Innovative Marketing Ideas to Help You Elevate Your Business

Best marketing ideas help any business grow. That is why, as a business owner, you should always have new and innovative marketing ideas up your sleeve. You need not to be constantly updating and changing your marketing strategies, but it is important that you have many ideas for marketing because as your business grows, so must your marketing plan expand to accommodate this growth. Here are some ideas for marketing that you can use on and off your website.

14 Innovative Marketing Ideas

1. Coupons and discounts

Giving away coupons and discounts is one of the best marketing ideas you can bring to life. Customers love the idea of getting a discount for their purchase, a gift, or even free delivery of their packages. It makes them want to buy more products or to more frequently visit your store to purchase something. Strikingly is a website builder that allows you to create coupons for your own store. Explore that and create your own coupons to distribute to customers when you make your website and online store.

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2. Contests and giveaways

Another good marketing idea is to start contests and giveaways. You can put the information on your website or on any of the social media platforms. Hosting contests and giveaways will encourage people to share information about your products and services. It allows you to have your customers also practically become your advocates. Depending on your contests and giveaways, this can help you encourage followers and more site visitors to convert to be actual customers. Marketing ideas like these will help you spread the word about your business and your products at little cost.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing has been a well-known marketing idea for years. And despite the new emerging marketing ideas and techniques of today, this remains to be one of the most effective ideas of marketing. By growing your email list, you increase your chances of sending personal emails to your customers. This would be a good marketing idea because it allows you to communicate with them directly and give them the updates and news about your business that might encourage them to purchase more of your products. There are many ways on how you can grow your email list and ultimately grow your audience. With a growth in your customer count, you will also feel a growth in your business.

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4. Business SMS Messaging

Business SMS Messaging is another one of the innovative marketing ideas that is proven to be effective for any business. This is another personal way to reach your customers. Business SMS messaging is a good marketing idea because it involves sending a message to your customers via SMS. This can be some sort of update or news about your products or your business. It can also be used by your customers to respond to your customer satisfaction surveys or allow them to communicate with you. Via SMS messaging, you can easily connect with your customers and allow them to reach you as well.

5. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most used and effective ideas for marketing that businesses of today use. While your website is a suitable home for your online business, it is also entirely helpful for your business to have a social media presence. Most of your customers have accounts in the different social media platforms and so you must keep up with them. The internet allows you the opportunity to connect with your customers wherever they are in the world. And the best marketing ideas can spread the word about your business all over the world. You can even add a social media feed to your website so that you can allow your customers to see your most recent social updates.

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6. Brand Ambassadors

Hiring brand ambassadors and partnering with influencers are, maybe, the most innovative marketing ideas of today. Since actual celebrities are almost always too expensive or too unreachable for simple business owners like you, the next best thing (maybe even the better thing) that your business can have is a good brand ambassador. Influencers of today are gaining millions of followers, much like most celebrities and artists. And so, partnering with them can lead to even more marketing ideas and marketing strategy. You can send them some of your products and they can endorse your products on their social media accounts and on the content that they are producing. You can add photos and videos or blogs of them on your website so that you can earn as your customers some, if not all, of their followers.

7. Infographics

Using infographics is another one of the innovative marketing ideas you can use for your business. It is one thing to have images and graphics while also displaying information about your products and your business, but it is an entirely different marketing idea to create infographics to get your message across. Infographics are a great way to get your customers to read the information you put out into the world. Since the information is mixed with graphics or images, they appear to be shorter to read and they look more appealing to the eyes of your audience.

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8. Vlogs and Videos

One of the much more innovative marketing ideas that is gaining popularity today is vlogs or video advertisements. Because you can now add videos on your website or on various social media platforms, businesses all over the world are taking advantage of these marketing ideas. And you can easily get in with this trend. You can create vlogs that will feature tutorials, behind-the-scenes, or tours around your business office/site. It can also be a good idea to have some of your influencers or brand ambassadors to be featured on your videos and or vlogs. People enjoy watching videos and so it is really a good marketing idea to take advantage of the fun that these videos bring.

9. Blogs

Sometimes, the best marketing ideas come from the concept of providing more information. Blogging is one of these ideas for marketing. You can add blogs to your website and allow customers to read more about you, your business, and your products. Your blogs can be about the background of your business, what the inspiration behind your products is, different benefits or good things about your products, or you can even share some of your or your customers’ experiences with your business and your products. Strikingly helps you add and showcase these simple blogs easily, so that you can attract more customers.

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10. Events/Webinars

Events and webinars are a couple more of the best marketing ideas you can take part in. You can host these events or webinars. And you can get respectable guest speakers or respective professionals to head or talk at these events or webinars. However, you can also just join in another business’ or organization’s events or webinars. You can be one sponsor of these kinds of events. This is a good marketing idea because this allows you to get your name out there. It gives you the opportunity to spread word about your business.

11. Feature “Fans”/Product Reviews

A couple best marketing ideas to feature “Fans” of your business and product reviews. Testimonials from previous customers will help any potential customers to decide to buy your products. With Strikingly, you can add product reviews on your online store. This would show your customers reviews from previous customers as they browse through your product lines. Reading excellent reviews is good to boost morale because customers trust their fellow customers more. And since these reviews are based on true-to-life experiences, they inspire more trust and confidence, which makes it a great marketing idea to bring to life.

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12. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Another one of the best marketing ideas you can execute is to have a section ready on your website that lists down the frequently asked questions. This allows you to seem more accommodating. It is also a great marketing idea since it spreads information about your business and your products by directly answering questions from your previous customers. This would encourage more of your site visitors to be your customers because they already have enough information to convince them.

13. Advocate The Right Causes

While it shouldn’t just be another one of your innovative marketing ideas, being active and vocal on your website and social media accounts about social and relevant issues is a good marketing idea. This is because the customers of today care about your business’ philosophy and values. It’s not just about the quality of your products and services, it is now more rightly emphasized how businesses like yours have to be a beacon of good moral standards. Thus, if you are vocal about causes that you actually care about, then your customers will be more inclined to support you.

14. Partner with Organizations

Partnering with other organizations is another one of the best marketing ideas you can bring to life. By doing so, you expand your connections and build long-lasting relationships. When you partner with different organizations and businesses, you increase your marketing potential. You help each other by providing an extended avenue to each other. Because you are ultimately sharing the same content, you ultimately share potential customers with each other. You can also collaborate with them on different projects and new product lines. You can also be a sponsor to different organizations’ events and programs. This way, you can further extend your target audience and your customer base.

Strikingly is a website builder that can help you build a website to execute these marketing ideas. With a partner like Strikingly, your customers will really appreciate these efforts of yours. Sign up now and let your marketing ideas reign over the market.