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It is fascinating how makeup has always been a part of every culture. It might have evolved from sacred rites or vanity forms, but either way, makeup has always played a huge part in our history.

Not so long ago, most children learned about cosmetics by observing their mothers applying their red lipsticks in front of their vanity mirrors - a very intimate memory. Moms are often people’s first beauty icon and definition because that intimate moment was their first meeting with art. Their moms opened the door to infinite possibilities.

Today, learning about makeup is one click away. You just need to type “makeup tutorial”, and a whole bunch of results would come up - and it’s likewise the same for those who want their makeup done by someone else. And if makeup’s your bread and butter, this is why you need to start your make up artist web site. Strikingly has helped thousands of individuals and businesses build their online presence through beautiful and modern websites. The best makeup artist websites did not just pop up on the internet. With the help of a good website builder, they are designed by creative professionals just like you.

Every person has the potential to contribute his or her unique talents to change the game in the industry. If your passion lies in turning living canvases into works of art through cosmetics, we have the proper makeup artist website templates to help you get started.

Your makeup artist websites serve as your online business card and a home for your growing portfolio. Level up your online presence and add makeup artist websites to your platforms. It is the best way to showcase your creations to the world and even attract a following from beauty enthusiasts. Besides that, social media is fun and accessible, but your very own makeup artist websites will get you serious, paying clients and more extensive networks.

Are you ready to share your makeup ideas with the world? Follow these steps to create your makeup artist websites!

Makeup tools

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Decide on your niche

There are many different kinds of makeup artistry, and it is constantly evolving and expanding. The most common ones we see are for weddings, brands, or performance art.

  • Makeup for brides is almost always glamorous, but unless the bride demands it, you can suggest mixing it up slightly with the trend; Pinterest and Instagram are good sources of inspiration for the kind of looks brides go for. More and more couples dare to make their special day enjoyable, so be ready for quirky makeup style requests.
  • Brands have long lists of crazy ideas. If you decide to work in this industry, load your makeup kit with classic nudes, but don’t forget the feathers and chocolate syrup - these are trade secrets and whatever else the art director may want and need in any avant-garde shoot.
  • Performance art can range from slight to no makeup to drag-queen makeup to bloody and scary special effects makeup.

Makeup artist in action

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash

No matter what artistry’s demanded of you, clients will most likely hire you for a niche you’re most known for; but whatever skill level you’re at, always remembers to come prepared with a lot of paper and cloth towels.

The theme of your makeup artist website will revolve around your expertise. Professional makeup artist websites feature an extensive portfolio of projects that they have worked on within their selected niche. Suppose you are a beginner in this industry. In that case, you have many opportunities to try different makeup artistry areas before settling for a place that interests you the most.

Freelance makeup artist websites for those who are just starting usually include diverse portfolios covering various makeup artistry and cosmetics. On the one hand, a portfolio composed of different work categories would reflect your versatility as an artist -- this could make your website look messy and disorganized. Although when done right, your website will attract more potential clients.

It is amazing to see versatile artists, as time goes by, eventually, specialize in a specific niche, and you might decide to do the same. The good thing about Strikingly is that you can easily customize and redesign your website if you wish to re-brand. Keep this in mind when you build content for makeup artist websites and other online spaces moving forward. As with many things, there is always room for growth.

Create A Brand

Having a product or services is not enough to make you stand out in the market today. You need to spread your story that matters to the world. In short, you need a brand.

A brand is a story or emotional feelings that you want your audiences to remember or feel when they hear or look at your products and services. It is the image that takes your product or services beyond just consumable goods or simply a service.

One way to create a brand is by telling your own story. Tell your audiences your motivation for starting a career as a makeup artist. Share your experiences when you find that this is your calling in life. Most importantly, inform your audiences about how you want to contribute to society as a makeup artist.

Swist Manifesto

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

To give you an example, let us take a look at Swish. Swish is an app that helps people to find the best makeup for their style. What motivates the founder of Swish to make this app? They believe that beauty is not defined by supermodels that are promoting cosmetics or other makeup products. They think that the concept of beauty is more than that; it can be found in each of us and not in the brand of cosmetics product. Everyone can have a touch of beauty inside of them, and in a sense, everyone is equal. This story, or mission statement, makes the Swish app more than just an app that gives makeup recommendations. It makes Swish to be an app that tries to make the world a better place.

Other than Swish, you can always try to find other makeup artist websites and take a look at their brand. Study their mission, their journey, and how they relate their products or services to their brand. Learning from others can also help you to find many makeup artist website ideas that you can apply to your makeup artist websites later on.

Keep your website template simple


Image taken from Strikingly product

Shots of your work are more than enough to turn your makeup artist website into a colorful spectacle. As an artist working with colors and textures, you don’t need a fancy website to turn heads around. Stick to a minimalist template and let your creations take center stage on your site, or open with a strong landing page to set the tone. Choose a makeup artist website template with lots of white space and steer clear of busy backgrounds as they tend to clash with your site’s content, and not confuse your potential clients on where to look.

Since you’re working with visual art, your makeup artist web site arrangement should be structured in a way to improve its performance. Instead of choosing a sliding gallery, choose static and grid. With the right amount of spacing, your gallery would definitely look neat on your makeup artist website.

Create categories

Isa Catepillan Gallery

Image taken from Strikingly user's website

While most professional makeup artists specialize in a single area, nobody said being versatile is illegal. Create a coherent online portfolio by presenting your work in categories. For instance, create a gallery section for each type of makeup artistry that you practice in - high fashion, commercial, bridal, film and theatrical, etc. This will help users understand your content and zero in on an area that interests them the most.

And from this, collate your photos. Only add a few on each project you want to share. Find a way that your arrangement tells a story instead of just putting in your favorite photo once and done. Also, make sure your work is shot professionally. The lighting should complement your work of art, and the background should be either plain or stylized, according to which best flatters your work.

Similar to the process of creating a brand, you can always find help in arranging your gallery section by looking at other makeup artist websites. Take a look at other makeup portfolios examples and study how they organize their works. Study how they create and execute their concept. By analyzing someone’s makeup artistry portfolio, you can find many ideas to apply to make your gallery section more stunning.

You can add behind-the-scenes photos and videos at a specific section or page to your makeup artist website to make it feel more personal. But don’t add too much - less is always more, and you can communicate most of these with good website copy. Save the rest of your fun photos and videos to your linked social media accounts.

Another way to create your gallery for your makeup artist websites is by using the grid section. With the grid section, you can also easily categorize your works. You can also attach links to an image in the grid section that can forward your audience to a page where they can find your other works. Make sure to optimize your images so that you can get the best results from your makeup artist websites.

Connect your social media pages

Social Feed Manager

Image taken from Strikingly product

With social media being the easiest way to update followers on current and future projects, you want to make sure that your web visitors are fed the same information on your makeup artist website. Create a social stream section on your Strikingly so you don’t need to update two platforms everytime you start a new project. With a social stream feature, you can share the same content from your Instagram to your website and contribute to your growing portfolio of work.

Engage your audience

Besides creating content that people want to see, you can use your makeup artist web site to interact with your followers. Your contact details should be displayed prominently on your pages so visitors will know how to reach you. Always double-check the information you put out because we can not take back a missed opportunity. We can never predict the day a client who can lead you to more significant projects visits your website. So make sure your contact details are accurate, prominent, and reachable.

Freelance makeup artist websites should have a feature that would allow artists to communicate with their followers and clients. Add a chat feature to your site so you can attend to inquiries and questions in real-time. You can even post and allot a regular schedule as to when you’re available to communicate with your audience so they’ll know when to expect you.

Strikingly Newsletter feature

Image taken from Strikingly product

You can encourage your regular visitors to sign up for your newsletter as another way to update them on what you have been up to. Add options to your newsletter subscription so you’ll know which update you should only notify them with.

Write blogs or make videos that would excite your followers about your projects. You can opt to respond to them through your blogs and vlogs and give them a shout out to make them feel how much you appreciate and care for them. Make it substantial yet short to keep your makeup artist website optimal.

Building a website is exciting. Remember to keep your makeup artist website on brand. Regardless of whether you specialize in a specific style or want to keep it versatile, it should not be so hard to figure you out. Make your site simple and minimal so textures and colors won’t clash. Categorize your content so your audience won’t get lost in a sea of beauty and arts. Connect your website to your social media so you don’t have to upload to one platform after another. Always engage with your audience because they can help you with your online presence.

Strikingly has continuously made website building easier and more interactive. Aside from the beautiful templates you can choose from, play around with the different features on your Strikingly website and discover new ways of engaging your audience.