Blog design ideas

Blogging is a form of storytelling. A well-designed blog becomes a natural extension of your stories. A simple, minimalist style for a technical blog can convey seriousness and clarity. A whimsical, cartoonish parenting blog suggests fun and relatability.

According to a recent poll, blogs are the third most reliable source of information, behind only friends and family. Bloggers, not celebrities, journalists, brands, or politicians, are the most trusted.

But, first and foremost, how can you encourage visitors to fall in love with your beautiful blog designs? (Apart from the outstanding material, of course.)

Your blog's design, like a welcome mat, serves as the front door to your business blog, just as your website homepage serves as the front door to your firm.

How will you persuade people to read (and hopefully subscribe to) your material if you don't entice them visually?

After you've finished writing high-quality content, the next step is to present it in a way that clearly communicates what your blog is about. If images, text, and links aren't displayed in a way that's appealing, easy to follow, and produces interest, visitors may abandon your content.

List of Best Blog Designs

We've prepared a list of blog design examples to help you get started on creating the perfect blog for your viewers. Check them out below.

1. Pretty Olive Interiors

Pretty olive blog design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

A beautiful blog design can also help you position yourself as an expert in your field. Pretty Olive Interiors demonstrates how to smoothly incorporate a section within your template to turn company sites into blogger sites. This Strikingly powered website's Simple Blog section fits very nicely with the rest of the site. The card layout includes all of the information that a user will need to assess the relevance of a post. The highlighted posts area also restricts the featured posts to the top three most recent articles, ensuring that the user is presented with new content each time he returns to the site.

2. Pupitre

Pupitre blog design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

One of the best features of Strikingly is that it allows you to expand and modify your website according to your needs. You may transform your best website design into a content marketing tool for your company by adding the Simple Blog. In this scenario, Pupitre is a good illustration. You can expand your site and allow it to evolve according to your brand objectives with Strikingly's easy web editor. For example, you may start with a blog site and subsequently add an online store if you intend to sell items, or you could use your site as a professional portfolio to attract new clients or consumers.

3. Chloe Hwang

Cloewang blog design

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Chloe blogs on the intersection of nonprofits, technology, and social entrepreneurship at Given that her field necessitates a high level of credibility and proficiency in logistics, people skills, and project management, she begins her blog design with her credentials and guides you through her experiences working on numerous fundraising campaigns.

4. Cover Mum

Cover mum website

Image is taken from Covermum

Cover Mum is a beautiful blog about style, travel, kids, and motherhood written by a busy London mom. Her readers are encouraged to write about being a busy mom while also pursuing other interests, and to do so while looking wonderful. Its blog's design is also a good reminder that blog design doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

5. Cookie and Kate

Cookieandkate website

Image is taken from Cookieandkate

Since 2010, Kate has become a vegetarian foodie who has been cooking up a storm and sharing her recipes with others. Her cookbook and blog design both emphasize whole foods and having fun while learning to cook.

6. Capture by Lucy

Capturebylucy website

Image is taken from Capturebylucy

Lucy is a photographer, a mother, and the producer of photographic backdrops. Visit her photography blog to learn more about her life and family, as well as to see if you'd want to collaborate with her. Her backdrops are all photographs that she took and subsequently had printed.

7. All the Pretty Pandas

Alltheprettypandas website

Image is taken from Alltheprettypandas

The best blog design isn't always the most complicated. Sharleen is a blogger and an opera singer with distinct web pages for each. She was born in Canada and currently lives in New York, where she blogs about beauty, fashion, and other issues such as her time on The Bachelor.

8. Tara Michelle

Tara Michelle website

Image is taken from TaraMichelle

Tara Michelle began vlogging on YouTube in 2013 and quickly grew a following before launching her own site. Her blog design chronicles her daily life, fashion favorites, eating, and travel adventures.

9. The TED Blog


Image is taken from TEDblog

TED is a firm that focuses on fresh, forward-thinking ideas and instructional information for its audience. You'll find a little bit of everything on the blogs, ranging from women's rights to finances.

10. Traveling Mitch

Travelingmitch website

Image is taken from Travellingmitch

Christopher Mitchell's travel blog, Traveling Mitch, is one of the most popular on the internet. You'll find tips, stories, and breathtaking photographs of the places he goes, which include several in Canada, in his blog. He has a fantastically simplistic blog design, but one that is rather unique.

11. A Cup of Jo

Cupofjo website

Image is taken from CupofJo

While working as a journalist for Glamour magazine, Joanna Goddard started A Cup of Jo as a hobby many years ago. It became her full-time career as a result of its popularity, and she now writes about anything she wants, from relationships to travel.

Create a Blog Website with Strikingly

Building a blog isn't as difficult as it once was. It is possible to develop a blog that can compete with the top influencer blogs in the business today using the best website design builder like Strikingly. You may start creating free blog sites in minutes if you have the correct concept and a few blogger template options.

With that in mind, here are a few pointers to consider while starting your own blog design.

• Pick a Niche for Yourself

When you write about a specialized specialty rather than a broad range of topics, your blog is more likely to attract devoted readers.

• Choose a Domain Name

Choose a domain name that will resonate with readers in your field. Consider your domain extension as well, in order to make your blog sound more relatable to your readers.

• Choose a Web Hosting Platform

Strikingly signup

Image is taken from Strikingly

Choose the ideal hosting partner (see ‘Strikingly' ) who will allow you to concentrate on your content rather than the technical aspects of website development. Strikingly provides pre-designed blog themes to assist you in setting up and launching your free blog sites for profit.

• Create a List of Topics

Make a list of topics to be discussed, complete with keywords and points to be discussed at least two weeks ahead of time for your blog design. This way, you won't run out of ideas all of a sudden. You must maintain constant contact with your audience.

• Create a Timetable to Publish Contents

Publish content on a regular basis, with no significant gaps between blogs. Your audience should be aware of when your next article will be published. For a professional blog, anything less than two articles every week is insufficient.

• Keep Up with the Trends

Continue to learn and stay up to date on the newest trends in your field.

• Send Newsletters

Strikingly newsletter

Image is taken from Strikingly

Send out newsletters to your subscribers with information about your most recent articles, upcoming projects, and so on. This will go a long way toward building a strong fan base.

• Promote Your Blog

Promote your material on social media and be active on it. Make yourself available to your readers and cultivate a relationship with them.

• Collaborate with Fellow Bloggers

Make friends with your fellow bloggers, and you can even collaborate on an article for their website. This will help both of you gain more followers.

• Write High-Quality Content

At the heart of your blog design should always be the creation of high-quality content. It's great to be able to make money doing something you love, but be sure it's not the sole reason you're creating blogging websites. This is how you keep readers coming back to your site and make a consistent revenue from blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging

By monetizing your blog, you can earn a decent living while doing what you love. All you have to do now is carefully design your content and gain a better understanding of your target audience. You will be able to provide your readers stuff that they will desire to consume if you understand their information demands. This will boost your blog's ability to attract traffic and, as a result, make revenue in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions for making money while blogging.

• Affiliate Marketing

One of the most successful ways to monetize a mature blog design is through affiliate marketing. This is especially true for websites that are just getting started and don't have anything to sell. All you have to do is write material that adheres to the affiliate program's standards. For example, if you run a parenting site, you could want to sell educational toys, books, or children's vitamins as affiliate products. You can join a variety of affiliate programs, but the objective is to pick a product or service in which you have a lot of confidence in order to provide honest content that your audience will like.

• Paid Advertisements

Another option to make money while blogging is through Google Adwords. By integrating Google Adsense into your Strikingly website, you're allowing Google to display customized adverts to your visitors. This is similar to selling billboards or ad space on your website and profiting from clicks.

That being stated, in order to profit from Google Adsense, your mature blog must generate a large volume of visitors. To display paid ads on your website, create a Google Adsense account, install the Adsense script on your site, and wait for the ads to appear. You don't have much control over the advertising that appears on your pages, but they're almost certainly relevant to the content you're creating.

• Product Reviews

Strikingly product reviews

Image is taken from Strikingly

You can also make money by doing product reviews or sponsored articles once you've amassed a sizable following. It is highly encouraged that you accept sponsorships from items and brands that you trust and can also recommend to your audience, just as it is with affiliate marketing. If you do product reviews only with the intention of profiting from your readers, you risk losing credibility.

• Write an Ebook or Take a Class

Create gated content, such as an ebook or an online course, as another way to monetize your mature blog. If your blog design is geared toward parents with young children, for example, you can consider writing a parenting book or a book on Montessori activities for toddlers. You could also wish to use Strikingly's membership feature to produce material that is only available to members. Include special video tutorials on topics such as plant care, potty training, cooking, stock trading, and anything else that your audience would be interested in.


With all of the resources at your disposal, your company blog can seem just as cool as the rest.

Just keep in mind not to be a clone. Take bits and pieces of stuff you enjoyed from the best website design list and figure up a unique way to incorporate them into your own web design.

That way, no one will be able to compete with your blog! You'll be able to focus on generating fantastic blog content to start filling your blog listing pages now that the design is ready to go.