Portfolio sites have been beneficial for many individuals. It has helped a lot of professionals build their online presence and land a job they truly desire. Companies, on the other hand, make it easier for them to gather the best candidates for their company through browsing various website portfolio they stumble upon on the internet. Clients who seek only reliable services are easily directed to the one they are looking for through a website portfolio. You heard it right, a website portfolio can be that amazing.

If you are now interested in making your website portfolio and are currently looking for bright ideas on how to start a designer portfolio website, then this blog might be the best answer for you.

Below are the best website portfolio examples we collected to help you get started in building your own special space. Take inspiration from them, and who knows, reaching that dream job will just be a piece of cake for you.

1. Fake Honey Pictures


Image taken from Fake Honey Pictures

Fake Honey Pictures is a website portfolio that focuses on film and photography. They are among portfolio sites that take the initiative in creating visual stories about different topics from all around the world. Their website portfolio features stunning videos, a compilation of short documentaries they’ve made, and an amazing collection of fine art projects they created for various global brands, organizations they’ve partnered with, and even a variety of international media outlets.

2. Ryan Haskins


Image taken from Ryan Haskins

Ryan Haskin is a brand designer and creative director who showcases his works on his expressive website portfolio. His portfolio site’s homepage is filled with awesome typographies, blending in more than three styles, all in one website portfolio interface.

Haskin’s website portfolio expresses an adventurous and rule-breaking approach making it an edge among his other competitors. Striking words like “ world-famous” and “very expensive” will welcome you upon landing on this website portfolio. On the lower part of the portfolio website, you can see a button meant for his works, a short bio, and details on how to contact and communicate with him.

3. Ana Leovy


Image taken from Ana Leovy

Ana Leovy’s website portfolio proves that an illustration website portfolio does not need a variety of images to be attractive. Leovy is an artist and illustrator who uses her website portfolio in showcasing her amazing skills in designing. Once landing on her designer portfolio website, you can immediately spot how her portfolio website design does not have any pictures. Instead, a lilac background will welcome you along with her portfolio site’s logo and some short introduction about herself. When it comes to showcasing her collection of previous works, Ana uses detailed typography and color. She implemented a simple white background to highlight her vivid illustrations. Though her website portfolio does not use images, the overall visual of her website portfolio still manages to capture attention from website viewers.

4. Reut Chen


Image taken from Reut Chen

Reut Chen is among classic-styled website portfolios. Reut Chen is a textile designer who uses geometric shapes and building blocks on her portfolio website design. What’s interesting about this website portfolio is that the theme used for its design template is in contrast with Reut Chen’s style of designing. Unlike her website portfolio theme, Reut Chen’s works are focusing more on textured and organic style giving off a handmade feel.

5. Drawing On Experience


Image taken from Drawing On Experience

Drawing on Experience is a website portfolio owned by designer and illustrator Mike Sheehan. He had a career designing and illustrating for various theme parks, toy styles , and different consumer products industries. Upon landing on his website portfolio, you will be welcomed by an amazing splash page with the website portfolio title, and a clip of Sheehan drawing on a huge rock. His website portfolio also comes with a brief bio about him, how he started his career, educational information and amazing sketchbooks of all his previous works. The portfolio website design came up with the title “Drawing on Experience” due to his obsession with painting and drawing.

6. Brenda Chen


Image taken from Brenda Chen

Brenda is a graphic designer based in the Bay Area. She has been in her designing field for over 10 years and has already mastered the talent of seeing a bigger picture in art. She experienced working on a variety of in-house projects including package designing and social marketing. Brenda Chen’s most recent design work was Move·ly. It is a workout app where Brenda made her design for female working professionals. Brenda keeps her same belief for doing volunteer work during her leisure time. She strongly believes that designing can be the reason for a more joyful and meaningful life.

7. Sarah Muller


Image taken from Sarah Muller

Srah Muller is a photographer based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She grew up in six different countries, including Indonesia and Switzerland. Her exposure to different cultures and places she has visited has influenced and shaped her work. Upon landing on her website portfolio, you will be welcomed by a photo of a girl walking with a great mountain view. As you scroll on her portfolio website, you will see all her amazing photography shots gathered in a gallery. Her art has been already exhibited in places like Antigua, Guatemala and Guatemala City.

8. Julianne Feir


Image taken from Julianne Feir

Julianne Feir is an Art Education major studying at Minnesota State University Moorhead. On her website portfolio, she labeled herself as a teacher candidate, an artist, and an advocate. Her passion for arts can be widely seen in her aesthetic portfolio website design. She also included various website portfolio elements on her website portfolio, including an About Me section, her online resume, a curriculum section, her philosophy in teaching, lesson plan ideas and even her own website portfolio blogs.

9. Anne Sigismund


Image taken from Anne Sigismund

Anne Sigismund is a skillful researcher who works as an art director for Triple Topping games. She offers a strong sense of design as well as amazing draftsmanship for illustration. She has also worked as a designer on three different continents. On her website portfolio, Anne included an illustration of a beach as her background for her website portfolio landing page. And as you scroll further, you will be welcomed by amazing works from game illustration, a gallery of all the amazing backgrounds she has made, and even sets of awesome layouts. She also included a prominent contact section and resume section where she posted a detailed breakdown of her experiences as an illustrator.

What Elements to Include in Your Portfolio Website Design?

Now that you’ve gained enough inspiration from portfolio sites mentioned above, why not start creating your own website portfolio? To help you get started, we made a list of the best elements to include on your website portfolio. Check them out below.

• Your Own Logo

Any website portfolio looks more authentic if it has its own branding. Adding your own unique website portfolio logo doesn’t add aesthetics on your website but also helps you stand out to your website viewers. When you create a website portfolio with us, you can easily add logo on your website portfolio. You can even upload favicon on your portfolio site.

• Striking Tagline

Taglines aren’t new in the world of designer portfolio website. Why not? With the impact it instantly gives to the website portfolio audience, it’ll surely be remarkable. Include a tagline on your website portfolio design and make everyone remember you. Think of a tagline that is too striking that your website portfolio name will keep ringing on their minds.

• An Introduction

Customers tend to fall in love with someone who has the guts to share their own story. When making your portfolio website design, consider adding a short background of yourself. Share them your story and make them put their trust in you. You can add information like your past experiences, where you graduated, and even your hobbies. You can do this with us and start designing a special section on your website portfolio with the help of our Add Custom Form feature.

• Your Works

Your website portfolio will not make any sense if it does not contain samples of your best works. Before you create your portfolio website, collect all your best works first and carefully decide on what to post on your website portfolio. You can simply accomplish this task by designing your own gallery of works with us. You can upload your images, even videos and start creating a gallery for your website portfolio.

• Services Offered

If you are making a website portfolio with the aim of giving service, it is best to create a service section on your portfolio website design. Create a detailed service list and include it on your website portfolio along with all the necessary information. You can add the name/kind of service you can offer your clients, pricing for each service, and even a mode of payment they can use when transacting with you.

• Testimonials

Gaining trust from your clients is easier if you have proof. And one of these proofs are testimonials coming from your past clients. Upload a video or even create a specified section on your website portfolio meant for your past projects and testimonials coming from your past clients. Doing this not only makes your website portfolio look more professional and trustworthy, but also gives you the chance to gain more clients.

• Your Contact Information

Transactions are easier to accomplish if you and your customers can easily communicate with each other. With us, you can easily provide a contact section for potential clients who want to transact with you. You can even add a customized sign-up form section where website viewers can also input their contact details. Doing this not only makes it easier for you to deal with them, but also helps you reach them easily when doing your marketing strategies.

• Connected Accounts

Getting a wider range of audience is easier when all your accounts are linked together. With us, you can easily set up your website portfolio and link other websites. In just a few steps, you can now easily share your website portfolio on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Image taken from Alex Ruiz

Having your own space where you can share all your skills and masterpiece is a luxury. You can create your own world and even meet people who enjoy the same hobby as yours. With the right tools, you can even set up your own place where you can start selling services and even products you’ve made.

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