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It’s okay not to be perfect. But having your own website is a different topic. We tend to be perfectionists in our own ways, and it’s only inevitable. Your website should look exactly the way you want it. Website edit will become a routine whenever you visit your page. Eventually, it will be your best friend because you will definitely do it every now and then.

Do you think you’re done after your website is published? Think twice because later on, you will realize that something is not right. You want to change your welcome page statement, or you need to update your contact info, address, and product details. Updates and changes are part of the routine when you get your own website. That is when these easy ways to edit website come in handy. How to edit your website in minutes?

At Strikingly, your edit website experience has never been this simple and easy. Here are some tips on how to edit a website as quickly as possible:

  1. Bookmark Your Website Editor

Swing by the lake

Screenshot image from Strikingly website

With the help of this little star icon on the top right of the Chrome tab, you can easily pick up where you left. You can name this bookmark ‘edit website’ so that you know where to go along with the long list of bookmarked sites. Just one click will take you precisely to the website edit section.

This will also help you access your website easily when you’re figuring out how to edit your website in a browser.

  1. Edit Website Template and Preview

Scenic view background

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Wait, take a look at our templates first--you might not have seen them all. Strikingly gives you a template preview and allows you to create your website with the template of your choice. The best thing is that you can switch it like you’re just turning the lamp in your room on and off.

  • Edit Website Pages

Add another page screenshot

Screenshot Image Strikingly editor section

You can add and discover how to edit website pages with this “Add Another Page” button on the editor section. Strikingly editor section allows you to add a page and switch back to the design section easily.

The multiple pages option is one good feature included in our Pro account access. It allows users to add more content and organize their website. A well-organized website with well-defined navigation entices people to stay longer because they can easily find the information that they need. Having your visitors explore further on your site means you’ve done a great job organizing your website.

Add multiple pages

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Our free plan will give you the option to create the basic pages on your website, such as your landing page, gallery, quote, timeline, about section, custom form, and contact information. Plus, you’ve got the add new section option in case you have good ideas to share on your website. Ideal enough, right?

Contact information section

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  1. Edit Website Text

So you’re in a cafe having an ideal Sunday morning and you’re browsing on your website pages. You realized that some text doesn’t look right or you want to change your product description right away. All you need to do is go to the editor section and make quick changes. Select the text and update it the way you want it. You can take a look at your website’s preview on how it looks on a browser or mobile phone.

Condiments and fruits

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By the way, you can also make changes on your website with the Strikingly mobile app since you’re out for a coffee, tea, or whatnot.

The good thing about Strikingly templates is that it gives you a hint on what to put on a specific section, such as your logo, slogan, or your brand statement. It is as simple and easy as how to edit a website in a smooth and friendly manner. Now, we will show you how it’s done with this example below.

A pond background

Screenshot image from Strikingly website

The dots on the left tells you the progress of your website edits and it also gives you and your viewers the idea that there are more pages to discover. You can change your background as quickly as sipping a cup of coffee. Choose from an image, color, or video to put as a background on your welcome page. Voila! Changing your background is simple and easy. You see, making edits on your website shouldn’t be time-consuming and complicated. Strikingly makes it less hard work for our users to edit website.

  1. Get Pro access and Add a Slider

Here’s an excellent idea if you got Pro access. Did you know that you can add a slider button on your page?

Add Slider section

Screenshot image from Strikingly website

Adding a ‘Buy Now’ slider option connected to all your products is a good thing to have on your website. It gives your customers an interactive experience with just a click or slide.

  1. Edit Your Website Images

Are you thinking about how to edit your website images without going through photo editor apps? Strikingly has an image editor that will help you edit website images in seconds. You can make simple edits like crop, rotate, add title and description, and set focus on your image without leaving the edit website section. Always remember to click “Save”.

Terraces on image editor

Screenshot image from Strikingly website

  1. Don’t Forget to Save Changes

Oops! Click the save button before closing leaving the page. Strikingly does have an autosave when you edit the website, but when you see an apple green save option, don’t hesitate to hit it. Unless you decided that you don’t want to go with the changes, you need to click the save button when it’s there. Promise, you would not want to ignore it.

Sample background image

Screenshot image from Strikingly website

Strikingly Tips Before You Make Changes

We’ve come to the end of the six easy ways to edit website, but you know it is not over yet. From time to time, you need to make changes to your website. One day you’ll get bored with how it usually appears on your screen. You wanted to make a total make-over on your website. We’ve got some tips for you before you decide to make changes to your website.

  • Stick to your brand - Your brand is your website identity. Keep that in mind before making any changes to your website. The colors, fonts, and images you use have something to do with how your website appears to your audience. It serves as a signature that reflects on these elements. Before you add or remove something, consider all changes should be aligned with the brand principles and quality.
  • Always Keep in Touch- Keep your customer in the loop. Send a newsletter saying you have exciting changes to make. When you’re done with the website edit, send them a message to give them a hint. It is one way of driving traffic to your website. People are fond of updates but make sure that the changes you made will positively impact them. Don’t ever make changes to get things more complicated for your customer. The reason why updates are done is to make things easier.
  • Promote Your Website- This is absolutely the best opportunity when you create changes on your website. Simple updates on the gallery section or excellent deals on selected products will need an announcement. When you create simple updates on your site like you added your recent photographs on the gallery section or you have some best deals on selected items, you need to announce it. Promote your website with the latest happenings. Shout out on your social media account so that your friends will notice the news. People love good deals. Your website needs a shout-out when you update your welcome page background, or you’ve added your latest blog content. Things like that are big news for your customer. It is simply telling them to expect greater things to happen the last time they’ve visited your website.

One way or another, we make changes to impress our audience. We make changes because we want to look great or get noticed. No matter what is the reason behind your website edit, keep in mind that it is okay not to be perfect. You always have room for improvement, and so will the website you manage. Listen to your customers’ comments and suggestions when you opt for them to subscribe or share their thoughts about your website. Consider lots of options like switching from limited to VIP access with your Strikingly account.

You might have multiple tries before you settle on the perfect template for your website. Everyone does it. We’ve been there, too. As long as you don’t run with ideas, Strikingly has limitless options to offer to our users. You just need to try out new things, don’t be afraid to commit mistakes, and be great at it.