Let’s begin with what GIF stands for. Graphics Interchange Format, or better known as GIF, is an image format where individual frame movement is possible. It is especially used in websites, social media, and private messaging apps to convey messages that were not possible with just your typical PNG or JPEG. In short, they are the moving and looped memes or pictures your friend sends you! In this day and age where we are in an abundance of social media users, it’s easy to come by GIFs. Most social media platforms already have a button dedicated to searching GIFs which makes it more accessible than ever. While its main purpose is to add humor or lighten up the mood in chat boxes and social media platforms, it can also be a powerful tool for your website.

With this guide, we will teach you the DOs and DONTs of GIFs when it comes to your website. Being able to integrate them well will be essential for your website’s success as GIFs add a little more spice to your website. Who knows? These GIFs might even be your website’s selling point.

I get what GIF is. Now how do I obtain one?

Now that you know what a GIF is and what it does, it’s time to scour the internet for one! As we have mentioned earlier, GIF nowadays are not hard to come by since they are integrated deep into most social media platforms. If you still wish to be free with your choices when it comes to choosing them, then here are some GIF websites that will come in handy:

  1. GIPHY

Image taken from GIPHY.COM

GIPHY is probably the biggest GIF website out there. They provide millions of GIFs ranging from short videos to memes and even business-oriented ones. You just have to be creative with your searches! What’s cool is that most social media platforms use GIPY as their GIF social media integration system. So, if you are an avid GIF user on Facebook then it is more than likely the service you were using to get GIF was GIPHY. You can even use GIPHY to create your very own GIF in minutes. Also, it’s totally free to use. No premium plans to get your favorite GIF!

  1. Tenor

Image taken from

Tenor is another popular source for GIF Images. They provide the same selection as GIPHY, and some social media platforms also integrate Tenor as their own GIF social media integration system. What’s unique about Tenor is that they have their very own “GIF Keyboard” - yes, a GIF keyboard! You can get their GIFs directly from their keyboard app so you won’t have to go through the hassle of opening your browser just to search for one. The Tenor Keyboard app is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

  1. IMGUR

Image taken from

IMGUR is yet another popular option as it does not only cater to GIF but cater to popular image formats like JPG and PNG (in short, non-moving images like IMGUR’s home page screenshot above!). They are also an image hosting website which means if you wanted to show multiple images to your friend but your desired social media platform has a limit, then you can use IMGUR, free of use, to upload as many photos as you like. IMGUR has a variety of GIF, mostly memes, that you can grab and use on your social media, blogs, or website.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s begin with how to use GIF effectively on your website

Like we have mentioned earlier, GIF isn’t only for memes or for social media, they can be a viable tool in your website and can act as a little sprinkle of spice and humor. With a plethora of GIF websites, your only problem should now be only how to use them effectively on your website. If you are a business entity that is looking to start a website with a little more spazz than others, then this is the perfect guide for you. Let’s begin!

  1. Establish a mood or tone

As GIF is a moving and looped image, it can be easy to establish a sense of mood that your website viewers will be able to connect to. Just be sure that your selection will be appropriate for your field of work or business! For example, if you are a candle business, then a GIF of a candle will be perfect to establish that “calming” mood around your website. It’s a good ice breaker to get your customer and viewer comfortable with your products and website.

  1. Show off your products

GIFs are also the perfect tool to show off the capabilities of your product. If you have decided that you will be using GIFs as a format to showcase your products, then you have to make your own GIF first. It’s easy to create your own GIF, so don’t worry about that part! As mentioned earlier, GIPHY may be used to create your own GIFS. There are also lots of services on the web which offer this function. Done making your own GIF? Then it’s time to put it on your own website! What’s cool about GIFs is that since they are moving, your customers and viewers will be able to get a better perspective of what your product can and can’t do. It can say so much more than say a JPEG photo.

  1. Increase engagement with an eye-catching call to action

GIFs can also be a powerful tool to increase social media engagement. What we mean is that with GIFs, you can create powerful messages or call to action so that people will be more inclined to try your product out. Since a photo can only say so much, GIFs will be able to give you a lot more headroom when it comes to messages and creativity. As with everything art, you have to use your creativity here to make sure you’re catching the attention of people! Be especially careful with what claims you put or details you write in your GIF since this will be your call to action, it will probably be the stuff people will pass around on social media.

  1. Provide your website’s viewers or customers a better set of instructions

If your product can be difficult to use on the first try, then have a GIF explain its functions, use, and steps on how to get it started. While texts may suffice and a video can be better, some people find it boring to read long lines and watch a 5-minute tutorial. Better yet is to create a one to two-minute GIF separated into segments to explain what your product is and how it’s supposed to be used. It’s engaging, interactive, and most important of all not the boring line of texts or videos that people will have to endure. Again, be creative with this since if done incorrectly, a GIF can be as boring as a text.

  1. Make them smile!

It’s not bad to add a little taste of humor or maybe cuteness to your website. If you like to set a tone that is jolly and light, then using GIFs to make people smile is the way to go. Just be mindful of the selection of images you are about to post as staying professional and authentic is still the way to go. If you are a serious business then it’s better to stay professional and use GIFs to educate your customers about your products. But, if it’s your personal portfolio or just a website for fun, then don’t hesitate to use GIFs to your advantage to make your readers smile!

  1. Turn your boring statistics and graphs into beautifully animated GIFs

GIFs can also be an excellent way to show off data or statistics. Data isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s better to make it fun for everyone! Make it pop with moving graphs or flashy colors. Turn your bold statements into moving photos to make an even bolder statement.

Make your website pop!

With your website equipped with GIFs and content that will make people more engaged, your website will be more interactive than ever. But what if you don’t even have a website yet? Then no worries as you are in the perfect place to be.


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