Top Design Ideas to Inspire You in 2021

Since the discovery around web design is an incessant exercise among the designers and the impact witnessed on our businesses in 2021 is meaningful, it is pertinent we ex-tray what the next year will offer.

There is a lot to expect for the next year as web designers are exploring diverse and creative ways to make sites more friendly and interactive for the users.

The digital space is filled up with information and ideological impulses. Modern websites must be unique and more effective to convey messages that have a direct guide to their visitors.

When you learn web design, it should cover beyond a mere visual aesthetic to communicate and market its products in an engaging way.

Proper layout of your new websites ideas will present your product in an organized and concise form. More importantly, it gives an appreciable brand to what you sell or offer, as the case may be.

Also, it will assist in expanding your web design content ideas and boost its reach. Besides, these tips will help you choose the best way to economize and restore your branding to your web page.

Are you looking for website building ideas for 2021? Never stress again; just take these few to propel your inspiration.

1. Bold Fonts

Why Fonts Matters

The impressive impact of bold typography in 2020 was a breakthrough, especially in the area of clarity. This antecedence could be a reflection of what 2021 has to offer because modern web design ideas are underpinned by simple and direct elements targeted at achieving certain objectives.

Ultimately as time progresses, the importance of convenience becomes necessary for people in a bid to build a swift environment, especially when conceiving website building ideas. In this regard, the relevance of bigger fonts comes to life as it appeals to the attention of the visitors.

Having recognized the importance of this style, the web design ideas offer beyond what appeared to be a direction to important information-to provide succor for creating or playing around with your logo since it advances the text and pops. The technique can build a powerful and potent cursor for your outlined word. This is very easy to apply, especially when collecting website designs for starters.

Enlarged and big font sizes are better recommended for the prominent information towards which you desired attention on your website. This idea will drive interest in the company's brand, product, or service. More often than not, visitors tend to recall what is written in bold and oversized lettering more than any other text therein. Thus, consider this technique as one of the best website ideas that can work for you, come next year.

2. Split screen content

Peggy Website

Image from Peggy

In case you need to communicate more than one idea on your website, but you don't want your space to be awkward and clumsy, split-screen layouts will serve your purpose. These web design skills are more friendly for the visitors as it avails them the opportunity to make choices from two things instead of choosing from different template layouts.

Moreso, split-screen content encourages visual flow and presents the theme of what your website stands to showcase in a compelling way. The format is considerably common to comply with both desktop and mobile phones. The level of compliance with mobile devices is so reliable that the users will rest assured that no important information is missed because the responsives layout is completely visible as it could appear on the desktop.

Equally, using this format is a way to cut down the less important information in your website and wrap it up into two choices or create artificial options, making the most important content ideas pop. This technique minimizes some details, leaving the visitors in the interest to find more on your website.

On the above note, split-screen contents are one of the best website ideas that can work, especially for beginners or minimal-styled content.

On certain Strikingly web templates such as Perspective, you can change the section layout into split-screen so you can upload two visuals on the same section. Make it even more fun by converting one half of the section into a video or add parallax scrolling effects for a bit of asymmetry.

3. Lots of whitespaces

Momentary Website

Image from Momentary

This idea comes with a phantom of letting the visitors navigate through your web page because of the impression created in them to know more. The negative space hoots a strong feeling on your catchword or logo. Perhaps you have a desired image or colors to display. It definitely brightens up the page and makes it easy to be noticed.

In addition, constant blank spaces on your website can give it a more expansive and minimalistic feeling i.e., ‘a less is more’ mood that speaks for your product. Though this seems to be a waste of online pages, the value accrued therein is not meager as the technique is capable of highlighting other design features on your site. A meaningful negative space around your visual elements improves them more. This web design idea has a prospect to boom further in 2021 or through the next decade as it spices up your web content ideas and improves the marketing value in a clearer form to communicate the purpose you set out to achieve.

4. Video content

Zapping Website

Image from Zapping

The importance of video content on a webpage cannot be undermined among the best website ideas in the year 2021. Background videos and animations can arrest the interest of the visitors and make them last longer than the proposed time as they have a chance to read the intended objectives of the website through visual materials. This has offered tremendous assistance to the process of planning your web design content ideas. The videos are set here to create not only impressive visuals but also serve as a rapid move to learn the nitty-gritty of your website which can stimulate their positive action towards your product or service. This depends on the level of creativity around the concept, though.

High-quality corporate video content not only conveys the message conveniently to your visitors but can also be very entertaining, especially when the content is educationally engaging and an interesting concept about your product or service. New visitors will get their way to your website because the video is one of the elements that stimulate people’s interest in social media. Hence, lots of activities will flood your webpage. This can confer some levels of credibility on your brand, and the return can mean a maximization in terms of your website's reach.

Should you set the budget for this, try to invest in professional videography services in order to get high-quality video. But if you are starting out and tight on your finances, you can check out this blog on Strickingly’s website and will help you with your web design content ideas. To regularly activate your website’s reach, we recommend for you to create more video content and try it out here.

Add a video background instead of an image to your Strikingly website’s banner and get your audience hooked as soon as they land on your page. Introduce your company or brand through video or animation but be careful not to make it too long.

5. Custom Images and Icons

Anne Sigismund

Image from Anne Sigismund

The motive behind image-using on a website goes beyond attracting the visitors and bolstering your website’s reach to provide them with full-fledged information about what you sell or offer, as the case may be. This will give a unique identity to your webpage, especially when you customize the pictures and the icons with what is peculiar to your business brand.

The best way to differentiate your web design ideas from similar pages on the web is to personalize icons and photograph visuals. This is because when you create your site from a website template, you are at the risk of sharing generic-looking websites. Therefore, it’s pertinent to personalize your page design with your peculiar style.

Your customized photography and page design will represent you by communicating with people on your service and revealing the value of your product. As much as this process comes to create a disparity between your own concept and others, it serves completely as a representative to your company. Therefore, a high-quality image is essential to impress the visitors. Checking your site like that can influence their tendency to share your content.

It’s preferable to use your own images instead of stock photos. Depict your creativity by devising diverse ways to convey your message through the use of illustrations. The problem in using stock photos on the internet is that the image’s reach will point at multiple websites instead of the host page.

Customized icons and images create a tropical feeling to your website and present the branding of your products and services in a unique form, making you stand out among others. This can also help in no small measure to communicate with your viewers about your activities. Thus, the best thing is to downplay any generic and vague information and substitute it with specific and clear details to complement your brand image and secure your brand’s vision.

Looking at the foregoing, the relevance of beauty and quality in website building ideas is significant. However, the desire to expand the degree of patronage is not subdued. Therefore, you can leverage the ideas submitted here and design a website that is uniquely yours today.

Some Web Strikingly Design Examples to Inspire You

While trying to get a glimpse of what a good web design is, you might want to take a look at these stunning websites designed using Strikingly. This can serve as a source of inspiration for you when trying to build yours.

  1. Typewriter Company

Typewriter Website

Image from Typewriter Company

This typewriter company is a registered firm in Spain and in the European VIES database, and it is created using Strikingly web design template. With awesome high-quality visuals, it presents its typewriters as products restored with love and in perfect working condition.

It describes that each machine is ready to use and highlights that the new ink ribbon added has an instruction manual. All these are possible for the unique features available on strikingly website templates.

Of course, Strikingly templates have meaningful spaces for a clear image and icons to showcase the company’s logo and explanation of what it offers.

  1. KerrynGamble

Kerryn Gamble Website

Image from KerrynGamble

Kerryn Gamble is an author and a motivational speaker who works with team leaders and managers of different firms to improve their communication skills. She built this website with the primary aim to empower professional women with the confidence and personality development required for keeping their activities engaging to their respective audience. Aside from being a consulting platform, the website is an embodiment of needed materials in the form of video footage, blog, and downloadable files that guide the users. Of course, it is one of the best consulting websites as it offers beyond a mere showcasing of her professional skills to the clients.

  1. Mike & Kate

Mike Kate Website

Image from Mike Kate

Mike and Kate is a wedding invitation website powered by Strikingly web design template to explain every piece of information about the occasion. The clients found it easy to display space for booking, locate the venue for the ceremony cum reception, and lots more.

  1. Local Wander

Local Wander

Image from Local Wander

This template is one of the striking web design website examples built to serve people in a particular locality with information such as; the best restaurants, nightclubs, bars, stores, etc. needed from local experts via a private chat. Also, the website is so friendly to accommodate oversized typography and clear images in a required format to give a detailed description of the purpose our clients serve in a fascinating way to their targeted audience.

  1. Zizzle


Image from Zizzle

Zizzle is an app available for learning Mandarin Chinese. It also enjoys a high-quality template from Strikingly with reasonable white space and a customized page. Since learning and memorization of Chinese characters could be a bit tough, it comes easy with Strikingly pre-customed web design templates as it provides enough spaces for visual contents and animations to aid the learning process which is the primary motive of the client. This website idea makes the use of a desired color and image meaningful to the client.

Improve Your Responsive Web Design Interface with Strikingly New Features

If you have an existing website or you’ve built one with Strikingly, we now have new features that you can use to improve your web design. Here are some of the updates Strikingly has implemented to ensure that you get the best web design that can attract your potential clients.

  1. Drag & Drop Mode

Drag & Drop Mode

Image from Strikingly

Strikingly aims to offer you all the comfort that you, our customers, deserve. We want to give you the best experience when building your website with our platform. As part of the uniqueness adhered to by Strikingly, we have arrived at a significant shift to serve you best. This new feature accommodates easy updates. You can now add, remove, and alternate elements in a section. All you need is to enter this tool from a section’s layout setting and make your desired updates.

  1. New Blog Editor

New Blog Editor

Image from Strikingly

If you want to create or update your blog site, this update will come in handy. With the new update, you’ll enjoy a smooth experience when writing your blog posts. You can now add images easily, copy and paste from other sources, and also more flexible formatting options to make your work easy.

  1. Custom Form Section

Custom File Upload

Image from Strikingly

Forms are a very important component of your website. It allows you to gather information from your visitor. It’ll help you to know and understand what your customer wants so you can serve them better. Because of this, we have updated our custom form section to give your customers the option to upload their files. You can use it to collect application requests, photos, documents, or anything you feel like.

  1. Better SEO Support

SEO Support
Image from Strikingly

SEO is good for website ranking, and it can increase your conversion rate. With our new SEO support features update, you’ll enjoy more control over SEO for your sites! We’ve made a slew of upgrades for on-site SEO and updated our SEO checklist to boost your ranking. Find it in your site settings.

With these updates that we have added to our platform, you can now improve your web design interface to give your visitors and potential clients a better user experience. Do you want to start building your website? Create an account today!