Single page websites have risen in popularity in the recent decade because they offer great opportunities for better user experience and storytelling. Traditional multi-page websites can be difficult to navigate and may tend to deliver inconsistent user experience across different pages. Strikingly’s free web pages enable users to create several single page sites that are intuitive and easy to maintain. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you anything to build your website on this platform. You can build as many single page sites as you need under the same freemium account.


Having said that, it’s still important to note that the single page free web page hosting is not an be-all end-all marketing solution. For example, sites with large amounts of content and complex navigation requirements may not benefit from a single page hosting solution. The single page website structure is particularly effective for single-product ecommerce sites, pages that have a single marketing objective (e.g. to introduce a particular product or service, to invite visitors to an event, etc.). Once you have determined that a single page free web page design is suitable for your needs, the next step is to plan your content.

Keep it simple

The beauty of a free web page builder is you don’t have to worry about creating your own site template. You already have the framework for your site. All you need to do is create the content that goes into the website to make it stand out.

When it comes to single page website content, it’s better to keep things simple to avoid making the site look too cluttered. Divide the information into large blocks of text and add headers so it’s easy to digest.

Play around with different layouts, colors and fonts


Let your personality shine through by exploring the customization options in your free web page designer. Strikingly gives users significant freedom to change up color schemes and fonts to enable them to create unique sites. From your free web page creator, you will find different ways to present content through layout options, background color customizations and color scheme selections. Use one of the hundreds of typefaces in the site editor and play around with different combinations until you arrive at a look and feel that perfectly reflects your brand’s image.

Use creative effects and engaging visuals

A single page website may not seem like a lot of space but you will be surprised at how much room you have to get creative. Engage your visitors with strong images, video backgrounds and micro-interactions such as parallax effects and horizontal scrolling. Add a slider to your website to insert more content without looking too cluttered. There are endless opportunities for you to create distinct websites using a free web page designer like Strikingly.

Search engine optimization

One of the perceived drawbacks of single page websites has to do with SEO. You cannot apply the same on-page optimization strategies that you would normally do on a multi-page website. But this doesn’t mean SEO cannot be done on a free web page. Strikingly has an integrated SEO tool that lets you get started on optimizing your website’s metadata to give your page a better chance at ranking in relevant searches.

Overall a single free web page presents a number of opportunities for you to market your brand and build your online presence. It’s great for startups and beginners who want to try their hand at managing a website but are unable to afford paying for the setup. Free web pages have the potential to tell engaging stories, build up your professional image or entice users depending on how you frame your content.