Your business website is the cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy. You create a site according to clearly defined goals and objectives for building your online presence. And if you’re looking to minimize your marketing spend, building your site through a drag and drop website builder is a cost-effective option that you can explore.

drag and drop website builder

The best drag and drop website builder reduces the time spent putting up a website by providing web templates and pre-built sections where your content will go. With platforms like Strikingly, you literally need a few minutes to get your site up and running because you don’t have to spend so much time writing code and testing if it will run properly. Once you have your site up, you can get to work on building your online presence through a variety of digital marketing strategies.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a way to build awareness for your brand by getting your website on top of search engine results when users search for your particular products or services. There are over 200 ranking factors or elements that influence your site’s SERPs but in general, Google and most other search engines look at content relevance as a driver for search placement.

Strikingly is a free drag and drop website builder that features integrated SEO tool allows you to update your site’s metadata to better optimize your pages for search. Optimizing your pages is a good first step in building online awareness. This, together with building quality links with other relevant websites, can contribute to directing organic traffic to your website which can also translate to higher chances of generating leads.

Relationship building

Drag and drop website builders provide sections suited for creating certain types of content. Maximize the power of your website to build relationships with customers through quality content such as blog articles, video and image galleries and a newsletter subscription option. Create content with your audience in mind. Take advantage of the integrated apps on your site builder to keep your visitors engaged.

digital marketing with a drag and drop website builder

A good drag and drop website builder software enables you to create a positive user experience for your visitors through easy navigation and improved means of presenting content. Strikingly stays up to date with the latest trends in web design to keep up with changing user behavior. For instance, all website templates are designed to be lightweight - stripping off unnecessary script that can slow websites down and affect the overall browsing experience.

Building relationships with users means creating content that they can refer to for information on your niche industry. The best drag and drop website builders allow you to manage and create content such as blogs to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Social media and content marketing

You can also use your drag and drop website to kick off social media and content marketing strategies. Strikingly allows you to connect your social media pages to your website to contribute updated content through social streams.

Conversely, content from your website can also be shared to social networks through social share features. Update your blog regularly or upload new images and videos to your gallery to supplement your content marketing campaign. Create new material that you can share to various websites. Keep your business contact information current for local online directories and Google My Business.

With a free offline drag and drop website builder, create a website that fulfills your digital marketing objectives. Empower your brand and bring it to the attention of your target market through engaging content and user-friendly website design. It may take a bit of work but even free websites have the potential for success given the right digital marketing strategy.