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Blogging is a hobby that anyone can enjoy doing. It can help you share your thoughts about a specific genre to your readers or express your side about a present issue. Blogging also plays a unique role in making a community where people with the same interests are gathered and form a stronger relationship. But, aside from this, do you know that blogging can also be a source of income? Yes, you heard it right. You can now monetize your blogs on your own website! You can even earn additional money from writing blogs for a different company—also known as guest blogging. Haven’t you heard of it yet? Well, worry no more! Strikingly got your back.

To help you get started, we prepared everything you need to know about guest blogging, what you can benefit from it, and how to begin your guest blogging process. Let’s first get to know what is guest blogging.

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What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting can be defined as the practice of writing blogs, posts, or any other content for another website. The concept of guest blogging is simple: as a guest blogger, you will write a blog article that meets the writing standards of your chosen website partner. In return, you will get a backlink for your own blogs.

Bloggers who do guest blogging usually write articles with a similar genre or fall into the same industry as theirs. They pay extra attention to articles that are high in quality and will also help them attract new website readers.

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What is the Importance of Guest Blogging?

Now that you have already understood the basic definition of guest blogging, it's time to move on to our next topic: the importance of guest blogging.

Mastering the whole guest blogging process has tons to offer to any business. To give you a better view, we listed below four of the main importance of guest blogging you should know about.

1. Builds relationships

Ecommerce requires healthy relationships. Having solid connections outside your company is a big help if you want to gain more attention. One major importance of guest blogging is that it helps create a stable network for your business website. By sharing your expertise through guest posting on another related website, you are earning the chance to get noticed quickly by readers. Guest blogging earns you several new curious audiences who enjoy the same field as you. This business allows you to do guest blogging on their website, which will help your business grow and become an excellent source of marketing for you.

2. Great SEO strategy

Search engine visibility is another crucial aspect you need to consider when starting. By doing guest blogging on a well-known website, you increase your website’s search engine visibility. The guest blogging process involves adding a link to the article you’ve written, which will then connect to your own website. This part is crucial in giving your own blogs positive SERP results. Once your guest blogging articles get good links from websites, it automatically gives a positive impression on the search engine visibility, thus improving your blog websites’ overall search engine optimization strategy. If this continues, increasing your guest blogging website page leads, ranking, and sales wouldn’t be that hard to accomplish.

3. Inexpensive marketing technique

Marketing is vital to any business and website. Having a solid marketing strategy will help you gain more followers in no time. But, creating a marketing strategy that will give you high-quality results could sometimes be costly. In that case, guest blogging can be your savior. Guest blogging is among the proven techniques in successfully marketing a business. Many companies are also relying on guest posting not only for connections but because it is cheaper yet, still gives good results.

4. Drives leads & opportunities

Another importance of guest blogging is that it drives new business website leads. When a reader sees your guest blogging article and finds immediate interest in your works, it will instantly gain you a new lead. Readers tend to visit blog websites which they think have everything they need in a particular niche. Guest blogging can help you earn more audience seeking more information on a specific topic. If they liked your guest posting article, they would automatically ask questions. Once they click on your website, you gain new leads. When you gain more leads, then you also earn more sales. And obviously, gaining more sales means higher chances of growing your website quickly.

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Benefits of Guest Blogging

If you’re still having doubts on why you should start guest blogging, we’ve collected some tremendous benefits of guest blogging to blow your mind away.

  1. Helps build a solid personal profile as an industry professional
  2. Grows your personal brand faster
  3. Helps gain an audience
  4. Improves website SEO performance
  5. Builds reliable website blog backlinks
  6. Drives new business partnerships and opportunities
  7. Helps gain website referral traffic
  8. Expands a company's brand awareness to a larger audience
  9. Gains more leads, followers/readers, and even customers

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How to Start Your Guest Blogging Process?

Now for the main course, let’s start learning how to start your guest blogging process. To start a successful guest blogging career, you must know tons of strategies to make things easier for you to handle. You need to consider steps and ideas to have a smooth-flowing guest blogging process. Got zero clue how to start? Don’t worry because we have already collected below the most helpful tips you should consider in starting your guest blogging process.

1. Identify Your Goals

Guest blogging starts with knowing what you truly want. Do you only want to start guest blogging to drive more traffic to your website? Are you guest blogging to establish a stable brand awareness? Do you want to position your business on a higher rank through guest posting? Ask yourself these basic questions to help you understand what you truly want to achieve. After all, reaching your destination would be much more complicated if you don’t even know where to start, right?

2. Look for Websites

Now that you’ve figured out what you wanted, start searching for your websites to contribute to. Look for websites that are currently open for guest blogging. One tip you should consider in finding sites is to look for someone who has the same niche as you. This is to make it easier for you to communicate with them and at the same time, meet their guest blogging standards. Also, make sure that your chosen website will help you achieve your goals and not take your hardships for granted.

3. Build Connections

Once you find the perfect website, form a bond with the company/owner. Building a solid relationship with your target guest blogging partner makes everything go smoothly. By knowing what their hearts truly seek, it would be easier for you to write a guest blogging article that will satisfy them and your target readers. Having a good connection to your guest posting partner will also help you avoid conflicts while promoting your own website.

4. Choose Your Topic

Choosing a topic for your first guest blogging post is very crucial. It will determine whether or not you are suited for the job and identify if your chosen company will continue to work with you. To prevent yourself from losing the opportunity, do thorough research about your topic. Guest blogging isn’t just all about writing blog articles for another company. It is also about how you could satisfy their readers and make them go curious about how you do what you do.

5. Write Your Content

After choosing your topic, it is now time to write your guest blogging article. To make your blog spicier, consider following these quick tips.

  • Make a striking guest blogging headline.
  • Do research for the best keyword phrases to use on your guest blogging article.
  • Use anchored links and texts properly.
  • Add high-quality photos or even video clips.
  • Use appropriate guest blogging format.

6. Promote Your Works

The last step for your guest blogging process is to promote your works. Promoting your blogs is vital for ensuring that people see your masterpiece. It also helps you get more traffic to your own blog website. Encourage your website readers to like, comment, or even share your works online. With these, gaining more attention will be much easier for you.

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Guest blogging does sound strange to someone who just heard it. Why would you write for someone else anyway if you could do it yourself, right? But, one thing you should understand is that no man is an island in eCommerce. As cliché as it may sound, there are times where you need to work with others to achieve the things that you want. To ensure the best results, find someone who does the job right. Look for a partner who values your opinions and concerns and helps you overcome obstacles in eCommerce and website building—just like how we do it in Strikingly.

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