TFP shoot ideas

Along with the never-ending pricing discussion, trade work (or TFP shoots) is possibly the most contentious topic in the photography profession. There are, however, a number of compelling reasons to consider the TFP photography, just as there are some compelling reasons to laugh at the proposal.

TFP stands for "Time for Prints" and is a word used frequently by models and photographers. It can also be interpreted as "trade for prints" or "test for prints."Both terms relate to a sort of shoot in which a photographer and model agree to collaborate but no money is transferred in exchange for services. To finish a partnership and distribute the photographs as a completed product, each trades time and expertise.

What is TFP Shoot?

A TFP shoot is a photoshoot for which no monetary compensation is offered in exchange for services. Models, stylists, and photographers all contribute their time, and all parties are free to utilize the final photographs for their own purposes or self-promotion.

It's just a fancy way of saying that the team will labor for free in exchange for receiving photographs that they'll need for any reason, along with permission to use them.

The secret to the TFP shoot is that everyone benefits equally from the partnership. Most of the time, this means the photographer can use the photographs to promote their services. Stylists might include them in their portfolios and promote them. The photographs can also be used by the model to get more TFP modeling jobs.

TFP shots, in general, are beneficial for portfolio development, education, bringing personal cooperation to fruition, true exposure, resume addition, and enhancing credibility.

What Makes TFP Shoots Beneficial to Your Portfolio?

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There are numerous reasons why participating in a TFP photoshoot can be beneficial to your photography profession, whether it's to test out new techniques or to learn how to work with models.

  • Putting up a TFP shoot is a fantastic method to keep your creative juices going and breakthrough creative blocks. TFP work allows you to take a break from your regular paid assignments and produce something truly unique.
  • When was the last time you went through your portfolio and culled it? Clients will judge you based on your portfolio before anything else, according to 63% of clients. It's time to do some spring cleaning if you have any old work in there. After you've cleaned the house, restock it with new photos from a recent TFP shoot.
  • Do you want to experiment with a new photographic technique? You want to bring your project to life when you get a case of creative fever, so take the reins and make it happen! Nothing beats a passion project for bringing you joy and fulfillment. A TFP photoshoot allows you to test out different concepts in a low-pressure environment without the pressure of a paying customer.

How Do You Put a TFP Shoot Together?

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You have the most power over a TFP shoot as the photographer in the mix. If you're the one who came up with the idea for the shoot, now's the time to put together your dream crew. You'll want to seek out creatives who can assist you in producing the best possible product. Among the people on your list of recruitment could be:

• Professionals in Hair and Makeup

Nothing ruins a good session like a droopy eyelid or a droopy hairstyle.


The wardrobe can play a big part in setting the tone for your shoot.

• Model

The type of TFP shoot you're planning will dictate the type of model you're looking for.

You don't have a concept in mind, but you'd want to work on a TFP project? Check with local hairstylists, makeup artists, and stylists to see if any of them are planning a TFP session and need someone to shoot it.

The logistics are up next!

  • To begin, determine the expenditures associated with this TFP photograph. Do you have any equipment? Do you have a studio? Who is responsible for what? Will you cover the expenses personally or divide them among the creative team?
  • Once you've assembled your TFP shoot team, tell them about your ideas for the shoot. Style sheets and mood boards are both useful. It unites the team and allows them to see what's going on in your thoughts. From lighting and haircuts to location and outfit inspiration, we've got you covered. Pose recommendations or photographs of inspiration that might help your model practice and prepare.
  • It is usually best to decide ahead of time how many digital files and/or prints each person will receive, as well as how the photographs will be chosen. Allow your TFP team to purchase additional photographs if they so desire, but work out the price and terms ahead of time.

It's Finally Time to Add Your TFP Photos to Your Portfolio!

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Your photoshoot is finished, but your work isn't finished yet. You have your photographs, but they aren't sent straight from the camera to your client. There are a couple of additional stages to completing your TFP shoot after post-production.

Congratulations if you're using this TFP opportunity to start your portfolio! You're well on your road to realizing your photographic ambitions. It's critical to find a great host for your online portfolio website. Choose a website builder that offers dynamic templates that complement your brand and beautifully display your TFP shoot work. A free trial is also a good idea so you can make sure the site is right for you.

While you may believe that the most essential consideration is choosing photographs to include in your photo portfolio, the manner you present your work can have a significant impact on the success (or failure) of your photography portfolio website. According to a study, the quality of your photographic portfolio layout has a significant impact on your job prospects.

With that in mind, it's critical that you invest a lot of thought and attention into how you exhibit your photography website after you are done with your TFP shoot: you need to demonstrate that you're a professional who takes pride in your work.

You should select a photography portfolio website builder that allows you to include your own unique design aesthetic and brand identification into themes and templates that accurately represent you and your work. If you're new to making an online portfolio, using a portfolio builder that specialized in online photography portfolios will make the process even easier.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to show that you're confident in your work and that you're serious about your photography profession by building a portfolio. You may construct a gorgeous, completely customized photo portfolio site at a price that fits any budget.

What is the Best Way to Create an Online Portfolio?

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You're most likely more focused on your work as an artist, creating pieces that reflect your current feelings or thoughts. Creating an online portfolio may be the last thing on your mind after your TFP shoot when you're on a creative high. Having your own website, on the other hand, is a necessary component of a successful career. Because agencies, clients, and fans are always looking for the next great masterpiece, you want to be able to showcase your work to a bigger audience. In just a few minutes, you can create your own free art portfolio website with Strikingly. As a consequence, you'll be able to return to creating fantastic portfolio pieces. Here are the few steps to follow while creating an online portfolio website with Strikingly.

1. Create a Website Concept

Consider your online portfolio to be your business card on the internet. It should reflect both your personality and your company's brand. Before you start building your website, it's vital to have a firm grasp of your objectives and the overall look and feel of your portfolio.

2. Choose a Template Suitable for Your TFP Shoot Images

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You won't have to learn how to read or write code to get your website up and operating if you choose a template rather than starting from scratch. A template with content has already been prepared, allowing it to function as a stand-alone website. Consider it the shell of a home that you want to personalize according to your preferences. Not all templates, however, are created equal. Your content will decide the sort of template you use and the components it should have.

3. Include Only your Best Works

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The best portfolio websites don't always feature an artist's whole body of work. Most clients and agencies will not spend time looking through your entire portfolio, so selecting a few of your best TFP shoot images is significantly more efficient. These are objects that reflect your unique style as well as your area of expertise. Consider organizing your collection by media, topic, or theme if you still have a big number of pieces. You can add multiple gallery sections to your online portfolio website to keep your space organized and easy to navigate.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it's entirely up to you how you operate your business or practice your artistic profession. Just because it's a trade show doesn't mean your professionalism has to be thrown out the window. You must treat this session as if it were a job, which means being on time, being on your best behavior, and keeping your word.

Don't be afraid to contact models to ask if they'd like to participate in a TFP shoot or collaboration. Remember that many people are seeking a specific style for their portfolio, so you may receive some "no" responses along the road.

Continue to practice and improve your photography, and you'll discover that more individuals will come to you for these kinds of sessions.