When it comes to building your business presence online, you only want the best. After all, who would settle for less, right? Setting up an online business is not an easy job to do at first. You would need to put your best foot forward and make the best out of your available resources for your startup business. Have you noticed that we only choose the word best? That is because your business should stand out and be the best among the rest if you are setting up a website.

In this content, we will give you ideas and insights about choosing the best web page creator and website template for your online business. You’ll realize that Strikingly has a 100% dedication in empowering business owners and talented individuals in building a website.

A website can do so many things. It creates a good first impression about a brand, sends the company’s message about its products and services, describes the company culture or it could serve as a reliable source of information for repeat visitors. When done right, you can build a successful website through a web page creator without breaking the bank.

  1. Choose the best web page creator

With a variety of choices available for you when it comes to web page maker software, how do you make the right decision? This all depends on a few factors including your budget, the type of website you’re creating and the kind of support you expect in case you get stuck during the website building and management process. Getting a free web page creator might be a great idea for beginners who want to dip their toes in web development but you must create a website with a view that it will grow bigger. Make sure that your website builder can keep up as your business grows in scale.


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With Strikingly you can build free websites in minutes. You don’t need to learn how to code or get a specialization in web design. Because this web page maker has made editing a less complicated task to do, you can build and personalize your business website. What is good about Strikingly website editor is its drag and drop feature that allows you to move around texts, images, and objects on your website without dropping a sweat on your forehead. Does it sound amazing? Choosing the best web page maker is the most important decision you have to make. If you know what you want for your business and you are persistent to achieve it, then the features we’ve mentioned above might help you make the right decision.

2. Choose the best template

Okay, this is the next important decision that you have to make. Consider the type of business you are setting up in choosing one of the web page maker templates. Don’t be lost with the stunning layout designs and stylish templates. Stick to your business quality and identity that you want your audience to remember about your brand. If you can achieve good qualities like simplicity and professionality in one template, grab it.

One of the best things about using an online webpage creator is you never really start building a website from scratch. You work off a website template that comes with pre-determined sections where your content can fit. You don’t need to write code to build your site because the framework is already prepared for you.


Image taken from Strikingly website - Figapps Template

Having said that, choosing the best template is very important for your business website success. An easy web page creator such as Strikingly gives you a wide selection of themes that will suit virtually with every industry. It also provides you with a certain level of freedom to customize the look and feel of your website, allowing you to switch up color schemes to reflect your branding. We’re just so excited to welcome you and help you build your business online.

  1. Identify the essential integrations you need

Strikingly allows you to expand the functionality of your website through app integrations. Part of building a successful website is deciding on what features your sites should have. Your choice of integrations is influenced by the objectives of the website and what you want users to do in it when it’s up. This is one of the things you need to consider in choosing a web page creator for your online business.


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For instance, if you want them to sign up for a service, you might want to add a contact form that clearly indicates the kind of service they need. You might also want to add an ecommerce section if you’re selling items online or install social media buttons so visitors can follow your social media pages easily.

What’s the cool thing about Strikingly is that it gives you a preview of your website while you make simple edits. Our website editor gives you two options to view your site, you can switch in between a desktop and mobile view mode. The best part is you can edit using your website mobile app. You can reply to your visitors’ inquiries while you’re at the cafe or on vacation somewhere. We let you manage your business at the tap of your fingertip.

  1. Add a suitable domain name

While it’s okay to start with a free domain, getting a custom domain can help make your website look professional. It gives your audience the idea that your business has its own identity. Experts advise that it is best to get adomain name because it also expresses legitimacy and effective branding strategy. For a startup business it can help reach the target audience provided that you choose a unique and related set of words. Select a domain that effectively describes the kind of service or product you have. Some companies use their brand names, others use a core keyword that describes what they are. Whatever it is you select, make sure that it is easy to read and remember. With Strikingly, you can purchase or transfer domains with us. You can even get a free domain if you sign up for any yearly plan or higher (2, 3, 5 year plans).

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5. Customize the look and feel of your site

Finally, it’s important to create a website that visitors can identify as part of your brand. Do not stop at adding content to your template. Customize it by playing around with different layouts, color schemes and font combinations to create a unique-looking page. Strikingly lets you add custom color schemes or custom fonts to your website to make your page design coincide with your branding.


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There are a lot of different ways to make your website stand out - from the use of high quality visuals to engaging content. Do not be afraid to experiment on different design elements. Continue improving your website long after you’ve launched it by listening to feedback about how you can make your pages better.

How to Create a Website for Your Online Business with Strikingly

We think it’s best to give you a hint of how simple and easy it is to build a website with Strikingly. We are a web page creator that you can rely on building your business online. We can’t wait to show you the growing number of startup businesses, personal portfolios, organizations, and company websites that are created with us.

  1. Sign up now - You’re making the right decision to choose the best web page creator that will guide you along the way. We got you covered in giving your online business the best web presence.


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  1. Choose a template - It shouldn’t take you three minutes to choose the best template, but if you are having a hard time choosing the perfect layout design, chat with our customer support. We’ll give you more template ideas that perfectly fit for your online business. We’re a web page creator with 24/7 backend support.

Choose template page

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  1. Add Simple Store - For an online store type of business, this is a must-have section on your website. Strikingly has made it easy to add a Simple Store when you need it. Sell online courses, upload exclusive tutorial videos for your members, and add images of your handmade crafts. A web page creator that lets you add a Simple Store easily is simply the best.

Simple store screenshot

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  1. Upload your product images- You can do this by browsing from your computer or just add the link of the image source. You can also set the layout setting to drag and drop mode to make your editing more personalized.

Add product screenshot
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  1. Add a Contact Form and Custom Form

With Strikingly, you can have a custom form where you can add any field that you want on your website. Unlike the contact form, you have a control on what to put on the custom form section. Personalize your message to your visitors and encourage them to reach out for questions about your website. Help your customer get in touch with you by adding a contact form. In this section you can ask for their name and email address. Just in case you want to share exclusive content to your followers, a sign up form is a great section to add on your website.

Contact form section
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  1. Connect your Social Media - Followers, subscribers, and more customers are waving at you. Don’t miss the chance to get more traffic on your website. Take them to your social media account and keep them updated with the latest posts about their favorite items on your online shop. Shout out the best deals they will surely love.

Social media link
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  1. Review and Publish - Once you’re satisfied, you can see this powerful button with a rocket ship icon at the bottom left part of our website editor that says “Publish”. Don’t miss it. It’s the key to your online business success.

Website editor screenshot

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Here at Strikingly we love to see your business grow. You can experience the best web page creator that is user-friendly, stylish, and mobile-ready. The new trend in business is being able to run it anywhere and anytime you want. Find a web page maker that will cater the best service you need. Be amazed with Strikingly team and services. Create a website for your online business with us now.