Business isn’t always about gaining revenue; sometimes, it’s the goal behind why you are doing what you are doing. Unknown to many, entrepreneurship isn’t just about selling stocks or formulating marketing strategies. An entrepreneur's life does not only revolve around business meetings and other advertising propaganda made to convince the market in purchasing a product/service. Entrepreneurship can also be about something more meaningful and worth trying—something like what social entrepreneurship is doing at the moment.

What is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship definition is simple: it is entrepreneurship that deals with businesses for a social cause. In other words, it can also be a form of altruistic entrepreneurship. People who engage in social entrepreneurship through building their social enterprise, combine issues revolving around the world of e-commerce, with what is currently happening in the human race. On the other hand, a social enterprise definition is one descriptive term for a group of corporates who primarily seek to promote social entrepreneurship.

One primary aim of social entrepreneurship is to be the cause of change. To be one of the leaders in driving worldwide social change for a better future. It seeks to promote ideas on how businesses could still be active and, at the same time, give benefits to humankind.

Ramsey social foundation

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Things you should know about a social entrepreneur

A social entrepreneur formulates his marketing strategies and techniques, giving high consideration to his end goal—to help promote peace and fix social issues. If you are interested in the world of social entrepreneurship and are seeking ways to be an influential social entrepreneur, taking notes of the following ideas would be a holy grail for you.

  • They provide. Businesses and entrepreneurs exist for one common reason, to be a provider. They continue living not just to earn revenue, but also to provide their target market with the things they need. May it be a portion of food, clothing, furniture, or any type of supply, as long as it satisfies what their market seeks. Social entrepreneurs exist to let the market experience their utmost care through service and create various products to fulfill their daily needs. Social entrepreneurship happens because there are individuals who aren’t just interested in money and aim to be why an individual wants to continue living his life hassle-free.
  • They create. Social entrepreneurship seeks discovery. They don’t just rely on what can be seen by the naked eye. Instead, they continue studying various elements that can help them find solutions for different social issues. Social entrepreneurs live their daily lives venturing on different ideas that can create a massive impact on the world.
  • They take action. Social entrepreneurs take every opportunity to give answers. Using every information they have gathered, they find the best solutions and take action. Instead of going around convincing others to make a change, they start it using their ways. They implement direct action towards a specific issue/problem by creating different products or providing a set of services. As a social entrepreneur, you are required to be flexible. Flexible enough to respond immediately to any circumstance given without having that much trouble finding the best actions.
  • They inspire. Social entrepreneurship is all about inspiring people to do what you do. As a social entrepreneur, you must always put in your mind that you are doing this not because of the money, but because you want to end the suffering of others who are being unjustly treated by society. You primarily seek to change the view of people against reality. To become an effective social entrepreneur, keep yourself driven and motivated all the time for what you are doing now may be why everyone will have plastered smiles on their faces tomorrow.

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Why social entrepreneurship is a worldwide trend

Social entrepreneurship has become a worldwide trend. Why? Because it has a lot to offer, not just to a social enterprise, but also to the target beneficiaries. For the past months, social entrepreneurship has established its name in eCommerce for two main reasons: it builds relationships and gives harmony in any country.

Countries have been experiencing conflicts. Social conflicts, particularly violence and lack of fair and just treatment, continue to arise from time to time, leaving almost everyone in a state where they’ll be needing a helping hand. Through the presence of various social entrepreneurs, everyone could have the chance to get the justice and equality of life we all deserve. For example, those living in rural areas could have the opportunity to live how people in the city live through different social entrepreneurs who engage in handling foundations meant for people like them. They could have clean water, food supply, free housing, and even a stable source of income.

If there is one thing social entrepreneurship can ensure in this world, it can make it more livable. Social entrepreneurs drive worldwide innovation by providing reliable answers for society. This one aspect alone is one way of securing a healthier world for everyone. When a social entrepreneur succeeded in making his strategy work for society, it will be one green light in making others do what he did, reaching that end we all aim for—worldwide peace and stability.

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Social entrepreneurship ideas you should try

There are various ways on how you can start winning in the world of social entrepreneurship. For a starter, below are the best options Strikingly provided to make it easier for you to understand.

  1. Baking goods for a cause
  2. Engaging in Crowdfunding
  3. Developing electricity and technology projects for a specific area/the world
  4. Host educational travels
  5. Create employment-related services
  6. Making crafts for a cause
  7. Handling exercising activities among underprivileged communities
  8. Engaging in sustainable housing and development drives
  9. Providing mentorship activities and funding projects for aspiring entrepreneurs in the country
  10. Making a cooperative marketplace

Top social entrepreneurship example to start this 2021

Now that we’re done with the basics, it is now the right time for you to be more inspired in creating your social entrepreneurship agenda.


TranSanta offers a whole new definition of what social entrepreneurship is all about. They own an Instagram account that showcases different stories of transgender youth who are in need. These youth members post their created wish-list of various items they need. On the other hand, interested individuals can purchase these necessities and send them to the youth members anonymously.


TOMS is a social enterprise that once started its technique small but has now becomes massively amazing. During their early stage, they provide one child a pair of shoes for every purchasing customer. But now, buying a pair of their shoes or even purchasing sunglasses will give shoes, clean water, sight, safe birth, and even bullying protection from various people worldwide.

Ben & Jerrys

Ben & Jerry might be one of your favorite ice cream brands, but did you know that they do more than make best-tasting ice cream? This social enterprise supports environment-related projects like farming, manufacturing processes, LGBTQ plus issues, and racial injustice.

Muhammad Yunus

This social entrepreneur is the founder of Grameen Bank, an institution based in Bangladesh that seeks to provide small loans to families who live in poverty. Yunus’ bank has managed to gain a total income of ten million dollars and built at least 2,500 branches all over Bangladesh. This strategy of social entrepreneurship made them bag a Noble Prize.

Scott Harrison

Harrison is the CEO and speaker of INBOUND, a non-profit charity seeking safe and clean drinking water to every individual worldwide. His social enterprise has already funded thirty-eight thousand water-related projects and given help to at least ten million individuals to get clean water.

Jazminne Raine

This social entrepreneur is the founder of Hara House, the first-ever zero-waste house in Rajasthan, India. This house has become a tourist spot destination. For every profit it gains, twenty percent goes to the local youths within the area who have been victims of social injustice and lack environmental education. The youth in the said area are the ones who primarily help in taking care of the guest house, giving a tour, and running the community center.

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Start getting into the world of social entrepreneurship with Strikingly

Engaging in the world of social entrepreneurship is easier if you know who to rely on. To make your goal more attainable and influence individuals to choose a path like yours, you must know how to gather your audience. One way to make that? Make your social entrepreneurship website.

Strikingly is a website builder that aims for social movements. As a website user, it can give you the power to influence everyone to do what you want and express what you feel through every website you design and create. If you are someone who truly aims for nothing but the good of your beloved country, then you should start designing your website with Strikingly.

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