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Whether you believe in ‘love at first sight’ or not, your website should give a long-lasting impression in just one glance. Regardless of where the stars are aligned tonight, keep in mind the importance of choosing the perfect layout design for your page and website.

They say that “first impressions last”. You’re right if you think that the first five seconds of your visitors looking at your layout design is the crucial part. Of course, they are most likely to stay longer if your page layout design looks great and inviting. Here at Strikingly, we love to give you ideas about the websites layout designs. In fact, we have a modern layout design that can tailor-fit any kind of personality and lifestyle. Choose your website template that is also a perfect fit for your brand.

Understanding Layout Design

First of all, layout design is like the soul of your website. It is essential to keep a balanced layout design. Highlighting the key message and setting aside distractions and clutters in your website are just a few things you need to know if you’re searching for the keyword, like ‘how to layouts’.

Layout design is all about alignment, spacing, and proportion of texts and objects on your website. But its significant purpose is to deliver a clear statement and easily understand the hierarchy of information you want your visitors to get. Background color, image sizes are visual effects very important things to consider in layout design.

The trend in website layout designs keeps on innovating as time goes by. Nowadays, especially during this pandemic situation, many people are hooked online. They are wide-awake, scrolling up and down or swiping on their smartphone screen from side to side. Many web designers have to consider eye-catching and eye-friendly layout design at the same time. People are opting to stay exposed to blue light screens. That is why modern layout design is more focused on keeping pleasant visual colors and effects while putting a similar value on users’ accessibility and preference. User-friendly website layout designs allow people to control how and what they want to see on your page. It also gives users visible cues on the page layout design such as an arrow indicating swipe to the left or putting tap to play button.

Layout Design Samples

Modern layout design is still under the shadows of retro styles and web designs in the previous years. Interestingly, more and more people are taking risks on embracing new layout design ideas that allow unique expression and innovation. We understand how much you want to make your website look great. The following website’s layout designs will give you fresh ideas on what impression you want to give to your viewers.

Remember, the first five seconds on your landing page could mean a make or break situation. Be fab with these cool layout design ideas and play the way you want it.

  1. Minimal Portfolio Layout

Minimalism layout is not yet over. Many website layout designs having minimalistic themes are still on top of the list. It is very effective if you are creating a portfolio or personal website. A simple artistic portfolio gallery of Mr. Nobody, an artist from El Salvador, reflects his beautiful craft on his website. An excerpt from Mr. Nobody goes, “My work takes the root of the lives of people and transforms them into linear dynamic sketches expressing their lines with details that do not exist in real life.

Express that deconstruction of textures and shapes within a picture are a symbol of a way of seeing people from their roots and lifestyle.”

Bird sketch art

Image taken from MRNOBODY

T used a minimal color combination of black and white, but it gave him a sense of authenticity and self-expression. Strikingly website allows its users to express their personality and brand identity. We have advanced layout design options, and they are easy-to-change depending on the type of website you are creating. Speaking of creating websites, you do know you can build your website for FREE at Strikingly, right?

Strikingly landing page
Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

  1. White Background Layout

There’s nothing as fresh and clean looking as white background. Your layout design should give emphasis on the smooth flow of shapes, objects, and texts on your website. The website of Sim Mau created with one of Strikingly templates clearly expresses a fresh idea on a clean background. It gives the users a collage layout design that provides users with the idea of Sim Mau’s expertise.

If you are an artist, a writer, and a storyteller who wants to catch the attention of the world with a summary page of what you do, consider using a plain white background. Then, start making a collage of your masterpiece artwork or blog banners. Undoubtedly, your viewers will end up falling in love at first sight on your website. Oops, make sure you reserve some of the best shots when they scroll up and down your page. You definitely want to make them fall in love again as they become returning visitors, right?

Comic collage images
Image taken from SIM MAU

  1. Gradient Layout Design

A mixture of colors and shapes still appears in the modern layout design trend. We mentioned above that people are taking risks and becoming more experimental in terms of colors, effects, and shapes arrangements on their website page. This gradient color effect on the Inside Hockey website is combined with a watermark image. While the fonts are playfully distributed in a pyramid-like layer, it emphasizes the hierarchy of statements that they want to convey. The statement “BELIEVE YOU CAN” in bold letters project a positive effect. Plus, the watermark image sums it up with a soothing background of gradient colors without making a considerable distraction.

Hockey players watermark
Image taken from INSIDE HOCKEY

  1. Silhouette Layout Design

Silhouette layout design is usually less in design and elements to create a noticeable shape and text. This is an excellent layout if you want emphasis on the statement or product. Many businesses are choosing this type of layout design. They also use the business establishment silhouette image as a background to produce a more sincere and panoramic outlook.These two examples of website layout designs below, Exchange Church at Windsor and Peckham Coal Line a, are two different websites inspired with the same silhouette layout design.

Man Silhouette image

Building silhouette image
Image taken from PECKHAM COAL LINE

  1. Vibrant Color Scheme

We love to see you “Fly with colors” here at Strikingly. Most of the trendy pages online are using vibrant colors to capture the hearts of the young ones. Colorful schemes are creating a playful and positive atmosphere. This layout design by Naked with Strikingly template is such a fab and fruity delight that can easily get attention from viewers.

At first glance, these vibrant fruity colors can give you a refreshing feel while browsing the website. The use of a white background adds emphasis to brighten up these colors.

Different Fruity Popsicles
Image taken from NAKED

We are just fond of critical thinkers and risk-takers who want to get heard and be seen in the digital world. There are so many ideal layout designs that you can choose at Strikingly website. Just don’t stop reinventing your ideas. Choose from pre-designed websites layout designs to personalized styles to find perfect fit to your personality.

Finally, there are key takeaways we want you to think about. Remember to put your users first before your personal preferences. After all, you want them to have a smooth and hassle-free experience while navigating your website. Remember these layout design ideas to make your website look great:

  • Page layouts designs should emphasize the key message instead of the background image.
  • The bigger and bolder fonts you use the more emphasis you put on the words so make sure you only highlight the important ones.
  • Give your users a sense of control over your website and consider giving visible cues like buttons or arrows let them control visual effects and motion clips.
  • Avoid distractions and clutters like unnecessary objects, shapes, and texts. Keep in mind that ‘less mess speaks more about your content’.
  • It is okay to play with vibrant colors but make sure you don’t overdo it.
  • Things are constantly changing, especially in the digital world. Websites layout designs are most likely to change in just a snap.

Now is the right time to create your signature online. More and more people are switching their businesses, galleries, services, and stores on the internet. The world wide web is getting millions of insights and inspo from great people like you. Now is the time to show your creativity on your page. Don’t hesitate with the layout design you’ve picked. Strikingly has an amazing team and website services to back you up. Dream on.Create something unique and great. Make a difference with your website statement.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with layout design. Strikingly made a pool of possibilities with our pre-designed templates. You can create your website for free or make it more personalized. You realized now that we are fond of making our users fall in love with our modern layout design. Go on and make it your own.