Website development used to sound so complicated that it’s better left to professionals. You need to learn programming languages to build a website and even more training to design a functional and beautiful one. But with the rising popularity of website builders, it has become easier to create your own website without writing a single line of code. All of a sudden, the task of site development has ceased to become as intimidating as it used to be.

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1. Create a concept and identify your website goals

Every business website is built out of a specific set of goals. There has to be a reason why you want your brand to be visible online. Identifying what it is that you want your website to do for your company influences your site’s features and content. Websites can be made to sell online, introduce a product sold offline, provide information on a service or simply become an online face for a local company. Once you’ve zeroed in on your objectives, you can move on to the next step on how to develop a website.

2. Select a website template

As a leading free website development platform, Strikingly creates beautiful and mobile-responsive website templates that are suited for most industries. Our templates are grouped according to the type to help streamline your search. Preview each design that you find interesting and start developing your site from there.

When you select a template, you must have a clear picture of the type of content you want to add to your site. Some templates are great for multimedia content while there are others that are designed to accommodate text-heavy websites.

3. Customize your website

2019 11 19 sites development

The next step in the webpage developing process is to transform your template into a page that reflects your company’s brand and image. Using Strikingly’s website editor, select a color scheme for your site. This will be used for the site’s buttons and active links mostly. Your chosen template usually comes with default color scheme options but if you want a different color or your logo’s colors are not part of any color palette, you are welcome to use a custom shade by entering the hex code for your color. You can also select a site layout from the site editor. Decide where you want your menu items to go - top of the page or on the side - and select accordingly. Don’t be afraid to play around with different design elements and combinations. You can always undo any change you make and go back to the free websites development drawing board if all else fails. You can even switch to a different template if you feel that your chosen one isn’t working for you.

4. Add your content

Content is a crucial component when you develope a website. It is the element that conveys your company’s message to your visitors. Your homepage should contain an overview of what your business does and the kind of products and services you offer. It’s also recommended to write content with SEO and search engines in mind as well. Make sure your copy is optimized for your targeted keywords to get your page to rank in relevant search results.

Add visuals to your page to make it more engaging. You can create image or video backgrounds for selected sections on your website to emphasize certain parts of your content. Learning how to develop website content is an important step in creating effective websites.

5. Get ready to launch

After you develop website content and customized the different design elements of your site, you can start getting ready to launch. Proofread your content and test your website several times before you hit publish to make sure everything is working as they should be. Your Strikingly website is already designed to render well on mobile devices but it would also be good to test it anyway just to make sure.