Ideas for Generating Qualified Leads from Construction Websites

The website for your construction company is an essential aspect of your operation. If you're like most construction companies, you revamp it every few years, setting aside money for a brand new, colorful, and fashionable website. But, if you’re honest, how much company growth have any of those spanking new websites brought you? If you're unsure or think those redesigns didn't have much, if any, impact on the company, we've got some bad news for you.

Tips For Designing the Best Construction Websites

Take a look at these five practical construction website ideas that can all be adopted quickly to help your site convert more visitors.

1. Make it Easy on Yourself

Professionalism is essential in construction websites. You want your clients to know right away that you're a professional construction company that completes projects on time and on budget. A basic construction website design conveys a clean, confident persona, and it's easy for potential clients to access the information they're looking for.


If you're looking for a quick way to improve your website's appearance, go to the home page and remove roughly 3-5 components, replacing them with white space. It compels you to concentrate just on the aspects of your construction company that are most important. It also aids in attracting visitors and directing them to parts of your site where they can convert.

You get a more focused, intentional construction company website design when you limit the distractions on your site. Your construction websites will appear more professional due to the increased emphasis, and your website will do a better job of leading people to conversion points on your site.

2. Make Navigation More User-Friendly

This website design advice focuses on keeping visitors on your page. It should be your goal to keep visitors on your construction company websites once they arrive. The longer someone spends on your site reading the information, learning about your services, and looking at your previous work, the more likely they will convert. The navigation of your website is critical to keeping visitors on your site.

What Are Buyers Looking For?

Consider what your ideal customer is looking for when they visit your website. They'll probably want to know:

  • What your company's history is, as well as where do you build?
  • What types of construction projects do you do?
  • How did your previous construction projects look like?
  • What is the most effective approach for them to get in touch with you?

"Your visitors should never have to click more than twice to get anywhere," according to an ancient website design rule. While this is a fantastic idea, if you have many pages, you'll end up with a huge navigation menu. Instead, we advise you to edit, edit, edit. Reintroduce it to your buyer persona or ideal client. What sort of information do they require? What do you hope visitors to your website will take away from it? Simplify your navigation to reflect those top objectives by boiling it down to only the most critical elements.

3. Make It Quick and Easy to Use

It's a no-brainer on this one. You're losing leads if your construction websites don’t load quickly and don’t meet visitors on any platform. If a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the average internet browser will abandon it. What if your website isn't responsive to various screen sizes? Forget about it. Not only will you struggle to keep visitors on your site, but you'll also struggle to rank highly in the SERPs.

Pull up your site on your phone or tablet to see if it's responsive or not. How does it appear? If it's challenging to read, scroll, or navigate, you need to make some changes. Almost any free program on the internet may be used to test the performance of a website.

Image Dimensions

Huge image sizes are a common issue for construction company websites when it comes to site speed. You want to share photos of your incredible construction work, but they take a long time to load.

It's actually a simple remedy. If your site is slowing down, an excellent place to start is installing a short plugin that will compress images for you and make them load much faster. You can also make the effort to compress each image before uploading it to your site in the future to avoid further slowing issues. If you want to attract and convert leads, your website must provide a smooth experience. The importance of site speed and responsiveness cannot be overstated.

4. Calculate Conversion Factors

For a good reason, prominent Minimalist color palettes with bright accent colors are popular. Aren’t your construction websites more than just a brochure? You want visitors and leads to take some sort of action, such as calling you, sending an email, downloading a content offer, or filling out a lead qualification form. Website design can be really beneficial in this regard.

Color Scheme with Few Colors

If you employ a typically basic color palette and make proper use of white space, your site visitor's eyes will be pulled to a dramatic splash of color on a button or CTA right away. This is a simple, doable construction website design suggestion, yet it's surprisingly effective. When it comes to increasing conversions, how you style those conversion points can make a big difference.

The majority of the colors on our home page are black and white. That is until you reach the bottom of the page, where a brilliant orange explosion of color greets you. Your construction websites exist to generate new leads.

5. Never Stop Getting Better

It's tempting to think of your website as this enormous thing that you design, produce, and launch — end of the story — for any firm, construction included. The truth is that your website should be a living, breathing representation of your construction firm that is continually developing and improving.

The notion is that:

  1. a website is a massive undertaking
  2. the internet is continuously evolving

What was intriguing construction website design in 2020 will most likely be less so in 2021. Many construction businesses become fixated on creating the perfect website — so fixated that the project drags on for years, and by the time it's released, you're already behind schedule.

Function Takes Priority Over Perfection

Small, continuous improvements are the secret to a great construction company website design that works for you. It's more vital to have a usable website than it is to have a flawless one. For the time being, make do with what you've got.

Make adjustments where you know they will improve the user experience and conversions. Then, keep an eye on how such changes affect your digital marketing plan. With such information in hand, you may continue to make changes that have a positive impact.

Important Elements of Successful Construction Websites

If you want to make a living as a building designer, you should create a website to showcase your construction skills. A strong internet presence is the most effective strategy to attract new customers. To stay competitive in your sector, including the following seven features on your new website.

1. Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery

Image is taken from Strikingly User’s website

Having a section on your website where potential clients can look at and verify your work provides you an advantage over your competitors. Pictures also allow potential buyers to be more imaginative. They may not be able to express their visions orally, but after seeing other initiatives that are comparable to their own, they may be able to. A portfolio gallery is essential for any website, but it's extremely crucial when trying to sell your commercial construction firm's capabilities.

2. Social Media Icons

Why should you include links to your social media profiles? The use of social media in a construction company's marketing strategy is becoming increasingly crucial. Build your audience by allowing them to join with just one click after you've spent so much time updating your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. Customers will enjoy a "one-stop shopping" experience if you include social media icons on your website. It advertises your commercial construction websites on a variety of platforms.

Your commercial construction company websites can use social media to quickly post new work, features, or stories about your company, and even awards (which you should add to your website as well) while also driving traffic back to your website. This allows you to grow your internet presence while also making you appear more professional on your website.

3. Photos in the Header

You've probably heard the phrase "go big or go home," and adding large header photographs to your construction company websites is no exception. On the first page, show off your best work! As a result, the moment your website loads, your potential consumers will see how terrific you are. Rotate the photos so that visitors don't become bored.

Movement gives your page a more contemporary feel and brings your design features to the foreground, allowing visitors to see many display photographs.

4. Photographic Services

It's simple to take a picture of the project you just accomplished with today's cellphones. This is fantastic for a Monday morning staff meeting, but if you want to show off your final job but don't have the funds to hire a professional, make sure your short shots appear professional. By including high-resolution photographs on your website, visitors will be able to see your work in an optimal context with excellent lighting and positioning.

Professional photography allows potential customers to get a better idea of what you can achieve for them.

5. Testimonials/Reviews

Client testimonials

Image is taken from Strikingly User’s website

Construction websites that include testimonials on their websites demonstrate the value of their services. Previous clients who provide a review regarding your service are just as effective as "word of mouth" promotion. You can brag about your process and high-quality work, but the words of your clients go a long way toward establishing your credibility and demonstrating how good you are to visitors.

6. Service Pages Separated

Another excellent strategy to attract more customers is to share all of the services you provide. To tell the tale of each of your services, this is a construction company website design requirement. Include language that defines the services you provide, as well as high-quality photographs. Share all of your specialties with your audience, which will increase the number of people interested in your services. Here, you may instill confidence in visitors by demonstrating that you customize your construction to match each customer’s specific needs. Separate service pages can also be customized to rank in Google for service-specific key terms, giving you extra chances to engage with potential customers.

7. Design That is Mobile-friendly

A website that can be readily navigated on a mobile device is essential in today's industry. According to the Pew Research Center in April 2015, "almost two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many, these devices serve as a vital gateway to the online world." As a result, visitors who view your site via a mobile device must find it easy to use. If your website is difficult to navigate, you are losing out on potential clients. Google is also promoting mobile-friendly websites, giving them a higher rating in search results.

Create Construction Websites Using Strikingly Templates

construction websites with Strikingly

Image is taken from Strikingly

When it comes to establishing your construction firm website, using a website builder like Strikingly relieves your unwanted effort. You won't have to worry about the technical aspects of your website, such as hosting, domain names, web design, coding, and so on. Aside from providing you with a plethora of free templates, themes, and styles for your construction website, it also has membership features that allow you to take things to the next level. Joining them will provide you with all of the tools you'll need to create and manage your real estate website. Surprisingly, not only does it provide, but it also guides you for a long time.

Here are the few construction website templates designed by Strikingly.

Construction websites template

Image is taken from Strikingly User’s website

Construction websites template

Image is taken from Strikingly

Construction websites template

Image is taken from Strikingly


That's all there is to it. Will you fail to be successful if you follow everything that has been said thus far? You will be able to accomplish all of the objectives you set for yourself. Your construction websites will be able to prosper more than ever by the end of it all. When it comes to all of the issues outlined above, though, you must pay close attention to the specifics, because failing to include one of them could result in future website issues. You must understand that if you do everything correctly, from construction website design uniqueness to ensuring that your building website is user-friendly, your company will prosper like never before.

Remember that one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your website is your website. Everything from promotion to website management to everything else is critical to the success of your company. Make sure to pay close attention to them.