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Email newsletters are a way for you to remind your subscribers about your business. You can send tons of different kinds of information in a newsletter to entice potential customers to buy from you.

Businesses have been using effective email newsletters for years. It is said that email marketing takes time to show results, but is nonetheless considered to be one of the most inspiring and effective means of marketing.

The most common way of building an email list is to create a subscription form on your website. Give an incentive to your site visitors to subscribe. Keep the form simple and precise to encourage anyone who sees it to subscribe to it. Lengthy, complicated, or boring forms barely get any attraction, as people don’t want to stop by and fill up their details in the midst of browsing through a site.

 newsletter subscription form on a website promoting organic baby food

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Once you have a long enough subscribers list, you cannot just ignore it until you launch your next big marketing campaign. You need to keep your audience and subscribers engaged with your brand’s going on. Sometimes a simple marketing email helps drive traffic to your store, while other times, you need a substantially good sales offer to convert subscribers into customers.

In this post, we will discuss how to create an email newsletter. An email newsletter that converts can be one of your most outstanding and cost-effective strengths, making your products stand out among their substitutes. Your products can have a lot of competition in the industry, yet your audience will prefer to buy them from you if you keep reminding them about it through effective email newsletters.

It is best to use tools or platforms to create an email newsletter. These tools provide an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that reduces the burden of designing your email newsletter from scratch. Some website-building platforms come with a built-in feature to prepare email newsletters for your site’s audience. That’s the most convenient way to create an email newsletter, as that helps integrate the email list collected through your website with your newsletter audience.

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How do you know that your email newsletters are effective? Of course, you would measure their effectiveness through a set of metrics. These metrics can be anything from the opening rate of your emails to the overall rise in sales brought about by your email campaigns. To analyze this data in the right manner, you first need to know how to define an effective email newsletter.

What is an Effective Email Newsletter?

An effective email newsletter gets the receivers interested enough to click on a link given in its content to end up on a page with a sales pitch. It takes a good copywriter to create quality content for an email newsletter. If the click-through rate of the content in your newsletters is too low, it means you are not producing effective emails. It means your offer and style of writing your marketing emails are not enticing enough for the audience. It could also mean that your audience cannot relate to what you mention in your emails.

Before you create an email newsletter, research your audience in general and those who have subscribed to you in particular. What kind of information are they waiting to receive? What excites them the most about your products and services? What incentives do they expect to get from your brand? What will make them recommend your brand to others?

newsletter created by a Strikingly user, offering free download directly from the website

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]( more you know the crowd that subscribes to your email list, the easier it will be to prepare email newsletters that bring in more business for you. Don’t confuse an email newsletter with your website content. The content published on your site has to be a bit more generic to give out the basic information about your business to your entire audience. An email newsletter that converts needs to be more customized and personalized than that. They are sent to people who have specially subscribed to you. They have voluntarily shown interest in receiving more detailed information from you. Do not disappoint them with general content that’s easily accessible to your non-subscribers as well.

Certain tips and tricks can make the whole process of creating and sending email newsletters to your subscribers more effective. Without any further ado, let’s get to them right away.

Tips to Build an Email Newsletter That Converts

Here are several tips and tricks that you can use for creating an email newsletter that converts and eventually drives more sales to your business.

1. Use a Combination of Content Forms

An email newsletter with only plain text does not look so appealing. If your audience keeps receiving such boring newsletters from you, they might even stop opening them. An interesting newsletter has a combination of text, images, videos, links, and CTAs.

It is not difficult to insert all these different forms of content in your emails nowadays. If you build a newsletter in the Strikingly editor, you can easily include pictures, videos, and links. The call to action buttons also needs to guide the viewer on what to do if they feel interested in your offer. The CTA button at the end of a newsletter should take the viewer to a landing page where the rest of the selling is being done.

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2. Choose a Neat and Organized Layout

Nobody would like to read an email newsletter with jumbled text, messy links or buttons, and images not properly aligned with the text. Make sure you select a neat and organized layout for your newsletter. It should look pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. It should also be easy to navigate. The viewers should be able to read through the text and relate the images they see with the information given out.

If you add any videos, make sure they are appropriately embedded and are not covering any text. You can either set them up to auto-turn on or give the viewers a chance to decide to play them manually. These videos are usually inserted through links of third-party video hosting sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Create Compelling Content

The sales copy of your email newsletter is part of its design. The copy and tone of your newsletters should be consistent across your email campaigns. Some brands like to maintain a strictly informative tone, while others like to play around with some humor and puzzles. Whatever style and tone you adopt from the beginning will become your brand personality. Maintaining the same manner throughout your campaigns will help your readers associate certain expectations and derive emotions from your emails.

To prepare email newsletter content, keep your reader in mind. Try to place yourself in their shoes and think about how you want to make them feel. Then use words and designs that you think would make them feel that way. Your newsletter content needs to be compelling enough to entice the readers to take desired actions.

Good sales copy produced by a Strikingly user

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4. Write Catchy Subject Lines

Your marketing email subject lines determine whether or not the receiver will open the email. No matter how good your email newsletter is, it must have a catchy subject line, or else it won’t even be opened. Good subject lines give rise to curiosity or excitement in the readers’ minds. Try to be a bit creative and develop a precise subject line for every newsletter you send out. The best subject lines build a feeling of urgency among the readers.

Create an Email Newsletter in Strikingly

Strikingly is a growing platform for building and maintaining professional websites. We offer you tons of tools and features that allow you to create a website and run effective marketing campaigns through it.

how to start creating a newsletter on Strikingly

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One of our features allows you to create and send email newsletters to your subscribers. This feature is available in the VIP Plan and Audience Plans. You can create an email newsletter for a website built on Strikingly by following these steps.

  1. Build an audience for your newsletters through a signup form on your website. You can access this email list on your Audience page.
  2. On your Strikingly dashboard, click ‘Newsletters’, and then ‘Send a Newsletter’.
  3. Type the content for your email newsletter directly into the editor that shows up. You can add text, pictures, links, and buttons.
  4. Use the available filters to select the contacts from your audience list to whom you want to send this particular newsletter.
  5. You have the option to send a test newsletter to yourself to see how exactly it turns out.
  6. You can choose to save your newsletter as a draft to send it out later or simply send it right away.

The process to create and send email newsletters through Strikingly is quite simple. Our job is to provide you with a smooth and exciting experience of building and running a website that helps you drive more traffic and sales for your business. We take pride in our features, especially those that boost your marketing efforts and help your business to grow.