Using a free photo editor to tweak website images can be time-consuming but it is something that has to be done. We cannot emphasize this enough: visual marketing is a crucial element in website design. Images, graphics and videos have the power to drive traffic, shares, and conversions. In fact, your webpage is more likely to rank on search engine results lists if you have at least one relevant image in your content.

It all sounds easier said than done especially if you don’t have the creativity to create diverse designs or repurpose stock images to suit your website’s design scheme. We know how important it is to make sure our content is viewed and shared but the challenge is producing visuals that will reinforce our message and drive traffic to our websites.

Luckily, there are a number of options available for free online photo editor that you can use to create engaging visuals. With a good photo editor online, you don’t need to have pro image editing skills to produce visuals that will drive traffic to your site. With these tools, it’s possible to create professional looking images at no cost.

As a leading internet company, Strikingly empowers startups, small businesses and individuals with a powerful website editor and tools they can access for free. It features a built in photo editor free of cost to enable users to do simple image edits and make their pages stand out.

With Strikingly’s built-in free photo editor online, you can make minor edits to your images including adjustments to brightness, saturation and contrast. You can also crop your photo to highlight certain angles and rotate it to provide a different view to the visual. With a few simple tweaks, you can convert any stock photo into an image that is more suited to the tone of your content.

With that being said, here are a few tips on how you can edit your images like a pro using any web photo editor.

1. Quality is important

Images have the power to reinforce your message and make it resonate with your audience. This is why using high quality photos is a crucial first step in establishing a positive visual experience on your site. This may not be part of editing per se but having good quality images as a starting point gives you a solid foundation for any edits that you will be doing with the best free photo editor.

Just like most photo editor no download options, Strikingly can connect you to a library of stock images that you can use on your site. However, if you have the budget for it, we do recommend that you invest in quality stock images or get professional photography services to take custom shots of your business, products, or services.

2. Follow the rule of thirds

When cropping or framing your photos, it’s important to keep the rule of thirds in mind. Imagine your image divided into three equal parts horizontally and vertically. The main focus of your image or the most important part of a photo should be positioned at the intersection points to create a more natural composition.

3. Use filters

Filters are not just for Instagram or Facebook photos. You can use them for your website images as well. Just steer clear of the comical or witty overlays if your website’s overall tone clashes with them, however. Filtered photos or using a particular filter for your visuals help create a cohesive brand style that people will easily recognize. It would help if you extend this style to other online profiles such as social media pages to push your branding further.

4. Experiment with temperatures

Playing around with temperatures can give your website images a different look. Warm light treatments make pictures more vibrant and stimulating while cooler tones evoke calmness. Adjust the colors on your images to match the style of your website. You can also play around with contrast, brightness and exposure with your free photo editor to make your stock images stand out.

Pictures can speak louder than words. Experiment with Strikingly’s free photo editor and create awesome websites today.