Here at Strikingly, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and businesses build their online presence through beautiful and modern websites. We believe in every person’s potential to contribute his or her unique talents to affect change and if your passion lies in turning living canvases into works of art through cosmetics, we have the right makeup artist website templates to help you get started.

2019 11 22 makeup artist website

A makeup artist website serves as your online business card - a home for your growing portfolio. It is the best way to showcase your creations to the world and even attract a following from beauty enthusiasts.

Decide on your niche

There are so many different kinds of makeup artists. The theme of your makeup artist web site will revolve around your expertise. Professional makeup artist websites feature an extensive portfolio of projects that they have worked on within their selected niche. If you are a beginner in this industry, you have a lot of opportunities to try different areas of makeup artistry before settling for an area that interests you the most.

2019 11 22 makeup artist websites

Freelance makeup artists who are just starting out in their careers usually build diverse portfolio websites covering various areas of makeup artistry and cosmetics. On the one hand, a portfolio composed of different work categories would reflect your versatility as an artist and it’s always good to see professionals do well in various areas. On the other hand, do note that as time goes by, you’re most likely going to specialize in a specific niche and you want to keep this in view when you build content for makeup artist websites and other online spaces moving forward.

Keep your website template simple

Shots of your work are more than enough to turn your makeup artist website into a colorful spectacle. As an artist working with colors and textures, with the face as your canvas, you don’t need a fancy website to turn heads around. Stick to a minimalist template and let your creations take center stage on your site. Add lots of white space and steer clear of busy backgrounds as they tend to clash with your site’s content.

Create categories

While most professional makeup artists specialize in a single area, nobody said being versatile is illegal. Create a coherent online portfolio by presenting your work in categories. For instance, create a gallery section for each type of makeup artistry that you practice in - high fashion, commercial, bridal, film and theatrical, etc. This will help users understand your content and zero in on an area that interests them the most.

Connect your social media pages

With social media being the easiest way to update followers on current and future projects, you want to make sure that your web visitors are fed the same information on your site. Create a social stream section on your Strikingly website so you don’t need to update two platforms everytime you start a new project. With a social stream feature, your Instagram posts, for instance, will automatically display on your website and can contribute to your growing portfolio of work.

Engage your audience

Aside from creating content that people want to see, you can use your makeup artist web site to interact with your followers. Add a chat feature to your site so you can attend to inquiries and questions in real time. Your contact details should also be displayed prominently on your pages so visitors will know how to reach you. You can also create a blog and encourage users to sign up for your newsletter as another way to update your followers on what you have been up to. Play around with the different features on your Strikingly website and discover new ways of engaging your audience while you’re at it.