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Now that we’re at the business end of 2021, let’s start discussing what the next year holds in terms of new web design ideas. There’s so much to look forward to for the next year as far as websites are concerned. Web designers are exploring so many different and creative ways to make sites more intuitive and interactive. As the digital environment is full to the brim with stimuli and information, modern websites need to stand out, deliver their message and have a direct guide to its visitors. Web design should not only consist of visual aesthetic but should rather communicate and market its product in the clearest way possible.

Proper layouting of your web design ideas will organize, summarize, and brand your product well accordingly. It will help branch out your web design content ideas and fluctuate its reach. These tips will also help you decide on how to economize and revolve your branding to your webpage.

If you’re on the hunt for website building ideas 2021, here are a few that would get your creative juices going.

You can also check out Strikingly’s Discover page for some of the best website ideas for beginners to inspire your next project.

1. Bold Fonts

Big typography continues to make waves in 2020, and will most likely succeed this 2021 as modern web design ideas move towards simple and minimalist design elements that are meant to enhance clarity and directedness to its website design objective. As the decade progresses, convenience becomes a necessity for people in order to create a more fast-paced environment, especially when generating website building ideas, bold typography efficiently helps visitors to catch the attention of the bigger fonts.

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As this style becomes more prominent, these web design ideas not only direct you to important information, it also helps create or play around your logo since it heightens the text and pops. The technique can create a strong and striking pointer for your highlighted word and is very easy to apply especially when gathering website design ideas for beginners.

Bold and oversized lettering are better applied on important information that you want to highlight on your website. This technique will draw attention to a company’s brand, product or service, with visitors more likely to remember whatever is written in this type than any other content. This is one of the best website ideas you should consider for your website this coming year.

Personal web design idea: try playing around with different font size recommendations on the Strikingly website editor to see how different sizes impact message delivery.

2. Split screen content

If you need to communicate more than one idea but you don’t want your website to look too cluttered, split screen layouts are great web design ideas that you want to get into. These web design ideas give the visitors efficiency because it encourages them to make a choice between two things rather than to choose from different template layouts. It gives visual flow to the eye and establishes the theme of what your website intends to portray. Plus, it is user-friendly on both desktop and mobile phones as its format is fairly common. It does not create a different layout when transferred on mobile as it visually makes the visitor feel that they have not missed any important information.

Get 2 Know Noke as an example of a Split Screen layout website

This formatting will also layer and narrow down the less important details of your website and summarize it in two choices or create faux choices, making all of your most important web design content ideas pop. It will leave visitors wanting to find out more as this technique minimizes some details and lets them explore more into your website content.

From a huge majority, this makes split screen contents one of the best website ideas especially for beginners or minimal-styled contents.

On certain Strikingly web templates such as Perspective, you can change the section layout into split screen so you can upload two visuals on the same section. Make it even more fun by converting one half of the section into a video or add parallax scrolling effects for a bit of asymmetry.

3. Lots of whitespace

Visual example of negative space

This technique creates an illusion of letting the visitors browse into your web as it leaves them the feeling of wanting to know more as negative space hones a strong emotion on your catchphrase or logo. If you have certain images or colors you want to portray it will surely brighten the page and can hardly not be noticeable.

Also, adding a lot of blank areas on your website can give it a more spacious and minimalistic feel - ‘a less is more’ vibe that speaks towards your product. It may seem like a waste of online space but this technique actually has the ability to highlight other design elements on your site. Adding significant negative space around your visuals makes them pop even more. The use of negative space layers your web design content ideas, making your marketing value clearer and communicates what your product intends to sell.

This is one of the many web design ideas that we think will continue to rise in prominence as we go into 2021 or through the next decade.

4. Video content

The use of video backgrounds continues to be one of the best webpage ideas in the coming year of 2021. Animation trumps static visuals in making visitors stay longer and help them understand more about your intended objective for your website. It is also a big help on planning your web design content ideas as videos not only create stunning visuals but is a fast-paced educational tour of your website and is sometimes stimulating depending on how the video is conceptualized. Content creation

A high-quality corporate video content not only delivers the message conveniently to your visitors but can also be very entertaining, especially when the content is educationally engaging and a fun concept about your product. It will easily bring new visitors to your website as video contents are very common in social media and will attract viewers to browse the page, thus more activity on your webpage. Lastly, it authenticates your brand and will most probably maximize your website's reaches.

If you have the budget for it, invest in professional videography services as this will surely give you high-quality video. But if you are starting out and tight on your finances you can check out this blog on Strickingly’s website and will help you with your web design content ideas. To regularly activate your website’s reach, we recommend for you to create more video contents and try it out here.

Add a video background instead of an image to your Strikingly website’s banner and get your audience hooked as soon as they land on your page. Introduce your company or brand through video or animation but do be careful not to make it too long.

5. Custom images and icons

Adding images to your website not only attracts visitors and fluctuates your website’s reach but will give them the idea of the product you are portraying on your webpage. Even more so, this will distinguish your website if the images and icons you put are customized to your own liking or according to your brand image.

Personalized icons and photograph visuals are the best way to distinguish your web design ideas from other similar pages on the web. When you create a site from a website template, there is always the risk of ending up with a generic looking website if you don’t take the time to inject your personal style into the page design.

Customized photography will speak to the service or bring your product to life. It delivers visually and at the same time it will differentiate your website to similar other sites. Good-quality image fuels viewers from social media and will likely share your content.

Custom photography

This being said, it is better to use your own images instead of stock photos, play around with different ways of conveying your message through illustrations. The downside of using stock photos on the internet is the image’s reach will not only direct to your website but will direct to multiple webpages.

Customized icons generate thematic emotion to your website and highlight the branding of your product through its aesthetic, making you more distinguishable than most. If so at least the customized image will help you communicate with your viewers. By then, it is best to replace the generic icons and personalize social media buttons to make them complement your brand image and capture your brand’s vision.

If your budget is tight on its pockets and you need to grab free images, check out this resource here.

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