When you’re in the process of building your career, the one thing that you should always strive for is to stand out. You have to differentiate yourself from all other candidates with similar educational backgrounds, work experience and basic skills as you do. Using a resume builder to create an online profile will give you space to market yourself to potential employers and headhunters.


Having a LinkedIn profile might be great for building professional networks but having your own website to host your resume gives you a bit more flexibility to be creative in terms of how you present your strengths and skills. If you don’t have the technical knowledge in website development, you can use a resume builder website like Strikingly to set up your online CV.

Start strong with a reliable resume builder website

Strikingly understands the importance of having a strong foundation for startups, movers and shakers in any industry. We have created a robust resume builder for individuals looking to break out in their respective fields. Using its intuitive website editor and growing collection of website templates, you can get your own online resume up in minutes. No coding required.

How to set up your own resume website in minutes

With strong resume builder sites to back you up, you can now focus your energy into creating an online profile that will attract potential clients and employers. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Look through job listings

Go through the job ads and classifieds not only to find new opportunities but also to understand what companies are looking for in a potential candidate. As you apply for different positions, observe the job descriptions and identify keywords or buzzwords that you might be able to use in your own resume website. If you possess these skills or characteristics, make sure to use these same terms into your own online profile.

2. Check out how other professionals in your field do it

When it comes to designing a website, it is wise to get inspiration from similar pages or industry websites. You will find that most online resumes share the following characteristics:

  • Simple and readable - online profiles need to be straightforward. Employers and hiring managers do not have the luxury of time to go through a lengthy CV. After all, they have hundreds of other candidates to sift through before they can shortlist anyone for interviews.
  • Keep descriptions brief and punchy - your audience doesn’t need to know how about your daily life during your stint at your previous employers. They want to know relevant information such as the nature of your role and your accomplishments.
  • Include numbers - in some of the best resume website examples, you will find metrics incorporated in the descriptions of work experiences. Employers are known to respond well to measurable and proven successes so they are more likely to be interested that you have increased efficiency in work processes by X% rather than merely stating that you are part of a team that implemented new operations guidelines in your previous company.

3. Pay attention to your choice of color schemes and fonts

One of the best things about using resume builder websites is that you never have to worry about writing code to design your website. With Strikingly, you get considerable flexibility in customizing your website to make your online profile stand out. Experiment with different color schemes and fonts but be sure to keep audience perception in mind when designing your site. Unless you’re in the creatives industry, try to stay away from fancy typography. If you must use fancy fonts, do use them sparingly and don’t sacrifice readability for aesthetics.

4. Compose a magnetic headline

Your resume website will serve as your online representation and as such, it should be capable of marketing your brand effectively. Start with a strong headline that gives a good summary of what you do and how you can be an asset to any organization. Continue with a brief description of your profile and your achievements. This is much like your elevator pitch - you need to make sure to grab your reader’s attention within the first few seconds of his stay on your site.

Ready to build your personal brand? Create an online profile with the best resume website builder today.