A website logo serves as a main identifier for a business. Consumers recognize companies by their logo so it’s difficult to imagine a brand to go without one. Consider it a visual representation of your brand. Without one, it can be difficult for your customers to remember your brand and what you stand for.

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Creating a unique logo is a challenge but a website logo maker can make the task easier for you. These are website apps that allow you to create your own logo through a set of templates and icons that you can mix and match to arrive at a unique image suited for your brand. These templates are usually created by designers and follow approved best practices for mixing colors and icons together.

Before you head out to a logo making website, here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a logo to represent your brand.

Type of logo

Designing your own logo starts with deciding on what type you want to create in the first place. You have two options: a logotype which is composed of your company name or initials; or, you can choose a symbol that represents your brand. Logotype logo examples include CocaCola and IBM. Symbol type logos include Apple’s bitten apple symbol and Nike’s swoosh logo. Small businesses tend to benefit more from logotypes because the logo itself tells people what the business is about. It’s especially a good idea if you have a limited marketing budget to work with and you want to establish brand recall easily.

A website logo should be simple and timeless

It’s better to create a simple logo for your brand - one that is minimalist and versatile. Try to stay away from excessive elements such as a complicated background or too many colors. Remember that your logo will not only stay on your website. You can also put it up on billboards, posters and business cards so it has to look good against any background and regardless of the size.

The best website logos are timeless - that is, they remain stylish decades after they were first launched and introduced. Aim for a classic design instead of edgy and trendy. Keep in mind that your logo of choice should be able to grow with your company and your brand.

Make sure it is easy to perceive

A good logo making website should be able to help you create a logo design that is legible. Whether you’re creating an emblem or a combination mark, users should be able to clearly recognize your brand from the logo. Don’t use fancy and confusing fonts that make it difficult for your audience to read any text. It’s good that you want to aim for originality but your target market should still be able to make out your company name or initials from your logo if they are on there.

While you can surely make do with just 1, use no more than 2 fonts on your logo to keep it from looking too cluttered. Make sure these two fonts complement each other and test how they render on different devices.

Choice of color and other elements

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Your brand’s colors reflect your brand’s essence. Choosing bright and bold colors could mean a forward-looking and young brand while a more refined, subdued shade conveys maturity, reliability and experience. Understand the psychology of colors when using a website logo maker and test out different combinations to see which one works well with your brand’s personality. Designers recommend using 1-2 colors for your website logo and use a white background to make it more versatile and make the design elements of your branding look sharp.

When using a logo making website, avoid adding too many design elements to your logo. Too many small and elaborate details make it even more difficult to perceive the emblem especially when it is scaled down in size.