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Fashion is a statement, people say. This is true as what you wear can represent your identity and what you stand for. People often make assumptions about or identify other people's values, beliefs, and characters by seeing what the others are wearing.

When it comes to business, your statement is your brand. A brand is about your identity, your value, your beliefs, and how you present them. As a fashion designer, that means you need a story or brand so that people can identify and connect with your product better.

Let us take Nike for example. Nike is one of the most known shoe brands in the world. However, Nike is not just about shoes. In their mission statement, Nike wants to unite the world by making community through sports and make the playing field level. Nike believes that everyone who has a body is an athlete. Through their shoes, Nike wants the world to be more inclusive and caring to each other.

As you can see, a brand is something significant for your fashion designs. It makes your fashion designs more than just a piece of clothes, accessory, or pair of shoes. With a solid and relatable brand, your fashion designs can become something that inspires others to do something that you believe in.

If you want your fashion to inspire others, you need to put your brand out there in the world. One of the best ways to do it is by creating a fashion designer website. With fashion designs websites, you can showcase your work and tell stories about your product. Having a website also allows you to connect much better with your audiences and get feedback or even a job. Today, you can even find fashion designers online, and if you do not want to miss the trend, you need to have your own fashion designer website.

Today, you do not need to have even the basic knowledge of website building to have your own fashion designer website. Many website builders offer ready-to-use website templates for affordable prices for you to create your own fashion designs website. Strikingly is the right choice for you to create your stunning. In Strikingly, you can find collections of templates that you can choose as your fashion designer website template. This article will guide you to crethroughing your own fashion designer website.

Are you ready to spread your inspiration today? Follow these four simple steps!

  1. Gather Your Material

Before choosing a fashion designer website design, you need to plan materials that you will put on your website. This material includes your brand story, your fashion designs, be it a photo or video format, your website logo, if you want to have one, and your contact details, such as your social media, email, and so on.

You can prepare your materials by learning from other fashion designers online. Have a look at their fashion designer website and take note of what you think can help you. You can also find similar designers like yourself and modify what they do by adding a touch to your personality.

One of the critical things in preparing your material is that learning is always a good investment. Spend your time trying to understand how to make a brand. While you are at it, you can also learn one or two things about photography. Learn more about yourself and find something that you genuinely believe in and you want to do.

Isa Catepillan website landing page

Image taken from Strikingly users’ website

Let us use Isa Catepillán’s website as a fashion designer website example. On her website, Isa showcases and sells her works. She tells us how she finds the calling for her design. She finds her inspiration for her fashion design in her cultural roots as a Mapuche-Williche woman. She tells us how memories of her ancestors weaving flow in her hand, guiding her on finding meaning and purposes. As you can see, her photograph also captures this ancestral feeling, which is her brand’s premise. Simply put, Isa Catepillán’s branding is an excellent example to study if you are looking for an example.

You can always look for inspiration for fashion design in others’ websites and works. Learn something from the other so you can understand yourself better.

Once you have all the materials you need, you can start to build your website with Strikingly.

  1. Choose A Fashionable Template

With Strikingly, you can create your fashion design website easily. You can choose a template from collections of templates as your fashion designer website template. Strikingly also categorizes each template so that you can browse for a template with ease.

You can also check out other websites that are built with Strikingly. Strikingly allows you to see published websites so you can derive inspiration in creating your own. Strikingly also categorizes them to help you focus more on the category that you are looking for.

a list of template by Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly website

Strikingly offers the flexibility to create your website. If you found the template that suits your taste and the materials you have gathered, you can immediately use it. You can also edit a template to fit your needs, so you do not need to worry if you do not find the template that precisely suits your needs.

  1. Tailor Your Fashion Designer Website

Once you have found the template you want to use, it is time to tailor your fashion designer websites. Strikingly offers many features that you can use to combine texts, videos, and images to create stunning fashion designer websites. Let us add several essential elements to your website.

The first feature you need on your website is the about section. As you have seen from Isa Catepillán’s website, the about section is filled with stories about yourself. If you have crafted your own story, you can put it here. You can also add a picture of yourself to make the about section of your fashion designer website looks more stunning.

You can create the about section in several ways. You can use the text section if you want to keep your about section simple. You can also use the column section so you can combine texts and visuals in your about section. You learn more about sections in our help center.

You also need a portfolio section on your fashion designer website. One of the main functions of your website is to showcase your work. With a portfolio section, you can help your audiences to find and look at your works easier.

Isa Catepillan portfolio section

You can create a portfolio section of your fashion designer websites easily. Strikingly has a section dedicated as the portfolio section. You can also add an image slider feature to help your audiences browse your works easier. Make sure to optimize your image so that your audiences can get the best view of your works. Feel free to experiment and make your own section ideas to fit your fashion design ideas nicely.

Next, you want to set up your contact and sign up section. All will be for nothing if your audiences cannot reach you from your website. Sign up form also allows you to collect your audiences’ email to send them updates about your websites or works. The contact section is crucial to turn an audience into a client. Make sure to set up your contact details, such as email, telephone number, social media, so your audiences have no problem contacting you.

contact form

Image taken from Strikingly product

Thankfully, any fashion designer website template from Strikingly comes with a contact section. You can always edit it by yourself to suit your tastes. You can add map and contact info details to the contact section. You can learn more about the contact section and sign-up form at our help center.

If you want to use your fashion designer website to make money, you can add the online store feature from Strikingly to your website. Strikingly allows you to build online stores quickly. You do not need to worry about payment and security stuff since you can prepare all that easily in Strikingly.

Beauty in U online store

Image taken from Strikingly users’ website

You can easily create an online store in Strikingly by adding the store and product section. Once you have the store section, you can start adding products. You can learn more about how to make a simple online store at our help center.

  1. Take Your Website Further

Once you have finished your website, it is time to make it easier for people to find your website. All your efforts of creating a website will be turned into nothing if no one can find your website. Sure, you can promote it via social media or through friends or families. However, when people spend more and more time in front of the screen, you need to make sure that people can find your website easily by themselves. If you want people to find your website easier, You need to understand SEO.

Simply put, SEO is the ability of your website to be found when people enter keywords in their search bar. For example, when people are looking for and entering the ‘fashion designer in California’ keyword in their search bar, search engines, such as Google, will show websites that have ‘fashion designer in California’ as keywords. Then, your task is to make sure that people found your website through keywords related to the content you have.

It is not the only way, but it is one of the basic ones. The world of SEO is vast, and learning is always a good investment if you want to have a significant online presence. You can learn more about SEO at our blog or help center.

If you have followed those steps correctly, then congrats! You now have your very own fashion designer website. You can use your website to showcase your works, sell your fashion designs, and make your audiences reach you easily. If you are interested in developing other types of content, you always can add the blog feature to your website. After everything is said and done, having your own fashion designer website can help you create a brand and promote your fashion designs better.

Are you ready to spread inspiration through fashion? Start your branding today with Strikingly!