10 Lead Magnet Ideas For Your Ecommerce Success

The eCommerce world is a big and wide world of businesses, business owners, and business activities. These different businesses fight for the attention of customers and netizens. It is thus not surprising that business owners like you with a variety of different marketing strategies to attract and lead customers their way. This article will help you understand what lead magnets are, how the right lead magnet ideas can help you, and also give you some lead magnet examples you can use.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is any content that you give out to your site visitors or customers for free. What you get instead is a piece of information from them - their email, their location, their phone number, etc. It can be a big part of your marketing strategy, just as long as you do it right. There are a lot of lead magnet examples you can research online. But don’t make the mistake of just splashing them across your website. It is still extremely important that you know your target audience and that you know what kind would work best for them and for your business. Lead magnet ideas often have three things in common:

  • They advertise your business and your products.
  • They offer value (information, guide, help)
  • They are of no cost to your customers.

How the Best Lead Magnets Can Help Your Business?

Sometimes, business owners have a tendency to be reluctant about giving away free stuff to their customers. What they cannot realize is that the value that they give away with this free content is easily worth the value of their customer’s contact information. By getting their information, you get direct access to them. You can send them tailored emails, advertisements, and promotions that would often lead them back to your site. This is the reason they are called “lead magnets” in the first place. The leads or your potential customers are being attracted or magnetized towards your business. The best lead magnet ideas, if done right, help you pull potential customers and convert them into actual customers.

10 Best Lead Magnet Ideas

The best lead magnets vary depending on the business you are venturing into. Here are ten lead magnet examples you can use on your business.

1. Social Media Contests/Giveaways

Social media plays a big part in eCommerce. Among the many lead magnet ideas you can think of doing, using social media as a way of promotion is one that is virtually good for any kind of business. Netizens basically live on these different social media sites and if you know how to use it, then it would be good for your business. Hosting social media contests or initiating giveaways is one of the best lead magnets that you can use for your business. You just have to think of a price that is relevant to your target market and that would motivate them to take part. It need not be an extravagant price, it could be as simple as a small coupon, freebies on their next purchase, or more entries for the bigger prices. The important thing is that it is enough to inspire your customers to engage with you.

2. Templates

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One of the best lead magnet ideas you can put on your website is templates. Creating from scratch is something that many of us don’t enjoy doing. It can often stress out your customers. Therefore, providing templates to your customers will definitely help your business grow. It can help your customers save time trying to figure out what to put on a blank canvas. You can offer templates for just about anything. But it is especially helpful if your business is about making these documents. For instance, Strikingly is a website builder that offers templates to all customers. By doing so, Strikingly leads customers to easily create their own websites using these templates. Offering templates in this case not only helps the customers accomplish the task at hand, but it also helps the business immediately earn a customer, which ultimately is what the best lead magnets do.

3. Exclusive Content

The best lead magnets encourage your customers to give you their information without thinking too hard about it. Exclusive content on your website can do that. Though we must promote inclusivity in many aspects of society, having access to exclusive content on certain websites gives your customers a sense of satisfaction. This means that they are more inclined to give you their contact information, which makes this one of the best lead magnet ideas that we can give you. Your exclusive content can simply be a more detailed blog post or information about a specific topic or information. Framing it right can really boost your email list and significantly help your business grow.

4. Calendars

Calendars are not applicable to all businesses. But this kind of lead magnet example is still very useful for various industries. Putting calendars on your website allows your customers to see what you have for them in the coming days or weeks. It can be especially useful if your business offers seminars, training, webinars, or any kinds of programs or events. If your business is focused on that kind of activity, then a calendar on your website can be one of the best lead magnet ideas you can bring to life. Knowing the schedule of your offerings will help your customers incorporate it into their own schedules and attend one or multiple events. This makes your events more filled with people - either those that are already willing to pay or those that you can convert into actual customers.

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5. Infographics

Infographics can be the best lead magnets for your business. It helps you to put out vital and relevant information in a way that is not too exhausting to read and digest. Infographics are a combination of information and graphics. This means that you are putting in a poster-like format the information that can help your customers. You do not only put in text to explain the concepts and ideas you need to get across their minds, you also put in visuals (images, graphics, drawings, etc.).This combination of elements would help your customers get a better picture and understanding of what you are trying to say. This is another one of the best lead magnet ideas that you can put to use because by doing so, you stimulate the minds of your customers and encourage them to be one of your customers and be part of your community.

6. Videos

You can add videos on your website and they can be the best lead magnets you can use. There are a lot of different topics that you can cover in your videos. Be careful not to make it too long, but also be careful not to make it too short that it’s lacking. You want it to be informative but not boring to watch. This is one of the lead magnet ideas that you can really use, no matter the industry you are a part of. It can be video advertisements of your products or the services you offer, tutorial videos, behind-the-scenes videos, or influencer vlogs. The important thing is that you tailor it to really communicate with your audience.

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7. Free Shipping/Free Trial

Shipping and registration are some of the most common concerns that netizens have in the eCommerce world. This means that if you can offer something that can ease these concerns, then those can easily be good lead magnet examples. By giving your customers free shipping in their purchases, they would be encouraged to come back to your store and purchase more products. The costs of shipping that you would have to cover would then be worth it because you have earned a loyal customer. Offering free trials also helps your business because it is one of the lead magnet ideas that motivate customers to then become actual paying customers. These can really help boost your business and help you thrive in the eCommerce world.

8. Coupons and Promotions

Coupons and promotions are one of the best lead magnets that you can use. It has been proven to be a vital and useful part of any marketing strategy. While it incurs extra costs that you have to cover, it can be worth it for your business. Coupons and promotions are great lead magnet ideas that you can use not only because they can easily attract customers, but they can also encourage more purchases per transaction or customer. These coupons and promotions need not offer big discounts or gifts to your customers. Even a 5% discount can really be attractive to your customers, let alone promotions offering half-price discounts or buy one, take one.

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9. Challenges

Challenges can be the best lead magnets because they really urge customers to engage with you and your business. These challenges could last for a week or even a month. This is one of the lead magnet ideas that really pushes you to be creative. You must think about how you can come up with challenges that are appropriate for your products or services and that are appealing to your customers or target market. The concept is that you entice customers to do these challenges with your help or the help of your product or service. It can be a live activity or maybe you can entice them to post the end products each day they can complete the challenge. This can not only be good for engagements but also for the promotion of your business.

10. Guides

Guides are good lead magnet examples because they are informative and helpful. Guides allow you to direct your customers towards a certain path. These kinds of lead magnet ideas are good for business because they can always be relevant. You can create guides about how to navigate through your site or how they can sign up for a membership on your site. Better kinds of guides involve putting instructions or tips on how they can use your products best. It can also be unique ideas of activities that they can do and accomplish with the help of your products. This can easily boost your followers and your customers.

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Lead magnets can really help your business thrive if you know how to use them well. It need not be complicated because the best lead magnet ideas can relatively be easy to set up and take advantage of. And now that you know all about some lead magnet examples and what the best lead magnets can do to your business, you can incorporate them into your website. Sign up with Strikingly now and make a website that can bring to life all your lead magnet ideas.