The work doesn’t stop after launching your business website. You now have to start promoting it to give it a good chance of fulfilling its purpose. A website is useless without site traffic so your main goal for marketing your site is to attract the right kind of visitors according to your digital marketing objectives.

promoting a business webiste

Your small business website may not have a huge marketing budget to back it up but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build your brand online. The good news is the Internet is rife with opportunities even for a free business website to gain online visibility without requiring a lot of money. You just need to be resourceful and creative about it. Here are some of the many ways to promote your company site without costing you a dime.

1. Get on the local listings

Small business websites can take advantage of free marketing through local page listings. Google My Business, for instance, is a free platform where you can create a business profile and get your company listed on relevant searches for your product. This platform ensures that your company information is accurate and optimized. You will also want to get on Google Maps so people in your area can easily find your business especially if you have a physical office.

2. Be SEO smart

One of the most effective things you can do to promote your site is to make sure your content is optimized for search engines. The best website builder for small business should be able to give you a good head start on this area of digital marketing. Strikingly, for instance, has an integrated SEO tool that allows you to easily edit your page’s metadata (meta descriptions, image alternate tags, etc.) to make your website more search friendly.

Search engine rankings are important to online visibility. The higher you rank in relevant searches, the higher your site’s potential for attracting organic traffic. Increased traffic means increased chances of conversions for your business. So make sure that your small business website builder can support your SEO strategy.

3. Get on social media

social media for business websites

In traditional advertising, you have to run your campaigns on platforms where your target market is known to be at. The same holds true for digital marketing. Most of your audience is probably on some form of social network or another. Make sure you promote your business website on these pages as well. Social media is an effective way of engaging your audience and interacting with them. To make sure your site is always updated with fresh content, you can also add a social stream section to your page so updates on your social pages are automatically displayed on your business website.

4. Start blogging

Keeping your website content fresh is one of the most effective ways to get people to come back. Blogging helps update your website and make it more information-rich. Visitors rely on the Internet for information about the products or services they want to purchase. You want your website to be known as an authority in your niche to be able to maintain brand recognition.

A well-maintained blog is a good way to engage customers. You get to connect to your audience by addressing their pain points and challenges related to the product you are selling. The best website builder for small businesses should be able to provide you with sufficient tools to add a blog section to your website.

5. Join online community forums and organizations

Look for niche communities you can participate in. Sign up and make sure to post in the forums regularly. Try not to do a hard sell of your site or your business, however. You want to come off as a reliable source of information in your niche. A passive promotion by putting your website URL in your signature or maybe mentioning your business where appropriate should suffice.