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Website under construction templates is great for generating buzz for a product or brand about to launch. The page can act as a placeholder in place of a fully-functional website while you’re still in the development stage. When used well, this page can be a potential lead generation tool and a way to start building your brand’s online visibility before it is completely introduced to the world.

An under construction web page lets people know that you are in the process of building or rebuilding your website content - be it a new feature or just good practice back-end maintenance. It gives your followers something to look forward to so they know to come back to your site for updates.

Putting up an under construction page also provides proper notice to your audience that your brand has not gone under and you’re just updating your website for even better things. Strikingly websites, for instance, do not just drop off the edge of the earth when you unpublish them. Your visitors get a warning that the page is under construction when they land on your site until you choose to publish it again - the trick is to give visitors more than a simple “gone fishing” message.

Why should you use a website under construction page?

website under construction page

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A coming soon or under construction webpage is a good marketing tool for attracting interest for an upcoming app or product. It can be used in conjunction with an online marketing campaign or a marketing event or for both minor or major changes on the website. Here are other reasons why you should use this placeholder page for when you’re cooking something up:

Maintain your website’s performance analytics. Your website already has a good placement in the search engine results pages for your targeted keywords, and you want to entice visitors with a teaser of what’s about to come without leaving them hanging.

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You want to use the site under construction pages as a way to generate leads. Even static pages can be utilized to generate leads - with the right webpage design strategy, that’ll temporarily lead your visitors to other value-generating spaces of the page. Lead them to an existing blog or other relevant products that your audiences may want - the direction is up to you.

A site under construction page can also promote your other pages on the internet, such as your social media profiles. This is especially useful for websites that typically promote one or a small group of individuals that rely on an online presence for contact - redirect your visitors to these alternate spaces for engagement.

In connection to the previous point, you can treat an under-construction page as a collective teaser of a bigger online presence - if you’re branching from social media into a full website presence. Suppose you already have a set timeline as to when your site is going to launch. In that case, you can treat this as a housing space for a pre-launch campaign before you start making a product available on your website that can include an enticing countdown instead of a boring static page.

site under construction

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And lesser-known but good pointer for when you’ll need it but an under construction page can be useful for informing your visitors about site maintenance to retain or improve their experience on your site.

The point remains that using a website under construction page assures your visitors with some transparency and can also generate hype for your upcoming launch. You can also include a call-to action to gather preorders, subscriptions, etc. Start to create a site under construction page with us now.

Other uses of a website under construction page

Luck favors the prepared, and those who don’t necessarily have a new product to launch may have other reasons for needing a website under construction page. Mentioned above includes potential site maintenance, but the nitty-gritty of that can actually be one of the following reasons:

An ongoing website redesign

If you need to make the shift from a personal website to a full online portfolio - and other similar changes, you’ll need a placeholder webpage to redirect visitors to alternate ways to contact you. Changing up the look, feel, and function of a website is simple with the right website builder, but while things are tinkering on the backend, you’ll need a good landing page in the meantime that won’t impede on your brand’s primary function.

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Another causality includes:

A company rebrand

Company rebrands are few and far between companies that have been around for at least 8-10 years. If your brand has that kind of tenure, it’s not uncommon to need a placeholder page for when you want visual overhauls after focus has shifted, and your website would need to reflect that kind of change. Maybe as an individual, you’ll want to monetize your blog, and the look of your website should reflect that of a mature writer. As a collective, you may want to upgrade your personal websites to include ecommerce features. Whichever case, when your brand evolves, you’ll need a website to reflect it, and those changes may take some time.

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General maintenance to improve user experience

Nothing lasts forever, and while this may be the most straightforward reason on the list, it’s probably the most common reason for creating “under construction” pages. When you go through site maintenance - whether for general checkups on site performances or optimizing your website for mobile users-you’ll need a placeholder page that does not evoke the same frustration and dread as the Google dino image when the internet connection is lost.

Whatever reasons you may have for a website under construction page, you’ll want to have a basic page prepared as a best practice for emergencies. So how do you create one?

website under construction

Tips for creating effective website under construction pages

Remember: you’ll need to create a page that is more than just a pretty coming soon notice. You can use under construction website templates to start engaging your target market and generate hype for the product or site you’re launching - and even redirect them into a forum space where you turn customers into a collective community.

A good placeholder page will tell people what to expect.

Visitors should get an idea of what your website will be about and why it merits attention. When people land on a site under construction page, they want to know what’s about to come up on that space. Convince them to keep checking back through an enticing copy.

under construction webpage

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Give them something to do.

You can start generating leads from your coming soon website by adding an invitation to join your mailing list or newsletter. If you’re offering a product or a new app, you can even add a pre-order form. Give people something to do while waiting for your site to launch. Create an email marketing campaign around updates and teasers on what’s about to come to your brand.

To maximize a website under construction image, it should be created with the view that encourages visitors to take action even on your website's downtime, may it be signing up to your mailing list, ordering your product, or making a donation. Or you may add a notification for the actual launch encouraging them to add to their calendars. Don’t be limited to creating a teaser for your product or website launch. Instead, make it interactive and user-friendly; allow users to get notified when your page goes live after two clicks; or add a floating splash page that can redirect users to more active pages on your site.

Don’t forget branding.

Ideally, your website under construction page should follow the same look and feel like your actual website. Be consistent with colors, fonts, and other design elements so visitors know that the announcement ties back to your brand. Adding your logo is imperative, of course, especially if you have already built a steady following for your business.

Tell your community when your product is launching.

A countdown timer on your website under construction page is a good way to let users know when they can expect the launch to happen. Make sure that you follow through and follow your promised launch date and organize a release event that your target market can look forward to.

If these changes seem scary, don’t be afraid! Strikingly users can edit websites without fear of affecting any existing pages they may already have. When you start playing around with your under construction page look, you can save your edits as you go without affecting the live site. If you want to simulate how your page can behave when it does go live, there’s a preview feature for you to test your page’s moving parts before formally publishing it for the internet to see.

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Whatever your reasons, and however you design it, you can get people hyped up for your upcoming launches or updates on your website even when it's down. Create your own awesome under construction webpage now and never have to worry about losing your audience - even when you’re not around. With Strikingly, you can manage your website on the go. Be there anytime or anywhere to run your own business, launch a stronger brand, and get more reach right at the tip of your fingertips. This is how we do it here. We do the hard work in making your website better and greater among the others. Create your account with us now.