It's understandable that you devote much of your time to making music as a musician. But living in a digital environment allows you to establish a web presence to keep in contact with supporters, talent scouts, and manufacturers. For bands, making a band website is now a must-have. On the web, you need a space where you can share your work, connect with fans, and be open to producers searching for new faces.

The creation of the best musician websites and implementation of digital marketing strategies are essential to art distribution and consumption in this consumer-driven digital world. You have to harness the power of the Internet to carry your work to your audience if you want your music to be heard. The best websites for musicians are not just online portfolios and homes for the songs of the artist. They also act as instruments for advertisement and marketing. With that said, here are some tips on how to create the best musicians website that can build your online presence successfully.

Building band websites and musicians website is an important component of promoting your music online, whether you're part of a band, a solo artist, or an independent producer. Some musicians say that, rather than developing one of their own, they are better off creating accounts on music streaming websites. You want to make sure your label stands out, however, in an oversaturated independent music industry, it is still important to make your music accessible on these sites. But that means you need to compete for exposure with thousands of other talents, so you may want to branch out by building your own musician website to house your work.

Easy Methods to Start Your Own Band Website and Musician Website


Building a musician website and band website can sound complicated and expensive, particularly if you don't have enough web design or web development experience. But worry not--as robust and functional band website builders such as Strikingly provides musicians with a forum to develop their own websites in minutes without having to learn programming languages. All for free!

Usually, building a free musician website using a site builder begins with a template for a musicians website. The template offers the basis for where the content is going to go. Think of it as a house shell. It is liveable in its fundamental form, but you want to add a few personal touches to make it stand out. This may be the option of color schemes, fonts, and graphics on band website templates. To make it more entertaining, you can also add numerous features to your site - playlists of your songs, footages of gigs and concerts, or a calendar of events and venues where your band is playing.

Tips to get your Musician Website to its full potential

  1. Pick a robust and feature-packed website builder

These days, you don't need to know how to build your own website for web creation. Without the need for coding, a good website builder will help you set up your site. In reality, most of the better platforms have a range of website templates for musicians that are already pre-designed to meet your unique requirements for content.

Strikingly is a musicians website builder that also helps you to add numerous multimedia files to your pages. To further engage your audience, you can even connect your SoundCloud or Spotify account to add your playlist to your website or add your music videos. Of course, Strikingly does not cater to musicians only! We cater to every niche of the industry, may be it a photography or candle business.

  1. Add high quality and professional images


It's a good investment for your profile and your website to get professional photos of your band. And while you're designing your site for free, spending on great headshots would always be helpful. Not only for your website but even as part of your press kits, in your musician bio, and also on your social media accounts, professional shots can be used. Grainy pictures or poorly cropped images can create a negative impact on visitors, so make sure that the quality of the visuals you put on your website for your band is very precise.

  1. Keep your website close to your or your band’s theme, while being modern

Strikingly offers clean musician website templates, clear backgrounds, and content on the best band websites that reflect the image and personality of the artists. It's always better to use a clean and easy template and to concentrate on your music and content. Starting with a clean prototype also helps you to play around with the design a little more freely and create a look that your band wants. But don’t stray away from your or your band’s theme too much! Just keep in mind the modern aesthetic.

  1. Make use of an electronic press kit

An electronic press kit is very much like the paper press kit or mini-portfolio that you send to show yourself and your songs to producers and talent scouts. In today’s landscape, talent scouts are now constantly looking around at the best websites for artists to check for new faces. You want to make sure that they can download a press kit and keep it in their files. For media professionals who may want to include your profile or a quote from you when they report your gigs or concerts, the EPK is also helpful material.

The following things should be in your EPK:

  • Your bio - It doesn't need to be a book, but you want it to be interesting and tasteful.
  • Photos - It is nice to have professional headshots and even photos of you/your band at your gigs.
  • Media coverage - If you have recently been interviewed in the media or if you have gained some press attention, you may show it off in your press kit.
  • Online presence - Social media and website links.
  1. Maintain your website well and keep it updated

One of the best things about Strikingly is that designing a website for musicians gives you a lot of space to customize your website and let your character shine through. You can also quickly update your website with its intuitive website editor, anywhere, anywhere.

  1. Make sure your musicians website is mobile responsive

Finally, websites for great bands are mobile-responsive. With many people using their mobile devices to search the internet, you want to make sure your website looks fine on smaller screens. It should also load well on slower wi-fi connections, so be sure not to use flash or excessive plugins to bog it down.

  1. Color scheme and typography should be cohesive

For creating a specific band website, the correct choice of website colors is also important. It's pretty much like picking the album cover colors. You want to choose shades that reflect the personality and the music of your band. Choosing suitable fonts also enables you to clearly express your message. So avoid using fancy fonts that might look good but may make your message confusing. Individuals must be able to read your text content clearly.

  1. Use your other platforms to shout your website out

Musicians nowadays are not only musicians, but are also online public figures that share their opinions on social media. While the purpose of your or your band’s social media accounts is to promote your music material or on-going tours or gigs, they can also be the perfect place to shout your website out. By plugging its URL into the “website” section of your platform, you are giving 24/7 exposure to your website. Not only that, but you can also plug your website when you are going to drop merch or items that your fans will love. It’s the perfect method to keep your fans loyal, while also garnering new faces to your website and eventually, music!

You may also plug a blog in where you can write updates about your band’s breakthroughs, or hardships alike.

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Build your band’s first website with Strikingly

Your musician website should be the living records of your success. With that success, just keep producing new content for consumption by your fans and visitors alike! You can also use it to post upcoming concerts and gigs and even attach it to an event management system where you can get tickets for your shows from your fans. To build a consistent online presence, add your social media accounts to your website. Keep your gallery updated with videos and new photos. You can also add a blog section to your Strikingly Musician website to speak to your fans directly about your music and your inspirations if you have a talent for writing.

Strikingly’s advanced website builder is the perfect hub for your music career’s achievements, breakthroughs, and of course the music! We believe that your website as a musician should be the perfect place where you can boast your success. With Strikingly, hundreds of themes are ready to be owned while our friendliest and 24/7 customer support are prepared for any problems that may arise during your website building.