Photoshop tricks

A picture says a thousand words. Everything from the lighting technique to the subject matter reflects a hidden story. In this digital age, images have become a critical tool in conveying meaning. Without the right tools and equipment, we risk losing the value of memories captured in photos.

Apart from their inherent importance, images are critical in websites too. They provide a sense of break after reading blocks of text. They also divert the attention of web visitors to the best features of a website. These and other hundred things are the reason why Photoshop tricks are very crucial.

A of people have a shallow perception of Photoshop. They frequently associate the software with image deception that often harms individuals. However, Photoshop is one of the most fundamental software today, particularly in the field of photography. It’s used to conceal image flaws, enhance pixel resolution, and add elements that evoke emotions in a photo.

If you have a knack for capturing beauty through photography, you must learn Photoshop editing tips to upscale your skillset and use it to make extra revenue. Furthermore, mastering Photoshop tricks also unlocks a myriad of opportunities for you.

Ready to become a master of photoshop? Here are some awesome Photoshop tricks you need to learn today:

Best Photoshop Tips and Tricks to Make Your Images Pop

Photoshop tips

First of all, before you get your hands into Photoshop tips and tricks, there are a couple of things you need to accomplish. First, you must understand Photoshop basic tools, features, and functions before you can master Photoshop tricks. Here are some common things you can do with Photoshop:

Best Photoshop Tricks

• Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool to Outline Objects in the Image

Photoshop comes with a regular lasso tool that allows users to outline certain objects in an image. However, there’s a problem with that. Some objects have elaborate and complex shapes, making them difficult to outline. Fortunately, there’s the magnetic lasso tool to solve this problem.

To use this, hold your mouse over the Lasso Tool until you see the fly-out menu. The icon for the Magnetic Lasso Tool is a tiny magnet - make sure to select it. Then, select an edge of the object you want to outline. To select the entire object, just move your mouse around the edges. Think of this function as if cutting an outline using scissors.

• Remove Image Flaws With the Blur Tool

The blur tool makes tiny flaws go away. This is one of the most popular and useful Photoshop tricks to try, If you want to smoothen a seemingly rough patch on an image, use the blur to eliminate the issue. You can also use this tool to get rid of fine lines in an image. This is particularly great for portrait images of people.

To use this, find the blur tool in the tools panel. Then, you must select a brush from the brush picker. You can adjust the blur effect using the blur strength slider. Make sure to select Use All Layers when you want to blur a visible layer.

• Changing Image Dimensions For Better Viewing

Transforming an image’s size has never been easier! A list of Photoshop tips and tricks wouldn’t be complete without resizing tools. You can rotate or distort images using various tools.

Hit Ctrl + T to launch the transformation tool. A bounding box will then appear on the screen. You have to adjust the shape and size of this box to the corners of the image, Finally, hit Enter. To flip the image, use Ctrl + T, then right-click on your mouse. Select whether you want to flip horizontally or vertically. For image distortion, click Ctrl + T, then place the cursor over the part you want to distort. Hold the control while selecting that part. Hit Enter to apply changes.

• Beautify Your Subjects With the Layer Styles

Want to add astounding visual effects to your images? Layer Styles are of the most used Photoshop tricks, especially when adding specific visual elements to photos.

You can add any effects you like including special strobes of light or adding shadows to certain corners. If you want to beautify any subject, don’t forget to use layer styles.

To access this, go to your Layers Panel, then select a layer you want to edit. Then, from the Effects Panel, choose a Layer Style you want to use. Finally, click on Apply.

• Using Adjustment Layers to Add Hues

Adjustment layers are at the top of Photoshop editing tips. This simple yet extremely vital photoshop tool is integral to most photoshop tricks. Generally, adjustment layers allow you to add a layer over your image. Then, you can apply edits on the adjustment layer you just added. You can change the color hues or manipulate the colors to your liking.

Adding adjustment layers is essential for various reasons. The best reason is that you can immediately revert back when you make mistakes. For example, if you’ve edited an image too excessively, you can just remove or delete the layer instead of starting over. This is great, especially for those who are just beginners with Photoshop tricks.

• Create Some Magic Using the Magic Wand Tool

The magic wand tool is genuinely the most magical among most Photoshop tips. Have you ever experienced capturing an image with a terrible background? If you did, your hands might be itching to change the background of your image. It’s an honest need among most photographers.

Photoshop makes it much easier for you to do this. With the Magic Wand Tool, you can change into a basic background in an instant - just like magic!

To use this, go over the Tools Panel. Then, move to the part of the image you need to change. When doing this, don’t forget to select “Add to Selection” so you can change colors and other tonal hues.

More Photoshop Editing Tips to Try Out

Can’t get enough of Photoshop tricks? Here are a couple more to try:

  • Cycle Blend Modes
  • Integrate image to text
  • Interactive zoom
  • Marquee selection
  • Changing patterns

We’ll also add a couple of Photoshop shortcuts to enjoy these photoshop tricks:

  • Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E (Merge copies of all layers)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+L (Open levels box)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+B (Change color balance)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Opt+G (Use clipping mask)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+0 (Fit image on the screen)
  • Cmd/Ctrl+M (Open curves)

How to Showcase Your Photoshop Skills to the World

Want the whole world to see how well you execute Photoshop tricks and tips? The best thing to do is to create your own photography website.

1. Create Your Strikingly Account

Strikingly account

Image taken from Strikingly user website

For starters, head on to Strikingly. Then proceed to create your free account. Don't worry, there are hidden commitments here. Strikingly just wants you to unleash your Photoshop skills.

Now that you have your account, you can now proceed to step number 2.

2. Choose the Perfect Photography Template

Strikingly offers a wide array of website templates to choose from. Since you want to demonstrate your mastery of Photoshop tricks, we recommend using the Sparks Photography template.

template for photoshop editing tips

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Take some time adding and making changes to your template. You can change the background, image, color palette, and layout. Make sure to make each webpage as captivating as possible.

3. Add a Gallery Section to Your Photography Website

A photography website won't be complete without a gallery section. This is where all the images you've taken and edited using Photoshop editing tips are displayed.

Photoshop tips and tricks to gallery

Image taken from Strikingly user website

To add a gallery section, go to the left-side menu of your editor window. Then select "Add New Section". Finally, choose "Gallery".

4. Use Photoshop Tricks in Images You’ll Upload

There are two ways to add images to your gallery section. One, to upload a new image either from your computer or from the web. Two, upload images from the photos you imported in the past.

Adding images

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Make sure that you've used the appropriate Photoshop tricks in all your images. Don't forget to upload them in the best quality possible. You wouldn't want viewers to see pixelated photos, right?

If you've applied some of the Photoshop tips we've listed, you can be sure that your images are stunning enough for the internet to see.

5. Manage Your Photography Portfolio and Imported Images

Finally, you can manage your images by importing them to Strikingly. Through this, you can see the kind of images you already have in your portfolio.

Imported images

Image taken from Strikingly user website

By doing this, you can easily see which images to post next. Having imported images is also like having an extra database of your photos.

Mastering the art of image manipulation requires you to understand many Photoshop tricks. All these tips are essential to your images, especially when you're uploading them to your photography website. Unleash the Photoshop master in you by following these Photoshop tips and creating your Strikingly account today.