Why Create Splash Page
Creating websites requires someone to be creative in a way that once someone decides to visit your website he/she will instantly be hooked and fall in love with it without him/her noticing it. One effective way to do that is to give them a striking impression--a unique and robust splash page which will not just serve as a “magnet” of your own website, but be an instant eye-candy to your viewers. A cherry-on-top Splash Page which someone like Strikingly can absolutely help you make one.

What is A Splash Page?

Entrepreneurs Splash Page

A Splash Page can be defined basically as a customized page, usually created in a creative and very catchy way that an individual sees first before finally entering a certain website’s main page. Splash page websites usually contain information about what the whole website is all about. Website owners usually consider making Splash Page to give first impressions towards individuals who go and check their websites. They thoroughly create such elements to add a sense of aesthetic to the whole site itself, but most importantly, grab the visitor’s attention to go and continue exploring what is within the whole website. In most cases, a Splash Page may contain some of the following:

  • well-designed and colorful pictures, banners, GIFs and many other high-quality graphic designs
  • photo of the product/service offered by the website
  • short video clips about the website

During the old times, website creators usually created and added these simple website splash page designs in order to showcase some instructions like visiting a page connected to the main website, playing specific website audio, and downloading applications like games. But as time goes by, the use and its specific splash page design, continue to evolve following the demands and wants made by the fast-changing society.

Nowadays, website owners modify their customized Splash Page to showcase the following:

1. Gather necessary personal information from their visitor

2. Ask for the user’s age as well as for verification

3. Provide a warning to the user

4. Showcase their best product or service offered

5. Know what their user’s location or region is

6. Promote certain events linked to them (sometimes related to other business they are partnered with)

7. Advertisements

8. Restrictions

9. Give visitor’s their own chance of choosing their preferred mode of language

10. Short messages

Beauty Website Splash Page
Looking at its description at a glance, splash page websites may look and sound too complicated and demanding for some. Well, it honestly does. It is important to know that once website splash pages have been carefully studied and understood by the business itself, excelling in the field will not be that big of a problem.

If you are having troubles knowing the “YAY!s” and “NAHHs” in the field of website designing, Strikingly can make it all a piece of cake for you.

How to Make a Splash Page with STRIKINGLY

Personalized Splash Page
Businesses engaging in the field of creating websites usually seek a certain level of popularity. Each one of them aspires not just to gather a certain number of users, but also, be able to have that interesting ability of turning every website visitor into their loyal follower—and creating a Splash Page is one best way for them to do that.

If you are seeking for the best ways to follow on how you can create and design your own splash page, Strikingly could be the right one for you. Why? Just follow these steps and see how creating splash pages is more fun with Strikingly.

Step 1: Go to https://www.strikingly.com/ and sign up for your free account.

Strikingly Create Page
Step 2: On your dashboard, select and click “Create New Site”.

Create New Site

Step 3: Next, select the type of template you wish to use. As for Splash Page, just simply select the “Splash” template.

Splash Template
Step 4: On your chosen template, click the green button with “Add New Section”.

Add New Section
Step 5: Scroll down the options and then click/select “Button”.

Splash Page Template

Step 6: Click the “X” button just right next to the other website pages to remove them. Make sure that you will only have one button left.

Step 7: Beside the “Button”, select/click the Settings icon and uncheck the “Show in Navigation”.

Show in navigation

Step 8: After unchecking the Show in Navigation, click on your button to start editing it.

Edit Splash Template

Step 9: Now, copy-paste your link into the box which says “Link URL”. Also, include desired text for the button.This will serve as the command for your designed splash page.

Link Splash Page

Step 10: You can now change the text base on how you want your Splash page to “talk” to your website visitors.

Personalized Splash Page

Step 11: You also have the option to create your own desired background. Just select “Background” located in the top right of the screen and select an image of your choice. You can also upload one of your own.

Publish Splash Page

Step 12: If you are now content with how your design turned out, just simply click on “Publish” on the left corner.

Step 13: Input a URL for your newly designed splash page and then click the option “Publish Now”. And boom! You now have your own customized splash page all done through a Strikingly free account.

Splash Page URL

Designing and creating your own Splash Page is quite easy. Before, making well-designed ones is somehow too impossible. But with the different improvements made by humans involving modern technology, turning a simple idea into a masterpiece became so easy.

  • Conduct research. Creating your own customized website splash page requires reliable and effective information. To create the best Splash Page suited for you, it is best to conduct research on subjects that are most concerned about your agenda. You wouldn’t want your website visitors to take gossips from your own website. Instead, give them that feeling of being fed by a cold and sweet ice cream on a very hot day--it's just so good.
  • Be Bold. Being exceptional among the others means being brave enough to try new things. Creating website splash pages does not seek for specific steps to follow. You just have to be yourself. Do not be afraid of expressing your own thoughts towards your visitors. You don’t have to be in the same system as what others do to gather followers.

Being adventurous and experimenting with different styles that you find interesting is one best way. Stand Out. Give them some spice. You can include your own set of beliefs and brief messages and some tips that users could enjoy and find eye-catching. Adding your other social media addresses could also be considered in order for users to have a more open and easy access towards your business. Making your own distinct elements like logos, slogans, taglines and even graphical drawings of your business’ mascot is also one best way to catch attention.

With that, Strikingly has a lot of tips and “teas” you should remember before you start designing your own customized splash page website.

  • Know your goal. Creating your own website splash page does not only require creativity nor being that detailed, but most importantly, it seeks for determination and involvement.

As the head of your own game, you must keep yourself determined to achieve your goals whether it is establishing an effective website or having high numbers of great responses. You also need to keep yourself involved all the time not just in your own station, but also the whole field you choose to work at.

You should always be mindful of your goal as the main character of the story you are trying to showcase. What do you really want your visitors to get from your page? What impression or message do you want them to get from you? How do you want them to recognize you? Once you already understood such ideas, it will not be that hard for you to formulate the best steps to conduct in designing your desired website splash page design. Keeping such questions like these would not just put you in mood in creating the best and most effective Splash Page for your official website, but most importantly, help you understand your own distinct ways of ensuring a stronger connection towards your target users.

There are tons of ways on how you can start your own web design and power it up with the most incredible website splash page. You can do it on your own and even seek some help from those who can make it extraordinary like how Strikingly does it in their most affordable and effective ways.


Are you getting that feeling yet? If not, below are some of the best designed Splash Pages. Examples like the ones listed below were created with high-aesthetic and graphical standards from different business fields. These firms have their own customized website splash pages which you can go and look at for a better view of how Splash Page really works. It is not bad to go and admire these examples, but keep it in mind that having your own identity and being unique in your own way is still exceptional. If you still want to explore a set of new ideas on how to make a splash page, Strikingly made a lot of examples and have it all prepared for you.


IKEA might be one of the most well-known in the industry. And with its popularity. It is only a must for them to have a website which their consumers and followers could go and check upon every single time they want to know something regarding IKEA.

Once you get through and try entering IKEA’s online site, you will be welcomed by a greeting made by them especially for their followers. Aside from this, there is also an option for their users to choose the type of site they would like to access using the current location, which is undeniably, very user-friendly.

These types are the most common kind of Splash Page which webmasters use. At first look, you will find them similar with the main page itself. These website splash page types set an instant impression of having an identity and oneness between the page and the business itself.

2. Casa

Casa is among the long lists of businesses which operate in a number of locations. They have loyal consumers from many countries, which is one reason for them to have their own website accessible for each of their shoppers.

If you happen to visit their website, their Splash Page contains an option for users to choose their own mode of language to use throughout their whole visit within the website. Once their user sets the location or country asked, the language automatically switches to the most native and accurate one that each of their users would surely enjoy.

3. Forbes

Forbes is one of the top-ranked firms when it comes to the field of media and publication. They are well-known in providing news and updates to most of the countries around the globe. They manufacture magazines and other types of printed materials in almost every place. Being such a big name, they do have their own unique style of website design.

Entering their website, one can find a monochrome-themed layout which resembles a color of an ordinary newspaper. Their Splash Page features some quotes specifically made for that specific date and time, samples of their published article headlines and sometimes advertisements which their company is linked to.