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Like most famous artist websites you came across the web, you will notice that there is a beautiful story behind an artist’s masterpiece. Artist websites are created not only to showcase the artist’s talents and skills, but also to tell inspiring stories and share techniques to others. Professional artist websites are popular because it doesn’t only compile the work of arts on the gallery section, the artists also share tutorial videos or blog content to teach art students and aspiring artists. Strikingly has a long list of talented artists who have created their site with the best artist websites design. It’s our pride and honor to present some of the best artist websites who are passionate about their craft. We are so excited to share ideas on how you can create your own artist portfolio website now.

In creating professional artist websites, you have to determine your purpose and inspiration first before you can come up with cool ideas on how to present yourself as an artist. You can ask the following questions to guide and help you in choosing the best artist website design.

  • Why do you want to build an artist portfolio website?
  • Do you want to showcase your talent in art studio websites, or you simply wanted to create one of the best artist websites for yourself?
  • Are you going to sell your works in a digital format or a physical masterpiece?
  • How do you want to be recognized by your audience?

Artists Websites Examples

Mike Sheehan

Mike Sheehan is a professional artist who shares his talent on his website by posting actual video demonstrations on how he created his masterpiece. He also has a gallery section on his website where all his artworks are posted. A set of glamorous artworks are shown on ‘My Sketchbooks’ section that gives his audience a perfect view of his sketches and drawings. This is one of the artist websites created with Strikingly. With our easy-to-edit website templates you can do such an amazing artist website like Mike Sheehan’s.

My Sketchbooks gallery

Image taken from Mike Sheehan website

Julianne Feir

One of the artist websites created with Strikingly is Julianne Feir’s site. Julianne Feir is a senior art education student at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She is very passionate about art and she said that she wants to excel in art education and her professional work. This is evident in her own artist portfolio website created with us. Shown in the gallery section of her website are her past work and recent development. Like her, you can also create a website with us and start to create wonderful artworks that you can showcase to your visitors.

Image taken from Julianne Feir website

Leo Liu

Leo Liu's design focuses on concept art. His works involve digital painting, character design, production painting, and concept art illustration which is getting popularity, especially that mobile games are widely known nowadays. This very timely and artistic concept of Leo Liu is perfectly presented on his own personal portfolio website that is created with Strikingly. Like Leo, you can also showcase your artistic side. Our website features allow our users to add images in digital format. You can even sell digital or physical artworks by adding a Simple Store on your site.

Concept art design

Image taken from Leo Liu website

Brenda Chen

Brenda Chen is an illustration artist and a graphic designer. Some of his recent graphic design projects are displayed on her site’s gallery section. This is just one of the cool things you can do when you create your website with Strikingly. Inspire your audience with your latest designs by adding your digital designs on your website. We have artist websites design templates that you can choose from.

Graphic design gallery

Image taken from Brenda Chen website

TJ Maher

Teejay Art website is owned by a professional artist TJ Maher. On his website he shares his inspiration and purpose on how and why he creates his artworks and designs. He believes that the moment of rest and acceptance can be renewed each day. It is an opportunity to be able to pause, create, and seize the moment. This is one of the best artist websites created with Strikingly that is showing a great sense of purpose and inspiration to his audience.

TJ Maher website gallery

Image taken from TJ Maher

In this digital age, you are missing out on opportunities and potential clients if you don’t have an online presence. Artists looking to break out and make a name for themselves have to be more proactive in terms of pushing their brand on the web by creating professional artist websites. Your talents deserve to be noticed and building your own artist website can help you attract a following for your work.

Websites are here to stay

Social media may be the big thing on the web today but the great potential of websites in building a brand’s online presence cannot be discounted. Artist websites remain relevant because they can serve as a central hub for everything about an artist and his work on the internet. It enables you to create a professional brand and offer your services in a more official manner.

Artist websites are also a more efficient way of presenting information about an artist and his work. With an art portfolio website, you provide potential clients with a space on the internet where they can view your personal art gallery - a representation of your talent and the projects that define the scope of your capabilities as a creative professional.

Monetize your work

Aside from promoting your brand and your talent, artist websites can also serve as a way for you to earn an income from doing what you love. For instance, you can use your free art portfolio website to sell your work by allowing users to purchase downloadable copies of your graphics. You can provide print on demand services or custom graphic design services to companies and individuals who may have a need for your talent. By having your own artist website, you can tap into limitless possibilities for selling your art and gaining loyal customers.

Create your own art gallery website

As a leading internet company, Strikingly has empowered more than 3 million startups, small businesses and creatives from all over the world through unique websites. Artist websites are one of the top designs we have. With this platform, you can create beautiful art gallery websites that will represent your brand and allow you to turn your talent into a lucrative business. To this end, here is a quick guide on how you can create a free art website in minutes.

Hayes Gallery template

Image taken from Strikingly- Hayes Gallery template

1. Identify your objectives

The primary objective of an online portfolio is to provide a centralized hub for an artist’s work on the internet. Your website can take on this objective but can also add a few more goals that you may want to fulfill. These can include attracting a market for your work, creating an online storefront where you can offer prints of your paintings or provide an online reservations portal for services that you may provide. Having a clear view of your website’s objectives will help you build content and add functionality towards fulfilling your goals.

2. Decide on the general design and framework of your art website

One of the best things about using a website builder is that you never have to worry about designing your website from the ground up. You don’t need to learn a programming language to create a website. Using Strikingly, you can start designing from one of the many art portfolio website templates in its collection. Select one that suits your preferences and content requirements and work from there. Use the website editor to transform your template into a unique website by adding a custom color scheme, choosing fonts for your content and adding custom website buttons and graphics among others.

TJ Maher website

Image taken from TJ Maher website

3. Build optimized content

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s always a good idea to hit the ground running with optimized website content. Identify target keywords around which to build your content. These keywords are typically the most used search terms that people use to look for the kind of art that you specialize in.

Choosing the right website name and custom domain is part of search engine optimization. For art portfolio websites, most creatives use their names as their website name especially if they have already established a following on social media. By doing so, their website comes up on search engine results when people use their name as a search term. Another alternative is to use a popular keyword as a website name to provide users an appropriate description of the content your website contains.

4. Add your best work

Art gallery websites provide the best opportunity to present your work effectively. You must make use of your online space wisely and refrain from cramming all your previous projects and artworks. Instead, choose a handful of your best work - the ones that will effectively represent the scope of your talent. If you specialize in different areas, you might want to divide your collection into smaller categories so users can zone in on the niche that interests them.

Hayes Figurative gallery

Image taken from Strikingly- Hayes Gallery template

Here at Strikingly we love to share ideas to talented individuals who want to share their skills with the world. You can visit us and start creating your own professional artist website. We can’t wait to show and empower you with the best services and tools in creating your site today.