Photographer website ideas

Any photographer worth his salt requires more than just a claim that he can take good pictures. He needs a photography website to show potential clients just how good he is at capturing those precious moments and bringing out the best in his subjects through still images. If you’re looking to build a career in photography, an online photographer website portfolio can help you present your best photography works and your unique talent to the whole world.

Photographer website for digital marketing

Websites for photographers serve as professional business cards. When done right, they can be an effective way for you to build your brand and create a good impression with potential clients. Your online photographer website portfolio can also serve other purposes:

  • E-commerce tool - you can use your photographer website to sell your work online. Strikingly has an e-commerce platform that you can add to your photographer website to create a platform for customers to transact with you through the internet. Simply add Simple Store to your site, upload your products and set up a payment gateway through Strikingly app store and you’re all set.
  • Scheduling tool - convert your photographers websites into a scheduling or appointment tool. Integrate a scheduling app to your site so you can easily book clients. It also makes your photography services more accessible to customers if you give them a way to book a slot with you. On Strikingly, use the HTML section to add an appointment app integration like Set More.
  • Digital marketing tool - creating a website for photographers lets you build your brand and communicate with your audience easily. At the core of a digital marketing campaign, a photographer website of your own consolidates all your social media and search marketing initiatives, combining all your content in a single platform for your customers to see.

personal photography website

Image taken from Paul Zheng

Avoid the pitfalls of building a photographer website

Having said that, choosing the best website builder for photographers can help ensure that your photographer website fulfills your objectives. Popular photography website builders enable you to launch an online photographer website portfolio without the need to write code or learn website design. You’re equipped with the right set of tools including photographer website templates and various photography website ideas so you can build feature-rich websites that effectively showcases your talent to your target market.

To help you understand it more, here are a few more tips and tricks Strikingly made for you on how to create engaging and free websites for photographers:

  • Use a good photographer website template - The right choice of photographer website template ensures that you bring out the best in your photography website. To help you with your search, Strikingly groups its amazing collection of website templates into categories with each layout serving a specific purpose. You can also preview an example of the template before committing to it.
  • Build content to engage your audience - Keep your photographer website updated with fresh content to keep your visitors hooked. Photography website contents can be anything from stories behind your shoots to the latest projects you have completed. Learn what your target audience looks for in a website for photographers and aim to deliver that and more.
  • Connect to socials - Another trick to keep your photographer website examples content updated is to connect your photographer website to your social stream. This enables you to update your photographer website every time you put up a post on your social media accounts. Sharing your photographers websites on social media is also a good way to boost traffic to your photographer website. Conversely, adding a social feed can also help increase your following on social media, directing audiences from your photography website to your social pages.
  • Add an email subscription option - Keep your photographer website followers in the loop by encouraging newsletter sign ups on your photography website but take care not to ask for too much information on your email subscription form.

Mbvisuals photographer website

Image taken from MBVisuals

Get inspiration from these popular photography websites

Now that you have the basic ideas and points to remember in creating your photographer website examples, let’s take things up to the next level.

Steph harding photographer website

Image taken from Steph Harding

Strikingly now present to you the best photography website inspiration to drive you more into the world of photography websites! Take a deep look at these popular photography website examples which definitely rocked photographer website designing.

  1. Tom Hull

This UK-based photographer specializes in landscape and advertising photography. Once diving into his photographer website, you can immediately see his past masterpieces all gathered in a gallery. The photographs he posts on his photographer websites feature models which are mainly common people and are not professionals. This is among best photographer website examples which aims to showcase spontaneous shots and give justice to natural human emotion.

  1. Alexis Julia

Alexis Julia is a Texas-based portrait and wedding photographer who openly showcases her works and persona insights on her own photography website examples. She is the type of photographer who has passion in being committed to her works. Julia often gets to know her clients and fully engage herself in the important moments of their lives. Julia’s photographer website features a unique style of website layout, and gives off that friendly and accommodating atmosphere. As a photographer, having this style makes you more attractive to your clients because they know they can entrust their most important moments with you. Making your photographer website look like “home”, is one way for them to believe that you are worth the try.

  1. Amelia Allen

Amelia Allen is a photographer from Somerset, but is currently residing in London, UK. She specializes in the field of lifestyle, documentary and portrait style of photography. Amelia was originally a fashion photographer but later on, developed interest in the field of documentary photography. Amelia’s style is among photographers who showcases stylish and “on fleek” styles of photography. As you dive into her photographer website, you can immediately see what her photographs mainly talk about—exploring women’s role in our society. Amelia’s photographer website also includes her past works including partnerships between famous companies like Harper’s Bazaar, The Daily Mail, Forbes and Vogue magazines.

  1. Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem is a London-based photographer who specializes in the field of fashion and commercial photography. Nukem is among photographers who seek the “unusual”. His photographs mainly portray how the reality of the world and environment we are living, affects in shaping each of our personalities. The photos he shares on his photographer website often portray provocative and rare. His photography website also features a colorful gallery of all his past works.

  1. Mathieu Stern

Mathieu Stern is a photographer born in Paris, France. He is among professional photographers who are also filmmakers. His photography techniques are mainly based from his own experiments and discoveries he developed due to his undying love and passion for vintage lenses. Stern shares his photographs to the world through his own YouTube channel wherein he posts videos showcasing the beauty of experimental photography. He also engages in teaching in different Parisian schools.

  1. Sanz Lena

Sanz Lena is a Paris-based photographer who engages in the field of fashion and beauty photography. His photography website inspiration is often based from his own travels and artistic photography experiments. Diving into his photographer website, one can immediately see his minimalistic, yet classy approach in different photography website ideas. He enjoys taking photographs revolving around beauty, fashion, still life, and editorial photography.

  1. Julia and Gil

Weddings are among the most important moments in any person’s life, so, it is only a must for it to be captured. And with that, Julia and Gil could be the best answer for you. These two wedding photographers have a tagline which states that they are the “wedding photographers for couples who do not want a wedding photographer”. This couple has their own distinct approach in their wedding photography which showcases atmospheric and lively-themed photographs. Their photography website features a collection of their works which are real and captures the honesty of connection between couples getting married. They also share blogs of their past works to enable a potential client to have a quick glimpse of how they do their job.

Adding blogs to your photography website inspiration is also one way of achieving your goal as an effective photographer. Your clients can have the chance to share their thoughts about you through an audience section, just like how you share your works to them. With Strikingly, adding a blog section and an audience section is nothing but a no-brainer. You can easily do this, by following these steps.

Photographer website with Strikingly

Image taken from The Photographic Voice

Build your photographer website with Strikingly!

Photographer websites are not something you can easily do in just one click. But with Strikingly, anything could be possible. With its wide collection of amazing website themes and templates which are trusted by many website creators, you can have that perfect photographer website in an instant. So what are you waiting for? Collect all your photographs, choose the best photographer website template you want with Strikingly, and start editing your own photography website!

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