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Blogging continues to be a popular form of sharing content and information on the internet. While content creators these days tend to be more visible on social media, most of them started out with a blog site where they provide curated content to their followers and are even known to manage their personal websites in conjunction with their social media profiles.

These creators displayed a knack for creating interesting blog pages and choosing blog website design that appealed to their audiences. If you’re looking to pursue a career in content creation or you’re planning to start a content marketing campaign for your brand, starting a blog is a good way to go.

Blog examples from back in the day: What is a blog?

Before you decide to create your own blog, it’s important to understand what a blog is, and the history behind the phenomenon of blogging. The term “blog” originated in the 1990s. Back then, it was more of a personal account or diary. When you read those older blog examples, the use of a blog was to share your personal thoughts and experiences online. Entries were logged from most to least recent. Your latest blog posts appeared first on the site.

“Blog” is a shortened term for “weblog”. When it started it was more of a journaling tool. Blog examples from back in the day showed that it was exactly that. Blogs were a way for people to express themselves in diary format in a different medium For the first time, people were publishing open diaries on the internet. Blog design in those times was pretty simple. They began as mostly text pages. A blog example from those days would show that these were simply designed sites geared towards diary-type entries. Afterwards, people realized they could be more creative with blogs.

The varied ways of self-expression in blogs drew more people to it. From occupying a small niche in the nineties, blogging became a worldwide phenomenon. Authors could be individuals or a group. They could upload all types of media and incorporate them into their blogs: photographs, videos, memes, et cetera. A blog example today would be very different from one from three decades ago. It would be richer, with more content and presented in a variety of blog design styles.

Tens of millions of bloggers exist online today. Every blog has a different perspective and purpose. The range of blog examples and the variety in blog website design reflects that. Of course the very basic personal use blog still exist. In fact, they have never been more popular. However, to add to the personal blogs, there are numerous corporate or business blogs that expand what an example of a blog is.

It’s not just personal. It’s business.

Business blogging is different. It requires different skills and focus. Examples of blogs in business demonstrate that the objective is to increase business visibility online. The purpose is more commercial and straightforward. Google SERP ranking is the priority. Early on in the process, such examples of blogs are geared towards attracting potential customers’ attention. This is by engaging them in a conversation that is more than just a traditional company profile.

New businesses can benefit from engaging blog pages. Those that are still starting out and building their name will benefit from a blog by connecting with audiences. Blogs also help new businesses to be searchable. Through search, customers can find you on the web.

Blog website design is crucial in this respect. Once you already have search visibility, your blog website design can keep customers interested. You don’t need to spend a fortune on great blog website design, either. With web builders like Strikingly, you can conveniently sign up for a free account and explore the possibilities of blogging for business.

The last thing you want as a business is to be invisible online. With customers using search as their primary means to find information and make shopping decisions, you can’t afford to be left behind. Excellent blog examples are a mix of strategic information and effective blog design. Blogging and great blog design are among the key cornerstones of your online marketing strategy.

Whether you do decide to create your new blog for personal purposes, “just for fun” or for business, you need to make sure that you keep in mind basic optimization strategies, choose great blog website design that makes you stand out, and look up some awesome blog examples to inspire you.

You really need to connect with that relevant audience. Frequent quality blog posting is key to having higher discovery. As a lead generation tool, a blog is highly effective. Another tip is when you add a strategic CTA or call to action in your content. This can drive more quality leads to your main website. Blog examples that have well-placed CTAs are effective in driving high-quality leads.

Remember that blogging is about telling a great story. Your blog pages create a narrative around your brand, thus strengthening your authority on a particular subject. Make sure that your audience sees your expertise. This builds trust and connection between your brand and your target market.

There are different tones you can use when blogging. You can search more blog examples to get an idea of the different writing methods you can use. A formal or serious tone that’s straightforward indicates a no-nonsense business brand. Humorous language creates relatability for both personal and business brands. Choose your tone carefully and make sure it ties in with the kind of brand you are trying to build. Fill your blog pages with content that reflects this tone.

To match your writing tone, you need to select a blog design that works well with your stories. Your blog design has to complement your story. It also needs to be clear, functional and readable.

Blog Examples from the Best Free Website Builder

Blog design choice counts, and that’s where your choice of platform comes in.

With over 3 million users from all over the world, Strikingly is an internet company that strives to give startups and aspiring content creators a solid push forward with a powerful website builder. Over the years, we have seen the best blog sites slowly build their brand from the ground up and make a name for themselves in their industries.

There has been an entire library of great blog examples built on Strikingly’s platform that have succeeded in delivering quality content and great blog design to users.

Blogs have been around for ages and are used by both big and small brands as well as individuals to introduce new content and ideas to their audience. The internet is now saturated with so much content and blogs that it can be a challenge to break out into the industry with everyone eager to share information with the world. However, when done right, even free blog sites can have a fighting chance of building a loyal audience especially when you design a site to suit the needs of your target readers.

How to make a blog that will appeal to your audience? Here are a few points to consider when starting a blog based on a few blog examples powered by Strikingly.

These blog examples demonstrate how easy and convenient it is to get started on a blog using Strikingly.

Against the Grain


Against the Grain is a blog created by Angela Corrado to journal her professional and personal experiences and ideas. The design itself is very minimalistic and elegant - there’s nothing fancy about it at all but it is very inviting in its simplicity. This is a good example of how to create a blog that is effective at drawing readers in without having to spend so much on fancy apps and distracting visuals. The writer relies on her content to bring an interested audience. She presents recent blog articles in a grid format including a short snippet of the content to give readers a good idea of what each post is about.

Let your content speak for itself. There’s no need to distract readers with fancy features if you create blog articles that are meaty and informative.

Simply STEM-tastic


Simply STEM-tastic is a blog targeted at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) enthusiasts but also tries to capture an audience that may find this subject hard to digest but still want to give it a try. It simplifies STEM topics and presents them in a fun and engaging way in each blog post.

When it comes to creating blog websites, understanding your audience - its interests and challenges - is key to producing quality content. Strikingly’s blog platform allows you to update your free blog site through an intuitive editor. Add images and videos to your blog posts and create content through the website editor with ease.



One of the best things about Strikingly is that it gives you enough room to grow your website and transform it according to the type of content you want to serve. By adding the Simple Blog, you can turn your website into a content marketing tool for your brand. Pupitre is a good example in this case. With Strikingly’s intuitive web editor, you can expand your site and allow it to evolve according to your brand objectives. For instance, you can start off with a blog site and later on add an online store when you decide to sell merchandise or your site can be a professional portfolio to attract new clients or customers.

Pretty Olive Interiors


A blog is also a good way to establish your brand as an authority in your niche. Pretty Olive Interiors is essentially an interior design company that added a blog section to its website potentially as part of a brand building and marketing strategy to capture a specific audience. Blogs, in marketing, are often used to capture customers in the process of learning more about a product or service. Providing informative content to help potential clients understand how services work will help them make informed decisions and gently nudge them in the right direction towards a sale.

Start building your brand with an awesome blog site today.