrate persuasive content (a speech of you on a stage, or links to your blogs, maybe even data to support your claims).
  • And why they should choose your brand over others!

We know that it’s a lot to take in, and some may even find it surprising that an About Us page is much more than just a couple of paragraphs. But it’s what makes your business human and a part of you! So don’t compromise on it!

How to write a compelling About Us Page Template

Now that you know the secrets of the About Us Page, it is time to know how to write one that is persuasive and inspiring. Just like with any story, a little bit of room for creativity will be needed here. You need to tell a story that will touch the customers and serve as a bridge that will be their calling — a calling to give your brand and products a try.

In your About Us page story, you and your business are the protagonists. While there doesn’t need to be an antagonist or villain, you can be witty about it and make your endeavors the villain in your heroic act.

Here is a formula that may help build a convincing narrative for your About Us Page Template:

  1. Set a scene that works out for your story: Introduce the protagonist, which is you, and establish the odds and circumstances you were in before or during the start of your business. Tell the story of how things were for you before it got better.
  2. Introduce the problem you wanted to solve: This is where your heroic act comes in. Describe the problem that you wish to solve with your business.
  3. It’s time to fight: Finally, it’s time to battle it out. Explain your journey as you find the solution for that problem and whether it was easy or hard for you to come to a conclusion. Tell your readers all the hiccups you faced along the way, including the triumphs and innovations you have made. This is your time to shine!
  4. Arriving at your new-found solution: Tell the story and details of how you arrived with that solution. Explain how that solution will be effective moving forward and how you will keep on innovating and improving upon it.
  5. Paint the bigger picture: It’s time to wrap it up and finally look for what’s next. Despite arriving at a solution that works well against your problem, the battle isn’t really won until your customers are satisfied. Tell them what your next step for the business is, and how you will bring them along the ride.


You can check out Strikingly’s About Us page here (we call it our Manifesto!) where we go into detail about what we believe in and how we empower dreams and passions around the world.

Other elements you can include in your About Us Page

Of course, the About Us page isn’t just about a creative story. You’re also free to include your testimonials, awards, business model, and etc. Here are more of the elements you can include in your About Us Pages Templates:

  • Your company’s business model

While some may beg to differ that putting your business model on the About Us page is odd, it really isn’t! It’s the perfect place for you to explain your business model as you go into detail about your business’ humble beginnings. You can even include how you handle revenues or go into detail where they go (Charity? Company improvement). It’s your call!

If transparency is the name of your game, then an About Us page is your best opportunity to show customers how your business works, down to the meticulous details.

This is accompanied well by an illustration that demonstrates your business model. Be sure that your illustration will be easy to understand and that details about your business model are complete!

  • Testimonials, awards, quotations, and mentions

The About Us Page can also be the perfect place for you to put these details. If you have worked with notable figures in the past, then feel free to boast about it on your About Us Page!

You can also mention the people and the customer base you’ve helped, like how you’ve helped them build their dreams and achieve their passion in life. Just like how we did in our manifesto!

  • An introduction to the people that makes your business possible

It’s also the perfect place to introduce the team that works alongside you! Don’t be shy to introduce them one by one because, at the end of the day, your business won’t be up and running without them. Mention the notable people who have been with you since Day 1 and people who have been an excellent sidekick or assistant. Make it wholesome and make sure that everyone gets the exposure they deserve!

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