As a musician it’s understandable that you devote most of your time to making music. But living in a digital world requires you to build a web presence in order to stay in touch with fans, talent scouts and producers. Having a band website is now a must-have for artists. You need a space on the web where you can share your work, interact with fans and be accessible to producers who are on the lookout for fresh faces.

Easy Way to Create Band Website

Building band websites may sound complicated and costly especially if you don’t have sufficient web design or web development experience. A robust and feature-rich band website builder like Strikingly provides a platform for musicians to create their own sites in minutes and without the need to learn programming languages.

Creating a free band website using a site builder typically starts with a band website template. The template provides the framework where your content will go. Think of it as the shell of a house. In its basic form, it is livable but to make it stand out, you want to incorporate a few personal touches. On band website templates, this could be a choice of color schemes, fonts, and visuals. You can also add different features to your site to make it more engaging - playlists of your music, videos of gigs and concerts or a calendar of events and venues where your band is playing.

Elements of Great Band Website Design

1. High quality professional images

Getting professional photos of your band is a great investment for your image and your website. Even when you’re building your site for free, it will still be beneficial to spend on great headshots. Professional shots can be used not just for your website but also as part of your press kits, in your musician bio and even on your social media pages. Grainy photos or badly cropped images can make a negative impression on visitors so make sure to be very particular with the quality of the visuals you put up on your band website.

2. Sleek and modern band website template

The best band websites feature clean website designs, simple backgrounds and content that reflects the artists’ image and personality. It’s always best to choose a clean and simple template and to draw focus to your content and your music. Starting with a clean template also allows you to have a bit more freedom to play around with the design and create a look that your band wants.

3. Clear call to action

The band website must have a clear call to action to grab your visitor’s attention. The CTA could be about whatever you are promoting at that moment - a new album, an upcoming gig or even newly dropped merchandise for sale.

4. Cohesive color scheme and great typography

The right choice of website colors is also crucial to creating a unique band website. It’s pretty much like selecting colors for your album cover. You want to choose shades that represent your band’s personality and music. Choosing appropriate fonts also allow you to convey your message clearly. People must be able to clearly read your text content so avoid using fancy fonts that may look nice but can make your message confusing.

5. Mobile responsive

Finally, great band websites are mobile-responsive. With many people browsing the web using their mobile device, you want to make sure that your website will look good on smaller screens. It should also load well on slower wi-fi connections so make sure not to weigh it down with flash or unnecessary plugins.

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