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We live in a world where everything can be duplicated. Being extraordinary is now a luxury

Being extraordinary means that you have very specific qualities that are uniquely different from the rest of the population within your own niche. You should not hide these "unique qualities" but rather, value them and showcase it for the world to see.

Engaging in the field of ecommerce requires you to be unique. To achieve your goals, you must know how to formulate a strategy that will help you stand out. Creating your own name in the field of business can give you a lot of benefits and open tons of opportunities. For your company to grow, you have to be proud and “show-off” what you can do. And when it comes on mastering how to “show-off”, designing a custom website of your own will come to the rescue.

Why go for a custom website

There are tons of custom website design being used by companies nowadays. Why? Because it knows how to do the job appropriately. If you want a deeper knowledge about how exactly a custom website design plays and wins the game, Strikingly got it all covered for you.

  • Establishes independence. Stand out. This is guaranteed once you create your own custom made website. In the field of business where there are a lot of options for a customer to choose from, it is a must for you to be different in your own distinct way. Having that unique identity which potential customers can easily remember is one advantage. Customized websites play an important role in making you worth-remembering in a consumer’s mind. Through your own custom design website, you have all the chance to gather curiosity and establish a stronger connection towards your customers.
  • Design it how you want it. Since it is all about customization, designing your own custom website gives you all the freedom to do what you want. It is like you are creating a drawing with an inspiration coming from your own imagination. You can either choose your own set of custom website templates and themes to add aesthetics or take guidance from a trusted custom design website building platform like Strikingly. You also have the opportunity to choose what text color, sizes, theme of photos and length of videos you would want your website viewers to see on your custom website. Design it how you want it and ensure that gold record from your customers.
  • Saves you from too much expenses. Customized websites save you from spending too much money. Instead of hiring a number of website designers, you can just simply work with outstanding website building platforms like Strikingly. You have nothing to be afraid of if you are someone who does not have any prior knowledge about website designing. Strikingly is a very user-friendly platform with tons of website design options which can help you a lot even if you are just a beginner. You can even get a lot more additional features if you sign up for its PRO plan! Curious? Visit here to know more.
  • Stronger security and familiarity. Making your custom website design also means having all the access and knowledge on how to manage it properly. Since you are the person responsible for every single detail, you are more equipped with the sufficient data on how you will address any issue about it. You have all the control on your custom website and establish a more trustworthy security for it. Handling technical problems would not be that much of a problem for you since you already know what to do and what to avoid.
  • Makes things more “YOU”. A website page reflects its owner. Whatever a website visitor sees on your custom website appears to be a reflection of your own personality. Having a custom website gives you the chance to “introduce” yourself to any potential customer. It helps you capture their hearts and show them that they can trust you. Designing a custom website will not only free you from any other additional expenses but most importantly, help you grow as a businessperson for a longer period of time.

Personal Website Page

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What makes a custom website

Now that you are convinced to create your own custom website, what should you put on it? The elements you would put inside your custom website will play important roles as you go along your ecommerce journey. If you want to bring home the bacon, you must know the DOs and DONTs in this field. To help you with that, Strikingly collected all the needed data for you.

A custom website isn’t “custom-made” if it does not contain any of the following:

  • Your website theme/layout

Themes and design layouts make a website more interesting. It is the first thing which website visitors notice once they land on your page. Choosing the appropriate theme and layout for your custom website plays an important role in gathering loyal customers. Keep in mind that you are aiming for their hearts so it is only a must for you to make a good first impression. Select the best theme for you by choosing appropriate custom website templates that will suit your target customer’s taste. Having the right layout will also make posts on your custom website easier to understand and will prevent boredom among site viewers to happen.

If you are seeking an amazing collection of custom website templates and themes, start visiting Strikingly now and find the right one for you in just one click.

  • Your own gallery

Now that you have selected a theme and layout for your custom website, you can now start creating your website’s gallery. Images and videos add more life on any custom website. It establishes more functionality throughout the whole website. Your customers can go through it to gain more information about the business/service you are offering. This step will also make you look more professional and reliable. Keep in mind that when doing your custom website gallery, upload pictures and videos that are made and captured by yourself. As much as possible avoid taking it from other sites and only use photos which are related to the type of website you are creating and is owned by you. This will not just save you from conflicts but also ensure a more personalized website for you.

Personal Website Gallery

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  • Your other customized websites

Linking other websites in your custom website is also one smart technique in gathering more audience. Aside from adding photos, videos and texts, you can also add your other personal websites/social media accounts on your custom website by linking them. There are a lot of website builders which enable linking of websites within websites and Strikingly is one of them. In just one click, you can put a number of linked websites on your custom made websites and share it to a wider range of audience! Want to know more? Visit here.

  • Your own posts/portfolio

Your content serves as the main character in your custom website. Create blog posts on your website to make it more functional and effective. You can add blog articles which you personally made to make it more “you”. This will make you more connected to your website followers once they see how passionate you are and your website. Post quotes of the day, advice, and other contents which will make you and your website continue living. With this, you are not just gathering more attention from your audience but also do a better performance in accomplishing your goals by being original.

Personal Website Portfolio


How to custom design website with Strikingly

Finally decided? If not, then this Strikingly information might help you come up with the right decision. Strikingly is one website platform which enables you to do a lot of possibilities. Turn your imagination into reality and create that custom website design option you’ve been wanting all this time!

Below are the top reasons why you should start creating your own custom website, and why you should do it with Strikingly.

  • Add Custom Form. With this Strikingly new feature you can make your custom website design options more personalized! Build your own section in any form you want. You can choose from fields like dropdown select bars, checkboxes, radio buttons and many other more! You also have the chance to edit and manage your market through the Audience List.

To know more about these new cool features, here’s how.

Important reminder: Contact Form Section can only be access through Strikingly Pro Plan

Custom Form Section

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  • Drag and Drop. Drag and Drop is one amazing Strikingly feature which now enables you to add, remove and move your custom website elements freely. That’s one way of making your custom website easier to access and manage. To enable this, enter "Drag & Drop Mode" anywhere on a section’s Layout Section and see the magic it can do.

Pro Reminder: Strikingly will be starting to offer this in the next so better stay tune! If you seek to have this feature within your hands in advance, contact us at

Drag and Drop Strikingly

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  • Buy Now. This feature will level up your custom website. To know more, open your Strikingly website and find this in your Store Settings.

Add Buy Now Button

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