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Marketing strategies play a huge role in securing a business’s future. As an entrepreneur, you must equip yourself with a solid marketing strategy that will help you earn revenues and serve as an ultimate weapon to survive the eCommerce industry. If you are looking for an effective marketing strategy for your business, then coming here at Strikingly is the best answer to your worries.

Today we will share one of the most famous marketing strategies many businesses are using nowadays—digital marketing collateral.

What is Marketing Collateral?

Marketing collateral can be defined as an act of promoting a brand’s message, services, and products through the use of either digital tools or printed materials. Digital marketing collateral could include varied promotional formats like online brochures, digital posters, video snippets, e-books, graphical representations, and newsletters. Digital marketing collateral also makes use of social media integration.

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_Nowadays, most businesses use digital marketing collateral to spread awareness of their brand’s existence to a larger market range. They use it to attract potential customers and drive traffic and sales to their business websites. If you are a beginner in this field, having a firm knowledge about what is digital marketing collateral could help you a lot in having a smooth start. Once you’ve mastered the art of how to create your digital marketing collateral, it will be an instant asset for you and your business which you can surely rely on.

Importance Of Digital Marketing Collateral

Digital marketing collateral has tons to offer you for your online business. To give you a better glimpse, we made a list for you.

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1. Helps You Tell Your Story

One best reason you should learn how to create your digital marketing collateral is that it helps you share your story with your target market. It may not seem like it, but entering the business world requires you to tell your story. People would easily understand your business’ message if you have the guts to tell them who you are, what you do, and why you exist. With this one, digital marketing collateral could surely help you a lot.

Having your own types of digital marketing collateral can help you document your business progress and use it as another asset in showing people how you do what you do. Aside from this, concrete digital marketing collateral can help you make people understand what you are trying to tell them. Remember, not everyone in eCommerce speaks the way you do and have the same thoughts as you. So, to avoid losing the chance of gaining new followers just because they don’t understand what you’re trying to say, master the art of digital marketing collateral.

2. An All-in-One Solution

If you seek something consistent for multiple uses, digital marketing collateral is the best answer. Having assets like digital marketing collateral, which you can use for multiple situations, will save you time, money, and effort. Take a business brochure for an example. By creating one, you can immediately have the following:

  • A digital brochure to send to a potential customer via email.
  • A printed physical copy for your physical store
  • Reference material for customers who are not yet ready to buy but want to know what you offer.
  • A tool to spice up your newsletters and email marketing strategies.

3. Secures More Deals

If there is one top reason you should create your digital marketing collateral, it helps you secure more successful deals. Digital marketing collateral enables you to perform a smooth sales conversation between you and a potential customer. It serves as a guide in helping your prospect understand what your business can give them. The more they know you through your digital marketing collateral, the higher the chance you’ll get what you seek.

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Types of Digital Marketing Collateral

Now that we’re done introducing you to what is digital marketing collateral and its benefits, we’ll move to another important idea you should know—the different types of digital marketing collateral.

1. Blog Posts

Forums through blog posts are among the best digital marketing collateral you can have as a business. Why? Blog posts help you showcase your business progress and updates online, while it allows you to connect more with your audience. Blogging gives you the chance to create articles that contain ideas about what your business does and how it can help your audience. You can write articles equipped with advice and tips on using your product/services effectively. Blog posts can also help you share your expertise online while promoting your business.

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Take Strikingly Simple Blog as one best example. Through this feature, we allow our users to create a special section on their website which they can use to interact with their viewers. They have the freedom to post articles either for marketing or entertainment purposes. We can also help you know your audience’s thoughts by helping you provide a comment section where your viewers can share what they feel. All you need is to choose your desired blog template, set up your blog section, write your first blog, and voila! You’re now ready to go.

2. Guides & Ebooks

Online guides and Ebooks are among the best types of digital marketing collateral. It may not seem like it, but some audiences love it if they have something to take away when visiting a website. Giving something informative to your customers through reading materials can help them get to know your business more.

When you create your digital marketing collateral, include an informative yet entertaining set of downloadable guides and Ebooks. By adding these to your digital marketing collateral, you can easily create an all-in-one asset equipped with everything a customer must know about your business. Fill them with everything you want your online viewers to know about your company, like a basic introduction, a manual, high-quality photos, your company’s logo, contact information, and even a short background about your business. Aside from this, never forget to include articles and guidelines about your product and the services they can avail of from you. Remember, marketing collateral isn’t just all about showcasing what you can do, but most importantly, grabbing attention and gaining trust from your target customers.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are another must-have you should never forget when learning how to create your digital marketing collateral. If there is one thing about customers, they always seek opinions. Before deciding on what they really want, they tend to go and look online for blogs and forums about their prospect product/service. This is one main reason you should always include a testimonial section on your website. Your testimonials should come from your past clients for you to keep things honest and more reliable. Ask your past clients for some feedback and post it on your website for audiences to see. By adding testimonials as a part of your digital marketing collateral, you are showcasing your company’s legitimacy while encouraging your website viewers to go on and continue exploring your business website.

4. Videos

Digital marketing collateral videos are typically thirty to ninety seconds long, having approximately two-hundred words or less. They are commonly found on the website’s most visited pages like homepage, product pages, landing pages, and even on its social media accounts.

Videos are another informative yet fun way of exhibiting effective digital marketing collateral. Though articles are very helpful marketing material, we can’t deny that some people prefer videos to texts. It is one excellent way to showcase everything they need to know about your company to your viewers. Design your own video clip wherein people can see how you communicate with your clients. You can include snippets explaining your product use, how you manufacture your product, some tips or tutorials, and any related topic about your niche. Adding videos on your website as part of your digital marketing collateral helps you establish an instant good impression on your viewers. It will also be easier for you to gain their trust because they can properly see how you do what you do through the videos you posted.

5. Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are one of the most underrated types of digital marketing collateral. They’re a hidden weapon when it comes to lead generation. Online quizzes are informative and fun ways of marketing your product/services to a website viewer. When creating your online quiz, be sure to include ideas that can help your audience understand your company’s message. After you’re done making it, you can simply embed it on your business website and share it on your other digital marketing collateral material like social media. The best thing about this marketing collateral type is that they are fun to do, less expensive, and definitely effective.

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Create Your Digital Marketing Collateral with Us

Producing professional digital marketing collateral cannot just help you increase your business’ return of investments, but most importantly, survive the eCommerce industry longer.

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You just have to be cautious, though. Not because a potential partner offers you pricey digital marketing collateral means they are undoubtedly effective. Find the best one that does not only have what you need but also helps you improve what you lack. Someone who knows exactly what they are doing and is willing to help you create your digital marketing collateral all at an affordable price—just like how we do it here in Strikingly.

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